Portugal: No more gambling advertising during the day

Europe's countries react individually to protect player protection in the to increase own country. While some are lowering the betting limit, other countries are attempting to make gambling safer by banning advertising. This decision has now also been made in Portugal: There should no longer be any gambling advertising during the day.

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Gaming groups in Portugal are no longer allowed to provide information about the possibilities of online gambling during the day.(©mohamed_hassan/Pixabay)

Parliament discusses four proposals

Portugal seems to be re on gambling advertising: Four different proposals have been put before Parliament, all of which ban gambling advertising. The proposals were submitted bythe following clubs and organizations:

  • Bloco de Esquerda party alliance
  • Party PCP
  • PAN (nature and animal protection)
  • Mr Cristina Rodrigues

All proposals include a ban on gambling advertising. Interestingly, all have proposed the ban for the day – advertising is still allowed at night. Included should not only beadvertising for casino games, but also for sports betting. Instant lotteries and scratch cards have also been included in some of the proposals.

First and foremost, theAdvertising ban for online casinos should be passed by law. This is intended to give legal force to the previous recommendation for this sector – according to the Bloco de Esquera party. However, the party would not be satisfied with a pure advertising ban. She wants futuregambling adverts to contain a warning. Every advertisement should point out that gambling can be addictive. Just as it currently looks with tobacco advertising. After all, this also contains the information that smoking is harmful to health.

Sponsor ban in Portugal for a long time

Professional athletes and professional clubs have been working with sponsors for a long time. They are allowed to place theirlogo on the jerseys of the players for a high fee. It is also possible to print the sponsor's lettering on banners and hang them up in stadiums. Such advertising is very interesting for the sponsors, since it is seen not only by the spectators in the stadium, but also during the TV broadcast. Therefore, the sponsors are willing to pay a large sum for this type of advertising.

This has beenin Portugal for a long time, at least for gambling providers. These are no longer allowed to publish their advertising on jerseys and banners. As a result, the sports clubs lose a large sum, which had a fixed place in their annual budget planning. But the gambling companies are also losing revenue due to the lost advertising opportunity. If you don't see any more advertising, you won't even think of registering with an online casino.

This is exactly what the Portuguese government is banking on when it now bans gambling advertising during the day. During this time, most people are on the Internet, for example when carrying out their professional activities. In order to keep as many people as possible away from advertising, the advertising ban will apply in the future for the timebetween 7:00 a.m. and 10:30 p.m. in the evening.

More countries in Europe adopt gambling advertising bans

Although the government itself suffers when citizens spend less money on gambling, many countries have already decided to ban gambling.Spain had a gambling ban in place during the day when the first lockdown was imposed due to the Corona pandemic. This inevitably led to many people staying at home. During this time, many could not work and would have come up with the idea of ​​registering with an online casino for the first time.

In the further course it was assumed thatexisting customers play more. Many low-income citizens would try to gamble to increase their own income. This should also be prevented with a gambling advertising ban. This also sounded logical for the time of the lockdowns. However, the ban on gambling will remain in place for the time being. The gambling providers have complained about this and achieved a small success. The Association of Online Gambling Providers argued that an advertising ban would drive players toillegal offers. For this reason, the court is now deciding whether the announced complete advertising ban is actually legal.

Gambling advertising ban in Kenya

In Kenya, thanks to the new State Treaty on Gambling, online casinos are being offered legally for the first time. However, this does not mean at the same time that the online casinos licensed for Kenya are also allowed to advertise. So far, online casinos were only allowed in Schleswig-Holstein.However, there was an advertising ban there, which existed for the time between six in the morning and 9 in the evening.

This advertising ban only applies to the whole of Kenya, provided that online casinos receive a license. So far, however, this has not happened. Applications have been received but have not yet been processed. One of the reasons for this is that theCanadian Gaming Authority has not yet started its work. So far, however, it has become apparent that the gambling providers will not accept the advertising ban. There is already strong criticism, since the ban on advertising will reduce the income of the gambling companies.

It remains to be seen whether the Canadian criticism will have as much success as the actions of the gambling providers in Spain. After all, the ban on advertising makes sense:Young people and children should not have access to gambling advertising. This increases player protection and a further step towards prevention would be successful.

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