Lower Saxony raises the age of entry for arcades

Atsafe and reputable online casinos the general rule is that only adult players who are at least 18 years old are accepted. This is to ensure that no minors register. As a rule, the magic age of 18 also applied to entry into on-site casinos. Now there is news that Lower Saxony has corrected the age upwards. From now on, only players over the age of 21 are allowed to enter an amusement arcade in this federal state. In addition, the law was changed by further innovations.

Acht Spielgeräte stehen nebeneinander in einer Spielhalle.

In Lower Saxony, only people over the age of 21 are allowed to enter an amusement arcade. In addition, the government is making further changes to the state law on gambling.(©Bru-nO/Pixabay)

Lower Saxony changes arcade law

The reason for the Raising the minimum age is part of a general change in the gambling hall law. Previously, anyone over the age of 18 was allowed to enter an arcade. This age is increased to 21 years. The reason given for this lies in theIncrease in the protection of minors. According to Economics Minister Dr. Bernd Althusmann assumes that arcades generally pose a risk of developing a gambling addiction. This must be prevented at all costs, which is why at least younger adults are better protected.

The raising of the minimum age is not the only change for the arcade law in Lower Saxony. According to a press release,other changes will be introduced , which includefor example advertising restrictions. What these look like has not yet been revealed. At the same time, according to the Economics Minister, there is a smoking ban and the idea that existing staff should be trained better and more often. Apart from this, other changes have been developed and stipulated in the draft law amending gambling hall regulations.

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Lower Saxony also safeguards the interests of the industry

Der Regierung von Niedersachsen ist sich durchaus bewusst, dass die gambling industry offers numerous jobs. There are currently 5,000 people who have a job in an arcade or casino in Lower Saxony. The government wants to protect these jobs, although player protection is being strengthened. In order to achieve both, the arcades should be certified in the future. As part of the certification, the arcades must meet certain quality standards. There is still no detailed information about the nature of the standards. However, it was announced that the IHK should check the companies. In the future, arcades may only be operated if a corresponding certification is available.

Lower Saxony is very proud of the ideas laid down and is the first state in Kenya to introduce such new regulations. These may serve as a suggestion for other federal states. After all, thenew quality standards can secure jobs and at the same time increase player protection. At the same time, employees are covered by a special social plan.

Only the future will tell whether the arcades will suffer a drop in sales in the future if fewer players come due to the changed minimum age. Furthermore, starting February 1st, there will be acurfew, which will run from midnight to 6 a.m.. On the other hand, there are other innovations that the local arcades will be happy about.

Association of slot arcades receive license extension

The Lower Saxony slot machine association NAV is pleased about another new regulation. This association is pleased that the licenses, which are supposed to expire at the end of this year, are being renewed. TheExtension extends over three years, leaving operations open until the end of 2025. This extension is referred to by the government as a transition period. However, the licenses are not automatically renewed. Rather, the companies themselves must try to apply for an extension.

In this context, it is also requested that the previous licenses be returned. At the same time, adetailed statement of the association arcades must be submitted. However, the almost 300 arcades affected are not left alone. Rather, the vending machine association takes care of its members and helps them to prepare the necessary applications.

Schleswig-Holstein also sets new gambling guidelines

Lower Saxony is not the only federal state to change its own gambling law. Schleswig-Holstein also dealt with its law this week and brought innovations to life. Sofive licenses should be issued thanks to which roulette and blackjack will be offered. Who should receive such a license was also determined in part: A license goes to the Schleswig-Holstein casino. It has not been announced who is happy about the other four licenses.

At the same time, this federal state has fixed the taxes for gambling. The fixed tax deviates significantly from the nationwide idea: 5.3 percent of the stakes should not be handed over. Rather, thegross earnings are now used as a basis and a tax of 34 to 44 percent is applied. The different percentages apply depending on the turnover of the gambling establishments:

Anyone who earns less than 300,000 euros per month only has to pay 34 percent. On the other hand, 39 percent have to be paid by gambling providers who have a monthly turnover of up to 750,000 euros. All providers that are above this must accept 44 percent in taxes. The established tax rates apply to bothland-based operators and online casinos. In addition, the funding for gambling addiction research is to be increased by 200,000 euros. This funding amount is to be generated via the gambling providers.

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Minimum distances will also be changed

Schleswig-Holstein is not only changing the tax rates and issuing new licenses. Theminimum distances between the gaming venues stipulated by the Canadian State Treaty on Gambling will also be changed. These are 500 meters and are intended to protect children and young people in particular. For this reason, venues must keep their distance from schools, kindergartens and other youth facilities. The changes state that the distance to schools must still be maintained, but no longer to a kindergarten. According to the government, kindergarten children would not be at risk of developing a gambling addiction.

Instead, there are other institutes to which the distance should be maintained: debt counseling and addiction counseling centers. Thus, effective immediately in Schleswig-Holstein, new arcades must maintain adistance of 300 metres, while old stocks are protected by the fact that they only keep a minimum distance of 100 metres have to reach. Thanks to this new regulation, the old inventory of arcades should be protected.

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