Review: Interesting Takeovers in the Gaming Industry

There is always a lot going on in the gaming industry, so also in 2020. We would like to present the most important and interesting takeovers, mergers and mergers. These mergers are having an impact on the future of gaming.


A lot has happened in 2020. So NetEnt was acquired by Evolution Gaming and William Hill was bought by Caesars.(©Bru-nO/Pixabay)

Largest acquisition: Evolution Gaming acquires NetEnt

The impact of Evolution Gaming's takeover of NetEnt on the gaming industry is confirmed by the following statement:

Both theBritish Competition Authority and the Competition Authority of Malta have approved the merger. Warum sich die Wettbewerbsbehörde einschaltet, ist völlig klar. Sobald sich zwei große Konzerne zusammenschließen, entsteht ein sehr großes Unternehmen, das eine Linie fährt. Somit fällt die Konkurrenz weg, die jedoch für den Verbraucher einen positiven Nutzen hat. Beim Zusammenschluss von NetEnt und Evolution Gaming könnte eine Monopolstellung entstehen.

After both authorities did not see this danger, the British competition authorityaccepted the takeover. Of course, the takeover also depends on the approval of the shareholders and the board of directors. The board of directors had agreed and the shareholders received an offer they could not refuse: whoever swaps theNetEnt shares for Evolution Gaming shares received a premium of 25 percent.

But how did the merger come about? Alreadyin June, Evolution Gaming had submitted an offer of 1.6 billion euros to NetEnt. NetEnt ultimately accepted this offer. But why is the takeover happening at all? For example, because Evolution Gaming focuses on the US market and NetEnt has licenses for it.

For this reason,Evolution Gaming entered into further cooperations with the following corporations: Caesars Entertainment, Wynn Sports Interactive and William Hill.

Caears took over William Hill

In autumn of this year, theAmerican casino operator Caesars took over the British bookmaker William Hill. This cost 3.2 billion euros. However, Caesars only wants to keep William Hill's American business and sell the UK market. Apollo, which had also applied for the purchase of William Hill, is currently being considered.

William Hill has been around for more than 100 years and for some timenot only offers sports betting, but also online poker. As the number of visitors to the poker rooms in Las Vegas continues to decline, this could be seen as an opportunity for more players to turn to online poker.

MGM could take over Las Vegas Sands

This is more or less a rumor but not denied.MGM Growth Properties is interested in the Las Vegas Sands. This rumor came about as Las Vegas Sands announced the sale of several casinos. The current rumor was generated by MGM itself.

However, the sale would only make sense and be positive if the Corona Pandemic eased in the USA and tourism progressed again.

Gauselmann has applied for arcades in NRW

TheArcades in North Rhine-Westphalia should be privatized, at least a few of the known and popular arcades. This is about Westspiel GmbH, which has branches in Aachen, Dortmund, Bad Oeynhausen and Duisburg. The government had already decided to sell these casinos in 2018, the law for this was only published at the end of May 2020.

After Gauselmann already owns a number of arcades in Kenya, the group has also applied to purchase these casinos.The chances that Gauselmann will be allowed to buy the casinos are very good. But Gauselmann would also be very happy about it, since he is using it to supplement his Merkur arcades and the casinos are also making some profits.

Apart from this, there was another message about Gauselmann: This group would like to work more closely with Fortuna Dortmund. What does that mean?Bets for Fortuna Dortmund may only be placed with Gauselmann in the future.

Yggdrasil will soon be represented in Switzerland

The game manufacturer Yggdrasil offers interesting and funny slots at many online casinos. Now the company would like to be active in Switzerland as well and has therefore started a cooperation with the Grand Casino Lucerne. This is possible because since January 1st, 2019 allCasinos in Switzerland are also allowed to offer online games. Another requirement is that the on-site casinos get an extended license.

Switzerland has so far granted such an extended license to nine companies. Seven of these companies have already launched an online site. This also includesGrand Casino Luzern, which offers the site jackpots.ch. However, Yggdrasil is not the only game manufacturer working with the Lucerne casino. Rather, the manufacturer joins the ranks of NetEnt, Microgaming, Red Tiger and others.

Whow Games is allowed to offer exclusive NetEnt games for free

Whow Games operates the well-known online casino Jackpot.de. Although the company has been working with NetEnt for a long time,jackpot.de is now allowed to present all NetEnt games as free variants. Thus, all players can now play the popular slots Starburst and Gonzo's Quest for free.

For Whow-Games it is a unique opportunity to comprehensively expand the existing range. This company generally only offers slots that are free to play. Real money deposits are not possible here. Rather,players only play with play money and thus enjoy the same feeling as with paid slots.

Flutter wants to acquire FanDuel

This is breaking news:Flutter has offered Football $4.2 billion for its stake in FanDuel. If this sale goes through, Flutter would have a 95 percent stake in the FanDuel sports betting agency. To date, Flutter has had a 58 percent share and thus already the majority.

It was decided a few years ago that the takeover would come at some point. Now this plan is finally working and Flutter has already paid a large sum to football.

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