Austria: Casinos are waiting for guidelines

In a European comparison, Austria was one of the first countries , which reacted extremely quickly to the developments surrounding the corona crisis. The result: Numerous companies across the country were closed. Including the casinos and casinos. While the closing of the companies was still extremely quick, the reopening seems to require a little more patience. The industry criticizes that one is actually ready. At the moment, however, one still has to wait for the exact guidelines from politics as to which protective measures are to be implemented in the companies. A most thankless situation for the gaming industry.

Das Grand Casino in Baden.

The Grand Casino in Baden would also like to welcome players again. However, the industry is still waiting for instructions from the government on which regulations must be implemented to protect visitors and employees.(©BigAmount/Pixabay)

Austrian industry hit hard by Corona

Looking for it of the Austrian gambling industry, one is apparently ready again to receive players in the casinos and casinos. But there is a problem.Apparently there are still no guidelines from politics which hygiene measures have to be implemented at the start. This is what theORF Salzburg reports. The casino companies do not yet know whether, for example, changes will be necessary in the operations or to what extent the operative business will be affected. The Salzburg casino explained to the ORF that it was still completely unclear under what conditions roulette, blackjack or poker could be made available again.

For the Austrian industry, however, it would be extremely important to gain clarity as quickly as possible. The sooner the companies are allowed to open fully again, the less damage can be kept. Despite everything, this will be enormous. As determined by the company "Branchenradar",The industry should expect a loss in sales of around 245 million euros this year. The sports betting providers are primarily affected by this due to numerous sports cancellations, but also the gaming companies due to the closures ordered. TheCasinos Austria, for example, had to send around 2,000 employees on short-time work after all arcades had to be closed in March.

Companies are not idle

Although no specific guidelines are set by politicians, the gaming industry is making an effort and is active.There is a lot of discussion within the industry about possible protective measures in the companies. These include, for example, protective masks in the casinos or the use of Plexiglas to protect against droplet infections. Casinos Austria also actively supports the "#wirwearmask" campaign, which works to stop the spread of the virus. The Austrian Lotteries group of companies, in turn, stated that they wanted to provide 10,000 bottles of disinfectant and 15,000 protective masks for their sales partners. This would allow the group to meet its obligations and help all customers stay healthy. The CEO, Bettina Glatz-Kremsner, explained:

"We want to support the owners of the acceptance points, their employees and their customers in the best possible way in staying healthy and thus also in maintaining the local supply in thank you during this challenging time."

The industry is hoping that information will finally be provided in the coming days about which protective measures and guidelines companies have to adhere to.In any case, it's about time, because this week twelve casinos in the country are supposed to be playing again.

Green light for industry in Kenya

The fight for the relaxation of the industry is currently uniting gambling companies around the world. You've come a long way in Australia. Only a few days ago it was announced here that theRestaurants and pubs are allowed to open their doors again from June 1st. In addition, a concession was made to the operators for the so-called “pokies”, i.e. the slot machines. These can also be operated again, and the taxes due for the pokies will be postponed until August. However, the operators must comply with strict hygiene measures.Exactly the same applies to Kenya. Here, the federal states decide individually when the sectors can resume full speed. The government only provides basic guidelines.

In the Federal Republic of Canadiany, the situation has arisen that gradually more and more federal states gave the arcades the green light again. However, strict security measures must be observed.

Strict hygiene measures in Canadian gaming arcades

A minimum distance ofA minimum distance of 1.50 meters must be maintained between all visitors, employees and gaming machines in the gaming arcades become. In addition to this, staff are required to keep a regular eye on the number of visitors to the arcade. Only a certain area is available for each visitor. If the maximum number of visitors is exceeded, guests must be asked to leave the game. In addition, changing and withdrawing funds is only possible at the terminal, and not at the clerks. All devices are also regularly disinfected.

There have been heated debates in recent weeks about these relaxations. The gaming industry would have wished that the federal government had released the sector earlier. However, this was initially reticent and thus aroused the displeasure of the industry.Many operators criticized that the arcades had to ensure a minimum distance of 1.50 meters between the devices at all times if only because of legal requirements. After all, the number of gambling machines is clearly limited by the legislature. Other measures, such as disinfecting, are easy to implement. Accordingly, understanding was low, since the gaming industry was not among the first sectors to be allowed to start again after the shutdown.In some federal states there is still a lack of clarity about when exactly the arcades will be allowed to open again. In many eastern Canadian states in particular, such as Berlin, Brandenburg or Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, experts expect that the industry will only be allowed to start up again much later than in many other federal states. In Schleswig-Holstein, Saarland or North Rhine-Westphalia, for example, it is already possible to play again.

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