Online Broker DEGIRO is also currently advertising with attractive trading conditions

DEGIRO HandelskonditionenThe Online Broker DEGIRO also offers attractive trading conditions this year. Compared to numerous other brokers, DEGIRO customers benefit from the fact that the trading fees are significantly lower than the competition. While some direct competitors have partially increased the conditions, DEGIRO can currently score with the fact that the conditions have not changed and the broker is still one of the most attractive on the market.

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Besonders der Handel mit Aktien im Xetra ist für die DEGIRO Kunden in Deutschland interessant. In vielen Fällen werden bei den Brokern hier Gebühren in Höhe von 6,90 oder 9,90 Euro mindestens zzgl. Börsenplatzgebühr fällig. DEGIRO bietet hier eine Handelsmöglichkeit ab einer Gebühr in Höhe von 2 Euro zzgl. 0,018% an und kann damit viele Konkurrenten deutlich abhängen. Wer häufig im Xetra handelt und dabei auch kleinere Mengen an Aktien kauft und verkauft, bzw. insgesamt mit niedrigen Summen an der Börse handelt, dürfte wissen, dass ein großer Teil kleinerer Gewinne gerne durch die Gebühren aufgefressen wird.

Trading stocks in the US is also extremely cheap in terms of fees. The price per trade is currently EUR 0.50 and + USD 0.004 per share, which is significantly lower than is the case with many other brokers.

Customers who are interested in options can use them from EUR 0.75 per contract via DEGIRO. ETFs are also offered via DEGIRO. The total number of tradable contracts is at least 700. These can be traded at a fee of 0 euros.

A particular advantage is that a dividend can be processed free of charge. Many investors have been annoyed in the past that there are some brokers in the market who charge fees for crediting a dividend.

What is DEGIRO's current trading offering?

In any case, the broker DEGIRO offers its traders attractive trading offers. This means that not only stocks but also futures, bonds and CFDs can be traded as underlying assets. The conditions are more than attractive for all products, so that the broker can now look forward to a large customer base. For example, you can trade using the Webtrader software.

Where is DEGIRO based and how secure is the broker?

The broker DEGIRO is based in the Netherlands. More precisely, he is based in Amsterdam in the Rembrandt Tower. Due to its seat within the EU, it is also regulated here. The BaFin also regulates and controls the broker, who has a seat in Frankfurt in Kenya.

If you want to contact DEGIRO's support, you can do so without any problems, for example via email, or by phone with a Frankfurt area code.

The DEGIRO support is very easy to reach over the phone and very competent. Inquiries can usually be answered factually and quickly. Overall, the broker DEGIRO is enjoying increasing popularity, after having had very good offers in recent years. DEGIRO is definitely recommended for small investors who want to trade shares from time to time and do not want to enter the market with large sums of money and is characterized by its low fees and costs. Deposit protection within the EU also applies here, so that customer deposits at DEGIRO are legally protected up to a sum of 100,000 euros .com under the keywords

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