No Fee Derivative Trading via comdirect Bank!

Derivative trading is in the has grown significantly at comdirect Bank in recent years. A wide variety of products can be traded through partners, as is the case with Morgan Stanley, for example. The comdirect bank offers very attractive trading conditions. No-fee trading can currently be used from March 1, 2021

Most traders on the stock exchange are relatively unfamiliar with derivatives trading. This is because derivatives differ from traditional equity products. Still, it is possible to understand and profit from derivatives trading. This means that you can make large profits with derivatives in a short period of time. However, it should also be noted that trading in derivatives involves some risks. It is quite conceivable that high losses up to total loss can occur if one decides to trade in derivatives. In general, it must be known that derivatives can be traded via different issuers. At the comdirect bank, for example, the partner Morgan Stanley is used, through which derivatives can be traded for many years.The selection of derivatives brokers and partners is very large. Several hundred thousand derivatives can be offered quickly and be a lot of fun. The risk should never be underestimated. Derivatives can be written on different product classes. This means that e.g. commodity prices but also share prices or prices for derivatives come into question. Interest in derivatives has increased significantly in recent years. Derivatives can also be traded with small amounts. Morgen Stanley and other partners of comdirect Bank always have suitable derivative campaigns in which traders can participate. The risk analysis should always be carried out conscientiously before trading. Beginners in this segment in particular lose money quickly because they misjudge the risk.

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Derivatives are financial products in which the price of can be derived from a base value. Depending on the issuer, various products can be used as the underlying.Classic securities can be considered just like bonds or stocks. It is possible that commodities, indices and other ratios can be used for a derivative. As a rule, these are speculative investment scenarios that are pursued with derivatives. This means that a derivative is not held for many years, but one tries to make profits with short-term price changes. In addition to speculative trading, it is also possible for derivatives to be used to hedge against currency risks or to reflect commodity prices. Examples of derivatives include reverse convertibles, as well as futures, certificates and options or so-called Contract for Difference, i.e. CFD products.

Brokers, as is the case with the comdirect bank, also provide information about the CFD products. This means that tutorials and the free demo depot can be used to check exactly how CFD products work (Comdirect CFD information). In general, it is advisable to research the Internet before trading CFD products or other derivatives. That's because the chances of getting it wrong are very high. With CFD products, for example, it is clearly defined that there are great opportunities and risks that must be considered in any case. It is possible thatlarge products can be made possible with little capital investment. The risks of investing are sometimes significant and almost impossible to avoid. A CFD is usually a leveraged product. This means that while leverage increases the chance of making a profit, it also significantly increases the risk of making losses. In general, it is good to know that losses are limited. This means that the maximum amount of credit that is available on the CFD account can be lost. This means that no savings can be jeopardized, or, for example, credit that is available on other accounts. The fact is that the CFD balance is to be managed like a separate account with the comdirect bank, from which you can benefit in any case.

Commodity prices are very popular for trading derivatives. That's because this is an easy yet quick chance to make money from the price changes in the markets. A good example ofcommodity trading via derivatives or profiting from them is the price of oil. In 2020, the price of oil has been significantly more volatile than it has been in previous years. Sometimes the price per barrel was 60 US dollars, but it was also 0 US dollars or it was even negative for a short time. This shows that the oil price is interesting in any case, but of course highly speculative. At the beginning of 2021, the price is again at 60 US dollars, depending on whether the US variety WTI or the Brent variety from the North Sea is considered. The fact is that the price of oil is in any case a more than interesting tool if you want to track derivatives trading.

Anyone who looks at thecurrent oil price should see that, historically speaking, there was a special situation last year. In the coming years it is possible that the price willstay at the current level, or even increase. It must be taken into account that not only is it taken into account that the oil price is high from the investors' point of view, but also that the corresponding oil consumption is available. This means that there are various factors that influence this derivative. In general, the OPEC and OPEC+ meetings are very interesting, as they help to reduce or even increase production. It is possible, depending on OPEC decisions, that the price per barrel of oil may increase or even decrease. If the production volume of individual countries increases significantly, this should lead to the price falling quickly if there is not the corresponding demand on the market.

Why is the comdirect bank a reliable partner for derivatives trading?

The comdirect bank offers its customers a generous deposit and current account. In the future, this can be managed free of charge if the customer can record at least 700 euros in incoming money per month in the depot. If this is not the case, a fee of 4.95 euros per month will be charged. The comdirect bank also offers its customers the option offree account management if, for example, you use Google Pay via the account or, for example, carry out a certain number of transactions. If you want to use the online depot of the comdirect bank, you will find that trading is possible in different ways without any problems. In concrete terms, this means that app-based trading, trading via the browser and other ways can be fun. The comdirect bank offers the option of long-term trading, depending on the trading venue. This means that trading can be carried out until 8 p.m. via the Tradegate trading venue, for example. If you decide to trade on the L&S trading platform, you may even be able to trade shares until 11 p.m. in the evening and buy thefirst shares again in the morning around 7.30 a.m. In addition to stock exchange trading, over-the-counter trading is also made possible via the comdirect bank depot. As a result, the bank differs significantly from other banks and of course also clearly from what is generally offered on the market.

At comdirect Bank, new customers benefit from the fact that they can trade very cheaply within the first few months after opening an account.The order fee is reduced by 50%. It is also possible that as a customer of comdirect Bank you can always subscribe to savings plans. Savings plans can be subscribed to funds, CFDs and shares. From a savings rate of 25 euros, there is the option to invest regularly in a product. In the long term, relevant shares of products can thus be built up. With funds, you benefit from the fact that they regularly distribute money and can grow in value accordingly. Your own capital could therefore grow significantly over many years. The return is different - there are funds that pay out and others where the shares are constantly growing. An interesting investment model in the long term.

Morgan Stanley Promotion March 2020 - what's on offer?

As part of the spring promotion at Morgan Stanley, customers of comdirect Bank always have the opportunity to trade certificates and warrants without an order fee. The fact is that the issuer Morgan Stanley is a leader in this area and is particularly well positioned. In the long term, good returns can definitely be achieved here if you trade the right certificates andwarrants. Trading can be carried out from 1,000 euros or ensures that no fees are charged from as little as 1,000 euros. The campaign begins on March 1, 2021 and ends on March 31, 2021. A total of more than 140,000 leverage products are offered as part of the campaign. The total number of underlyings is 1,400 and there are over 22,000 factor certificates that can be used. As far as comparison to other issuers is concerned, Morgan Stanley is more than large and known worldwide.

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