New York soon with new luxury casino resort

Huge and luxurious casino resorts are a specialty of Las Vegas and Atlantic City. At least that's what many think and hardly anyone thinks about the fact that New York can also be equipped with such mega casino resorts. But it could be that far if you believe the plans of a Japanese gambling company. But: It is still a plan that has not yet been approved.

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New York could possibly have its own luxurious casino resort in a few years.(©Ronile/Pixabay)

Are there already casinos in New York?

So far it is not possible to go to a casino in New York. If you want to experience the feeling of a real casino instead of online, you still have togo to Atlantic City. This city is 100 kilometers away and offers exciting casino resorts similar to Las Vegas. If this trip is too far for you, you can be happy that there will probably be casinos in New York in a few years. A survey was conducted on this in 2013. The results of the poll revealed that New York State residents support more gambling establishments.

For this reason, theNew York State wanted to issue another seven licenses. Four of these have already been granted, three more are still pending. It is interesting and positive for New York residents that the remaining three licenses are to be issued for southern New York. This would mean that New Yorkers would have to travel a much shorter distance. But will there be a gambling provider who opens a casino directly in New York or also decides to go in the vicinity? There is currently no definitive answer to this question.

According to the latest reports, a casino could be built in the center of the Big Apple. However, strong criticism was voiced against this.

Casino would hurt business

Several politicians voted against building a casino in central New York this year. They fear that this would reduce the quality of the residential area and, above all, of the shops. According to the results of the survey, several gambling providers hoped that they would be allowed to build a casino in New York. These includedWynn, Ballys and Las Vegas Sands among others. However, it was announced from the start that these were rumours. This idea also confirms the fact that Sands wanted to completely withdraw from the USA and focus on Asia.

Despite the strong criticism against a casino in the heart of New York, applications for the last three licenses continue to come in. So it was thatJapanese gaming conglomerate Universal Entertainment together with 26 Capital Acquisition Corp submitted a plan. This plan states that a very large and luxurious casino is planned, which will cost approximately three billion US dollars to build. Such high costs are not only due to the development of a casino. Much more depends on the plans.

Former Sands Las Vegas manager involved in plans

The companies just mentioned are headed by former Sands manager Jason Ader, who is pursuing the plans, theCasino either to build in Manhattan or in Long Island. Whether it can really come to that, cannot be estimated at the moment. However, both locations would be perfect for the plans that are being pursued with the casino: Among other things, a landing pad for air taxis is to be linked to the casino. The nearby hotels and shops could potentially benefit from this idea.

Apart from this, a casino is planned to become the world's largest place for the use ofcryptocurrencies. In addition, only themost modern and popular slot machines should be set up. But the plans are far from over. An e-sports facility was also considered. All of this is on top of the usual entertainment facilities that are always found in a casino resort. It has not been revealed which one this is.

This means New York gambling fans may be in for a surprise as to what the casino has to offer. The estimated construction price could be numerous, very interesting facilities, which inspire withluxury and glamor.

Who is Universal Entertainment?

Universal Entertainment is afounded in 1969 company that owns its based in Tokyo Prefecture. It became known, for example, as a manufacturer of pachinko and gaming machines. In addition, this group produces video games and therefore has sufficient experience in the gaming sector. This is because Universal Entertainment was licensed to produce gaming devices in 2004. Just one year later, the subsidiary ARUZE was admitted as a shareholder of Wynn Resorts when Wynn received its license for Nevada.

The company didn't get its current name until 2009. However, this name change was certainly not the reason why the group obtained thelicense to operate the casino resort in December 2012 Okada Manila received. The successful management of the casino resort since then is certainly helpful in implementing the current plans. The casino resort planned for New York would be under professional management.

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