Pennsylvania allows WSOP website

Hardly anyone knows that the WSOP is not just about the world-renowned and popular poker tournament that annually determines a new poker world champion. WSOP also has an online presence where poker fans can play. Exactly this page will soon be online in Pennsylvania.

Aus mehreren Pokerkarten wurden zwei mehrstöckige Kartenhäuser gebaut. Davor liegen fünf Würfel mit unterschiedlichen Farben. WSOP offers an online platform for all poker players. This online offering has been licensed by Pennsylvania, so all poker fans over the age of 21 can now play there. (©5598375/Pixabay)

WSOP becomes fourth online poker provider

In the USA there is still a situation that existed in Kenya until a month ago:Each state decides about the online Gambling offer itself. There is no national regulation that applies to everyone. As a result, the state of Pennsylvania has already allowed some online gambling operators:

  • PokerStars
  • BetMGM
  • Borgota Poker
  • Now comes a very popular site that even many poker fans didn't know about: WSOP. This gambling site is jointly operated by Caesars and 888. The Vice President of the WSOP is pleased that players can now benefit from a professional offer. This is partly due to thehigh quality of WSOP. This was achieved, among other things, through the cooperation with Casino Harrah's Philadelphia.

    The operators of the WSOP hope that they can offer their online offer not only in Pennsylvania. Thegoal is to be represented in all US states. Whether this is possible or not depends on the decision of the individual states. As already mentioned, each state is allowed to make its own decision.

    Online poker hardly represented in the USA

    In the USA there are onlyfour states where online poker is allowed . It is not definitely clear which states are involved. In connection with the latest news, it was only announced that WSOP is not only represented in Pennsylvania, but also in Nevada, Delaware and New Jersey. All other states do not appear to have regulated online poker.

    This may be because local casinos and gaming venues are extremely popular - just think of Las Vegas, which is in Nevada. From this point of view, does it make sense that the WSOP online offer is offered in this state? After all, theonline offer can easily be seen as competition. But not only the operators of the WSOP had the idea of ​​expanding their range into the digital area. The gambling group Sands would also like to expand into the online sector. The reason for this project can only be guessed: Basically, online casinos are very popular.

    Apart from this, the corona pandemic has shown how quickly the economy and thus the casinos are closed. From this point of view, it cannot hurt any gambling company to set up a second mainstay in the form of online casinos.

    The advantages of the online WSOP offer

    Many may wonder why the WSOP offers an online offer at all. The WSOP is apoker tournament known for decades, in which only the world's best poker players take part. After numerous tournament rounds, only two players remain, from which the current world champion emerges. So why is the WSOP offered online?

    The online offer of the WSOP ensures thatevery poker fan can play poker from anywhere and at any time from now on. In the end it is a regular online casino that focuses on poker. This means that new customers receive a high bonus and that good players can look forward to a particularly high win every Sunday. Here it is important that different players meet to compete against each other. That way everyone can practice and get fit if they want to compete in the true WSOP. Freerolls that are granted to existing customers are particularly helpful in this endeavor.

    Of course anyone can play WSOP via the online platform if they only play for fun or if they love poker. Playing through the WSOP platform does not require the player to participate in the annual tournament.Last year, however, the platform was used by WSOP to conduct online pre-selection for the Main Event. Due to the corona pandemic, the preliminary tournaments could not take place live.

    WSOP takes place live again

    This year the participants of the WSOP are happy thatall games will be held live again . This decision was only made recently after the infection numbers finally started to come down. As a result, no games for the WSOP will take place via the online platform this year. However, this can be used to get fit for the WSOP tournament - after all, there are always small online tournaments. All players who are at least 21 years old can participate in these.

    Another requirement is that theplayer is a resident of Nevada or Pennsylvania. To date, the WSOP website has not been updated and it is still stated that only Nevada players are allowed to use the site.

    To the best online casinos

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