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The broker Plus500 was founded in 2008 in Great Britain founded. The company has been active in CFD trading ever since and has grown strongly in recent years. The fact is that Plus500 is definitely one of the brokers that not only has a good portfolio in terms of investments, but also offers a lot of service and regulation.

Looking for a broker for There is a more than large selection on the net for stocks and CFD trading. It should be noted that most brokers are based offshore. This means that trading in the regulated environment is not that easy. This is not the case with the broker Plus500. The company was founded in Great Britain in 2008. It also has a seat in Israel. The company offers regulation by the FCA, through theFinancial Regulatory Authority in the UK. Trading in shares has grown significantly in recent years. This means that more and more people are interested in securities trading. Especially in times of crisis, new customers like to decide to open a securities account and prepare for trading in shares. In practice, this means that you can easily use a cheap or even free deposit and then deposit funds very quickly to start trading. It often only takes a few minutes before the depot can be used and you can gain initial experience on the stock exchange. The Corona crisis means that people decide much faster to trade shares and open a securities account.

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Numerous companies are listed on the stock exchange whose shares can be traded. A total ofover 2,000 different stocks can be traded at least via the broker Plus500. This means that the selection is significantly larger than is the case with other brokers. In addition to shares, CFDs can also be traded. The trading opportunities are many times greater than is the case with other brokers. At Plus500 it should be mentioned that not only Canadian shares can be traded, but that there are many international companies to choose from.

In theOil and Fuels sector, it is above all the company British Petrol that is currently the subject of intense discussion on the stock exchange. That's because British Petrol's stock has fallen significantly and its dividend has been halved. Due to the currently low price level, however, a return of slightly more than 8% p.a. can be expected. The second dividend at the current level was recently announced. Competitor Royal Dutch Shell even increased its dividend slightly from last quarter. The fact is that both oil companies are currently struggling massively with the low oil price and low demand. There is also the moral question, because oil has now been sharply criticized as a source of energy. This means many traders are wondering how British Petrol and Shell will make their money in the future. The companies have now announced that they are completely revising their strategy. Above all, green energies should slide to the fore. This means that Shell and BP invest in wind and solar energy, for example. The filling station of the future should differ significantly from today's. Regardless of what type of fuel or fuel is used in the future, both Shell and BP should be able to offer that type of fuel. This means that you could fill up with electricity and hydrogen at the two gas station operators. The fact is that the shares are currently very cheap and can be traded easily via a custody account at Plus500. In the future, when the economy recovers, both companies could benefit and, for example, post better sales again.

Anyone wholooks at the British Petrol homepage will see that the group has already announced a new strategy. In the coming decades, the share of renewable energy sources is to be increased significantly. In addition, BP honestly says in any case that it will be attached to oil for a long time, but the share willreduce sharply in the future. This should also depend on how the markets develop in general and how the demand for oil and other fuels is - British Petrol will be able to supply them.

Russian groups are also among the companies that are very much in the focus of many investors from Europe. One of the reasons for this is that the corporations here are known for having a high payout ratio. This means that e.g. 50% of the free cash flow is distributed. At Sberbank and also at Gazprom,50% of the free cash flow are distributed. This pleases the Russian state, among others, since it owns a not exactly small share in the corporations. The fact is that in Russia there are also some large corporations in the steel industry that pay attractive dividends. Serverstal is one of the groups that even pays out a dividend four times a year. On theServerstal homepage it is possible to look at the history of the dividends. In general, it is easy to see how the company is positioned and in which markets it is active. The fact is that Serverstal has been distributing an attractive dividend for many years, which is based on the company's profit. Many experts assume that dividends will be distributed four times a year in the coming years. It can therefore be assumed that high returns are still possible. At NLKM and MMK, the other two large Russian steel groups, a high return can also be expected from the dividend.

There are also some interesting companies in the telecommunications segment in Russia. The top 3 providers in theRussian mobile phone market as well as the company Mail.ru reward the shareholders with high dividends, which is of course more than attractive. In the long term, it is therefore possible that decent returns can be achieved in any case. Dividend yields of 8 to 11% per year are not uncommon in Russia. On the other hand, there is the risk that, for example, sanctions could be imposed that could severely affect the company's sales. Penalties, as was recently the case with Norilsk Nickel, can also result in the return being temporarily reduced by the dividend or being lower than expected.

Why is the Plus500 depot interesting?

The depot at the broker Plus500 is interesting in any case and offers a lot of advantages. The fact is that one can assume that the depot management is free of charge. In addition, it must be mentioned that the Plus500 depot offers the great advantage that it can of course be managed online. Alsoa free demo account is made available to the traders. This has the great advantage that everything possible can be tried out without risk. Another benefit is thatregulation by the FCA is in place. This ensures that traders can always play it safe when they open a depot here. The fact is that you are definitely safer with Plus500 than with many other brokers. In practice, the broker Plus500 is easy to use and of course also offers good service. The service can be contacted in multiple languages ​​and is available via live chat and email. Questions can also be addressed at Broker Plus500 in Canadian and, for example, in English and you will get a useful answer relatively quickly.

What can I trade with Plus500?

The trading offer at Plus500 is significantly more extensive than it is the case with other brokers. This is because atPlus500 you can easily trade more than 2,000 different stocks. In concrete terms, this means that you can buy and sell shares. In addition to Canadian stocks, there are also plenty of international stocks available. This means that, for example, stocks from the USA and Great Britain can be traded. Not only individual titles, but also indices and currencies can be traded via Plus 500. In addition to stocks, there are also indices and currencies that you can trade at Plus500 without much effort. All trading is possible via the Web Trader software and the Plus500 trading software, which is provided by the broker.

How does Plus500 differ from other brokers?

The broker Plus500 stands out from other brokers through various features. On the one hand, it is possible that over 2,000 shares and also CFDs can be traded. In addition, the broker offers the necessary regulation, which many traders believe is necessary in order to be able to trade shares sensibly and safely. Winnings can be paid out without any problems. This ensures that Plus500many positive ratings and thus differentiates itself from most other brokers in this environment. In the long term it is possible that a lot can be achieved with Plus500 and of course there are many trading options available that can be learned with the demo account.

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