Nevada: New Corona Law for Las Vegas

Las Vegas is fighting for survival! The gambling metropolis is more dependent on tourists and visitors than almost any other region in the USA. In times of the corona crisis, however, even in “Sin City” they can only be found in extremely limited numbers. Those who have found their way to Vegas also have to adhere to strict guidelines. To prevent the economy from collapsing completely under these circumstances, Governor Steve Sisolak has now signed a new draft law. However, not without criticism. This is primarily intended to protect regional companies from lawsuits in connection with the Covid 19 pandemic. This, in turn, is an enormously critical issue for trade unions. After all, there seems to be almost a threat of a free ticket for companies that have violated the legal protective measures against Covid-19.

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A new Corona law in Nevada is primarily intended to protect companies. That doesn't go down well everywhere. The trade unions in particular declared their dissatisfaction.(©Mariamichelle/Pixabay)

New law better protects casinos and hotels from lawsuits

From an economic point of view in particular, Las Vegas has been hit extremely hard by the corona pandemic. The region is massively dependent on tourism and that is exactly what is currently missing. The economy beckons, in response Governor Sisolak has nowsigned a new Covid-19 liability law. This primarily serves to support companies, primarily from the private sector. For example, all companies that are active in the catering and leisure market are affected by this law. So, among other things, all hotels and casinos. Schools or health services, for example, are again not affected. The new law is primarily about the legal protection of these companies.

Specifically, the law provides that the new legal order protects companies frombeing held liable in the event of infected guests or employees. As the governor explained, the intention in this way is not to help Las Vegas grow, but to ensure the survival of the region. According to Sisolak, the new law is now a tool to be able to face the unprecedented challenges.

The law only applies if the protective measures are observed

In order to be able to take the wind out of the sails of possible criticism right away, the governor pointed out that the law would only apply if if the companies had complied with all protective regulations. Thus, it would not only be about protecting the companies, but also the employees, who are largely responsible for the economy and industry. As Sisolak also announced, a paragraph would also have been anchored in the law, which obligescompanies to implement and comply with strategic plans and measures against the spread of the coronavirus. The designation as a free ticket for companies is therefore not quite appropriate.

The governor also pointed this out. According to Sisolak, the casinos would have to comply with the guidelines. These include, for example, requirements for a minimum distance of 1.5 meters between employees and guests. There must also be a sufficient number of stations for disinfection. All surfaces with a high contact value, such as screens, doors, ATMs or menus, must be permanently cleaned and kept clean by the resorts. If a company no longer adheres to these requirements, the liability protection would expire immediately, according to Sisolak. Thenew law is not a protective shield for companies who take lightly the proper protection of their employees, customers and visitors.

Trade unions criticize working conditions in casinos

A look at the recent past shows how serious the issue of protecting employees and guests in Las Vegas is. Shortly after the casinos reopened, an employee died at Caesars. The trade unions, in particular the Culinary Union, the largest trade union in Nevada, are therefore making serious allegations against the casinos in Las Vegas. Just a few weeks ago, they even filed a lawsuit. It is mainly about theapplicable labor protection in Las Vegas. According to the union, workers and their families would not be adequately protected. The measures in the casinos are too dangerous and not sufficient to provide protection against the pandemic.

In the event of the death of a Caesars employee, the daughter of the deceased also appears as a co-plaintiff in the indictment. The company stated to “Bloomberg” that it was unclear how an infection could have occurred. At the same time, however, Caesars emphasized that the employee had had contact with other people. All of these would have been quarantined. Although the union criticizes the working conditions in general, they are on the side of the government when it comes to the amendment to the law.Both Culinary Nation and the American Gaming Association (AGA) said they welcomed the opportunities for economic recovery in Las Vegas. The already ailing operators are better protected, and at the same time the protection of employees and the Corona Protection Ordinance are the focus.

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