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The Plus 500 group originally comes from Israel . In the meantime, however, the company is not only based there, but also has a branch in Great Britain, for example. This is also the reason why there is regulation by the FCA, which of course ensures security and trust. Plus 500 UK LTD. is a separate company that can be counted among the Plus 500 empire.

The CFD offer has been available at Plus500 since it was founded. The company was founded in 2008 and has grown rapidly since then. Especiallydue to the option of being able to offer CFDs without commissions, Plus500 quickly grew into its own brand that was able to win new customers. CFD trading wasn't as widespread in 2008 as it is today. Traders can look forward to trading with many brokers and being able to get active with CFDs.

Plus 500 offers offers frommore than 2,000 different markets in the so-called contracts for difference. The complete offer is available in over 20 different languages ​​and can be used almost worldwide. The fact that the Plus 500 has grown is also reflected in the international presence of the brand. In Spain, they sponsor the football club Atletico Madrid, which attracts a lot of attention.

The financial situation of the Plus 500 company is more than good.Debts are practically unknown here and at the same time the liquid situation is more than good. Client funds are kept separate from company funds, as required by legislation. In the event of Plus 500's insolvency, as a customer you can still expect your money back and have better chances of receiving it. This is definitely solved differently with an offshore broker who is not based in Europe.

Authorization is being promoted by the FCA under number 509909. There is a UK branch in London that isregulated by the FCA. If you are traveling in Australia, you will be happy about the branch in Sydney, which is regulated by the local authorities. At the same time, there is a branch in Cyprus that is directly regulated by CySEC. The authorities in Cyprus are very familiar with companies like Plus 500 and ensure order and appropriate securities and documentation.

The branch in Cyprus is part of the European Union. This also ensures that Plus 500 adheres to all standards that apply in the European Union. This has become particularly relevant because Great Britain is no longer part of the European Union and is taking a different approach here.

Plus500 Trading.

Plus 500 comes from Israel and is well positioned worldwide.(©TheInvestorPost/Pixabay)

The broker offers in Great Britain (FCA authority in UK) definitely also a high level of security. In principle, it can be assumed that Plus 500 is a reputable company whose offers work thanks to the worldwide representation. According to various test reports, deposits and withdrawals from the Plus 500 depot also work very well in practice.

Payments at Plus 500: How does the broker work?

How well a broker works in practice depends on various circumstances and details. At Plus 500 there are various ways in which payments can be made. Above all,classic credit cards of the type MasterCard and Visa credit cards are often used when money needs to be transferred quickly and easily. At Plus 500, both credit cards can be used to fund the account. With PayPal, it is also conceivable and usable that money can be deposited quickly.

MaterCard is one of the credit cards (see MasterCard service providers) that are particularly in demand worldwide and have made themselves popular thanks to various advantages and good conditions . It is precisely the extraordinarily high degree of availability that makes the credit card so popular. Together with the Visa credit card, it is possible to initiate payments in almost every country in the world.

The well-known bank transfer is another method by which money can be quickly and easily transferred tothe trading account at Plus 500. Of course, there are no fees for deposits into the Plus 500 account. If you look at the details, however, you have to take into account that at least a sum of 100 euros must be paid in if the trading account at Plus 500 wants to be used. Of course, it is also possible to work with smaller sums later for the individual trades - but the deposit must be at least 100 euros each time.

There are no fees for depositing or withdrawing funds. In plain language, this means that the funds can be transferred back and forth very quickly and very easily. The same options are available for withdrawal options and methods as are usual for deposits. The trading account at Plus 500 can be managed in three different currencies. In addition to the currency euro and the US dollar, the currency pound sterling is also conceivable.

How is the Plus 500 trading offer differentiated and where can I learn it?

The Plus 500 offeris differentiated by its variety stark von den anderen Brokern und deren Angeboten. Die Vielfalt ist gerade im Segment der CFDs vorhanden, denn der Broker fokussiert sich ganz stark auf CFDs und bietet keine anderen Produkte und Leistungen an. Die Auswahl der Basiswerte für den CFD Handel ist extrem. Es gibt mehr als 2.000 verschiedene Werte und Produkte, die gehandelt werden können.

Especially themore than 2,000 shares that can be traded, or that can be used as a base for trading, are impressive and very bring a lot of joy. Added to this is the fact that indices and currencies can also be used for trading. The range of currencies and indices will continue to grow in 2022. With this broker, you definitely focus on the CFD options, which are hardly comparable in size with any other broker worldwide.

As far as trading via software is concerned, Plus 500 clearly values ​​own trading software. The trading software stands out massively from the solutions of the competition thanks to its intuitively usable functions. At Plus 500 you definitely choose a wide variety of options and what trades are concerned - via smartphone and via computer or laptop. Of course, the WebTrader can also be used as a software solution without much effort if traders want to get started and want to become active with standard software.

Before trading can be started, it must also be learned. Traders need to know how to trade and what benefits and losses can arise. A large proportion of CFD traders lose money. Statistics assume that over 80% of retail investors and traders makelosses trading CFD products. So that this does not become the rule, a certain basic knowledge should be available.

With the Plus 500 demo account you have the opportunity to learn a lot. With this free account, the entire trade can be tried out with avirtual credit. The demo account can be started and used with just a few clicks. Traders are happy about the simplest options and ways to try everything once. In practice, trading is possible within a few minutes if you start with the demo account.

Tutorials, webinars and of course videos and Q&A sessions can also be used to learn the basics of CFD trading. CFDs usually have a very short term. Decisions can be made within minutes or hours. The decisions determine whether money can be lost or won. Basically,Leverage products can be used, which can have a stronger impact. The leverage is often somewhat less for EU citizens than for other citizens. In principle, the lever also differs significantly depending on the product.

The urgent appeal to all traders who are not yet familiar with CFD trading is to open a suitable demo account and try out everything that is possible with it. Anyone who likes to trade should know how trading works and how individual instruments can be used in trading. The options here are very diverse and should be examined carefully.

Regulation also in Cyprus: Plus 500 is well positioned everywhere!

Cyprus is just one of many locations when it comes to Plus 500's headquarters. The broker has decided on several locations in Europe, in Israel, but also in Great Britain. The company headquarters in Cyprus shouldfor the users in Kenya and other countries have the greatest importance. This is partly due to the advantage that Cyprus is definitely within the EU.

The authorityCySEC in Cyprus is responsible for the regulation of brokers who are based in Cyprus. In plain language, this means that someone at CySEC definitely knows how brokers of this type work and act. For traders, being based in Cyprus is important information that creates trust andcan make trading at Plus 500 even more attractive.

Cyprus is often the first address among traders and brokers when it comes to a good company location. From a trader's point of view, Cyprus is definitely a better choice than, for example, the British Virgin Islands or other offshore locations where there is practically no regulation and no security at all.The majority of brokers opt for the European Union because many traders are based here who are definitely interested in investing with larger sums.

On a 10 to 15 year perspective, brokers within the EU should continue to grow. There are definitely limitations when it comes to leveraged investment options. Here the laws of the EU ensure that correspondingrisks are minimized and that traders are protected. There is still a large proportion of traders who make decent losses when they invest money and when they do CFD trading. Most traders do not know how CFD trading works and fail to invest money safely. The risk that is taken is often too high and is not chosen carefully.

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