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Pfizer bond with 6.1% interest per year at the comdirect bank!

Bonds sometimes offer a safe return and the option for more. A bond on Pfizer shares is currently being advertised at comdirect bank. The bond offers a guaranteed interest rate of 6.1% per year, making it significantly more attractive than other bonds. At the same time, Pfizer offers enormous price potential

Pfizer is considered a model company in the US pharmaceutical industry. This means that the group is one of the largest pharmaceutical groups in the world and has become known for various medicines. In the past few decades, it was e.g. the drug Viagra, which in any case still ensures a constant cash flow at Pfizer. Currently it is theCovid-19 vaccine, which is being researched and produced by Pfizer in cooperation. Vaccination is intended to ensure that the world's population survives the corona pandemic much faster and better than would be the case without it. Numerous pharmaceutical companies have now launched a vaccine that has been approved and is used in various countries. The production of the vaccine doses is running at full speed worldwide. The aim is for a large proportion of the population to be vaccinated in the coming years in order to survive the pandemic. The fact is that the Corona vaccine has been tested in various phases and is classified as safe. In general, it must be noted that there are different vaccines on the market that work differently. Nevertheless, it is possible that the corona pandemic can be brought under control with the vaccine and that the virus can be taken out of circulation in the long term. Pfizer is an interesting investment and offers a lot of potential here.

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Pfizer bond with 6.1% interest p.a. at the comdirect bank.(©JLB1988/Pixabay)

The pharmaceutical industry is one of the most crisis-proof industries in the world. In the coming decades it is possible that this industry will develop particularly positively and that a lot is possible here. Anyone who is interested in the internationalpharmaceutical groups will find that companies such as Pfizer, Roche or even Novartis and Johnson + Johnson are very well positioned and have numerous drugs and OTC products achieve a constant cash flow. AbbVie, Bayer, GlaxoSmithKline and Co. are also well positioned and offer plenty of opportunities. During the Corona crisis, the shares of many pharmaceutical giants plummeted. To some extent, the course is still suffering from the effects of Corona, as is the case, for example, with Bayer AG based in Leverkusen. The fact is that the companies are very well positioned, but some also have problems that they have to overcome first. At Bayer, the share is listed at under 50 euros and thus lower than it has been for a long time. In terms of development, the glyphosate disputes should be scrutinized. At the same time, it is possible that new drugs and, above all, cooperations can boost sales.

If you look atGlaxoSmithKline from Great Britain, you will see that the company is really very well positioned. In the long term, classic products from e.g. oral hygiene ensure a constant cash flow. In addition, GSK offers a lot of potential with vaccines or HIV drugs and cancer drugs to be able to achieve correspondingly good results. This company pays dividends to shareholders on a pro rata basis once a quarter. A return of 5 to 6% per year is quite possible here if you have acquired the GSK shares at the right time and placed them in the portfolio. The company GSK (see GSK dividend) has distributed more than attractive dividends in recent years. This means that there was a classic quarterly dividend three times a year and a final dividend once. Dividend payments have not been reduced in recent years, but have been kept constant, which is more than pleasing from the shareholders' point of view.

In addition to sectors that traditionally do well, such as the pharmaceutical industry, it is also possible to invest in sectors that have a lot of potential. Anyone looking around the market will see that thetravel industry has been hit particularly hard by the Corona crisis, for example. In concrete terms, this means that cruises, hotels and airlines, for example, are under massive pressure and are currently unable to make any profits. Numerous companies are already standing with their backs to the wall, waiting for the vaccine to be used and for the corona pandemic to end at some point.

The shares ofCarnival PLC slipped to a value of less than 10 CADs during the crisis. From a historical perspective, this is more than favorable and shows that the industry is currently under extreme pressure. Carnival PLC is one of the largest cruise lines in the world. In concrete terms, this means that this company is very well positioned with AIDA and other cruise companies, for example. Due to the fact that there are no more cruises due to the Corona Pandemic, it is hardly possible to make a profit. The companies are currently parting with old ships and are trying to use liquid gas as the drive for the new generations, for example. In fact, Carnival is also interesting if you're a cruise fan yourself. Shareholders with at least 100 shares in their custody account regularly have the option of using a board credit. The amount of the credit depends on which trips are booked and over what period of time they are booked.

In the long term, it is possible that the popular and well-knownCarnival PLC share|| |79 in den kommenden Jahren . If the company manages to survive the Corona Pandemic and grow again in the long term, the Carnival PLC share price should increase significantly. It is conceivable that higher price targets can also be achieved without any problems. In the second quarter of 2021 it is possible that cruises will be possible again. This should depend on the vaccination status and how the corona pandemic will develop. In the long term, it is conceivable that very different scenarios could arise here. However, it is possible that this company in particular will benefit greatly if the corona pandemic is dealt with or ended quickly. In general, it should be mentioned that Carnival is well positioned and, mathematically speaking, will survive the crisis in any case, so that shareholders should benefit from it in the long term. The cruise industry has been one of the fastest growing industries over the past few decades and has brought a host of benefits to shareholders and investors. Dividends should also flow again in a few years if the company's shares should develop positively. in the coming years

Achieve 6.1% with the Pfizer bond at comdirect - how does that work?

As a customer of the comdirect bank or as a securities account holder, it is possible that a bond is currently on Pfizer shares are subscribed. The Pfizer bond is issued by the Citi Group. Thereturn is 6.1% interest per year and is guaranteed. This means that you can expect a fixed rate of interest on this bond. This is paid regardless of how the underlying value develops at Pfizer. There is also a barrier of 20%, which also helps to significantly reduce the loss potential. The barrier and the return from the bond ensure that the risk is significantly lower than is the case with a direct investment.

It is important to know that as an investor you should also know the risk of the bond. In concrete terms, this means that the entire investment capital is not protected. The fact is that as soon as the share price of the Pfizer bond falls below the barrier on January 11, 2022, Pfizer shares are booked in the securities account instead of the capital. In extreme cases it is possible that a total loss of the investment occurs. During the entire term, the bond is exposed to market influences such as changes in the share price and thevolatility of the interest rate level. Investors bear the issuer risk and, of course, the termination risk as well.

What advantages does a custody account at comdirect Bank offer me?

The custody account at comdirect Bank clearly stands out from the custody accounts of other brokers thanks to its attractive conditions. In general, it must be mentioned that the comdirect bank is very well positioned in terms of the depot. This means that traders can of course take advantage of very interesting products and conditions. In addition to stock exchange trading, comdirect Bankoff-exchange trading is also offered. The bank offers a wide range of trading opportunities and, of course, always special offers that can be used by new and existing customers. The broker's online depot offers trading in funds and ETFs. Savings products can also be taken out via the comdirect bank without any problems. Monthly savings rates from 25 euros are possible without much effort and ensure that good returns can be achieved in any case.

The comdirect bank offers its customers a 24-hour service. This can be done via live chat, for example, or by telephone. In the long term, it is possible that very good business can be done with the bank, because new customers benefit from particularly favorable conditions and adiscount on purchase von Aktien.

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