New Law in Spain for the Protection of Minors

Certain groups of people must be protected from gambling . This mainly includes minors. In order to better protect minors from thedangers of gambling, a new anti-gambling law has been introduced in Spain. The law should already be relevant for gambling operations in September. It should be approved before the summer. For Spain's consumer advocates, the protection of young people is the top priority, which is why this law should be implemented.


Consumer protection is important in all areas to protect citizens. The protection of minors is also necessary in the gaming sector.(©TPHeinz/Pixabay)

The protection of minors in the area of ​​gambling is very important

There should be some Changes around gambling come into effect. There should be changes in the areas of opening times, gambling advertising, credit card bans and bonus restrictions. Due to many changes, the Minister for Consumer Protection is demanding that the types of gambling must be individually evaluated independently of one another. The consumer protection minister of Spain sees anincreased potential for addiction in various games.

According to his opinion, instant games are associated with a particularly high risk of addiction. This also includes online slots and instant lotteries. Addictive games also includeVideo games with loot boxes. The loot boxes are video games that have gambling elements, making them even more interesting and attractive to minors.

Minors are particularly at risk

Young people in particular have difficulty controlling their gaming behavior and do not notice when they get caught up in the whirlpool of addiction. The FEJAR also believe that around 400,000 people from Spain suffer from or are at risk of gambling addiction. It is observed with concern thatmore and more young people belong to the group of players. The number of young people addicted to gambling must have risen sharply. Due to the large number of online casinos, access to the gambling market is also easy for young people.

Consequences of the anti-gambling protection law

The consumer protection minister now wants to use the law to ensure that young people are protected from gambling. Above all, the loot boxes are to be included in the Spanish gambling law. For the providers of these games it would mean that thegame developers must have a license in order to be able to continue to legally sell and offer the corresponding games in Spain. Such measures have also been taken in other countries such as France or Belgium to protect children and young people.

More games are to fall under the Spanish gambling law in order to make it more difficult for minors to access video games with gambling elements, among other things.

Surely many will say that it's up to the parents after all to protect the children. In principle, it is also the case that the legal guardians are usually responsible for ensuring that the children and young people behave correctly and do not become addicted to gambling. But in reality it is the case that many parents cannot correctly assess thedangers, maybe they do not notice it or they are not interested. They may also believe that the video games that are offered officially and legally are not addictive.

The loot boxes do exactly the opposite, according to experts. They result in minorscompulsive gambling wanting to gamble and losing control of their behavior. That is why the Spanish consumer protection minister sees it as necessary to start in this area and also to place this type of games under the gambling law.

Law safe in late summer?

The implementation of the new law for the protection of minors should actually take place in late summer. However, it is not yet certain whether it can really be realized by then. There are stillmany new regulations such as more security, credit card ban and tightening of advertising in Spain related to gambling, so we now have to wait and see. It may still be implemented. But it is also conceivable that the drafts can only be implemented at a later date.

EGBA wants to moderate consumer protection minister

The European industry association wants to moderate the Spanish consumer protection minister. There is nothing wrong with consumer protection measures. However, the EGBA also believes that if theregulations are too strict, players will switch to providers that are not licensed. This in turn has the disadvantage that the players have to undergo more dangerous practices and also have little legal opportunity to act in the event of fraud.

That's why the European industry association wants the Spanish government to think carefully about this and to look at the risks that may arise. Instead, the EGBA thinks that thelegal gambling providers could better protect their customers through advertising and thus the players don't have to go to risky providers in the first place. Now it remains to be seen what will happen next in Spain's gambling market. Ever since the gambling market has become part of the remit of consumer protection agencies, new proposals and draft laws have been coming out that could even have a negative impact on gaming behavior.

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