QTrade is offering an "Erichsen Trading Package" promotion for all new customers until October 31, 2021

QTradeDer Broker QTrade hat seinen Sitz in München und bietet allen Kunden bis zum 31. Oktober 2021 ein besonderes Paket an. Darüber hinaus gibt es die Möglichkeit, drei Monate lang kostenfrei die Handelssignale von Tradermacher Lars Erichsen zu erhalten.

According to QTrade, the Erichsen trading package is only available here and is probably unique in its form. Traders have the chance to use a special template for trading as part of the campaign. This was developed by the expert Lars Erichsen and offers special presets, such as averages or special indicators. It is an individually developed chart template that can be easily adopted. The "ErichsenVal special indicator" can be used as a special treat, which was developed by Lars Erichsen himself in cooperation with the programmers from QTrade. The indicator is suitable for recognizing exaggerations or understatements on the market and thus identifying the ideal time to trade.

How can I use the special offers from QTrade?

The corresponding bonus products can be used through Deposits to the trading account are used:

  • In order to receive the trading signals from trading maker Lars Erichsen for one month, it is necessary that at least 3,000 euros are deposited into the trading account at QTrade.
  • Anyone who is interested in receiving the trading signals for three months must deposit at least EUR 5,000 into the QTrade trading account.

It is possible that customers with the live account as well as with the demo account at QTrade can participate in the webinar. The promotion is valid for everyone between 01.10. – 31.10. Open a QTrade account in 2021 and deposit money by November 4th.

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