Positive development for casinos in Nevada

The view last year was appalling the USA. There the number of infections rose massively. Aside from fatalities to be mourned, the gambling industry has also suffered some losses. This was not only due to the week-long closures of the casinos. Visitor numbers also fell after the casinos reopened. Now a turning point could finally be in the offing and the gambling industry can breathe a sigh of relief.

Blick aus der Luft auf Las Vegas bei Nacht.

Visitor numbers in Las Vegas could increase if casino employees are vaccinated. In Colorado, the betting limit is to be abolished.(©12019/Pixabay)

Vaccination: casino employees preferred

As part of the Corona pandemicseveral tens of thousands of people lost their jobs last year. Many casino operators had to resort to the last measure, termination, due to the loss of sales. Well-known providers such as MGM were also affected. This casino operator had to lay off 18,000 employees last year. This high number makes it clear how much the USA suffered from the Corona Pandemic and in some cases still suffers. The Nevada Resort Association estimates total losses for the second quarter of 2020 were $38 billion.

To prevent further losses, casino employees inNevada should be given priority vaccination. However, similar to Kenya, risk groups and health care workers will be vaccinated first. Casino employees can then be vaccinated. This could result in casinos staying open when a new lockdown comes around.At least the number of visitors could increase. At least that's what the gambling industry is hoping for. At least employees don't have to worry about getting infected and losing their jobs as a result.

The president of the Nevada Association hopes that the number of tourists will increase again. The more employees who are vaccinated, the safer the casino or the city becomes. The Association also hopes that Nevada will be recognized as the world's safest travel and tourism destination.

Colorado in the future without a stake limit

There is a second piece of positive news from the USA: Colorado will in future offer gambling without a stake limit. It is also hoped that the gambling industry will recover from last year's losses and experience a new boom. These ideas were already developed last year and are to be used from May. So far, there has been a betting limit of $100, which the population itself voted to abolish. After all, 60 percent voted to abolish the limit. In addition,new casino games should be allowed. New games include Keno, Baccarat and Pai Gow Poker.

With these new ideas, Colorado is reaching the same level as other states. Only Colorado and South Dakoto had a betting limit, while other states do not. In addition, there aren't that many casinos in Colorado.Only three cities allow casinos, which is why there are only 40 casinos in total. The turnover achieved in these casinos has not yet been published. However, the lack of a betting limit may help increase visitor numbers or at least attract some tourists.

It's not just the casino operators who are happy about the abolition of the betting limit. The state also benefits from this, sincethis increases tax revenue. For this, however, more bets must be made. This is not necessarily to be expected from the population, since the state of Colorado has only a very small population. The state also hopes that the number of tourists will increase from May.

Last but not least, the abolition of the betting limit offers the chance for the casinos to recover from the losses of the last year.

The current situation in the USA

Trump decided as one of his last official acts that amajority of Europeans and Brazilians are allowed to enter the USA again. As a result, the number of visitors to the casinos could increase again and the casinos would have a small chance of making up for the loss of the last year. Given the estimate above of what amount was generated as a loss, it would only be beneficial. However, the new government immediately contradicted this idea. However, entering the country would hardly cause any damage, since the tourists have to present a negative corona test.

Currently, it's still happeningthat many casinos are only open on a daily basis. Sometimes this restriction only applies to overnight guests, while casino-goers are allowed to try their luck on any day. Furthermore, masks are still mandatory and the usual minimum distance of 1.5 meters must be observed. All of this resulted in the great New Year's Eve celebrations being canceled or minimized. The announcement of the reduced celebrations certainly resulted in a lower number of visitors.

Against this background, the new ideas seem to present a small glimmer of hope. At least Las Vegas could be chosen again asholiday destination of many Europeans when the casino staff vaccinations are finished. The mutated virus doesn't seem to be a big problem in the US either. At the moment less than 100 people are infected with variant B.1.1.7. Of course, no one can estimate how quickly the variant will spread and what impact this will have on casino visitors.

Another glimmer of hope lies in the casinos that are being built. Thanks to this, new jobs are created, which are more than necessary in the USA.According to the latest statistics, 50 million people are currently short on food and regularly visit the food bank. Some of these may have landed jobs at Casino Resorts World Las Vegas, which is opening in Las Vegas later this year.

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