Review: Online Casinos and the Corona Pandemic

At the beginning of the Corona virus At the time of the outbreak, no one thought that the virus would have such an impact on all continents. In principle, it was inconceivable that such serious effects would occur at all. And unfortunately, the virus hasn't stopped at the gambling industry either. On the one hand, it may be understandable if the casinos have problems on site. But how could the virus affect online casinos?

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Some online casinos and game manufacturers will make more revenue, others will lose revenue in 2020.(©Bru-nO/Pixabay)

Online gambling operator bet-at-home has lost revenue

Der Glücksspielanbieter bet-at-home hat als Erstes einen Bericht vorgelegt, und zwar direkt nach dem ersten Lockdown. Obwohl viele Aufsichtsbehörden und Glücksspielverbände davon ausgehen, dass während des Lockdowns mehrere Spieler zum Glücksspiel greifen, scheint doch das Gegenteil zuzutreffen. So veröffentlichte bet-at-home im Mai 2020, dass im the first quarter of 2020 saw a decline in sales of 5 million euros.

Despite this decline, the online gambling operator is satisfied with the sales. This may also be due to the fact that the number of players has increased. Compared to last yearThe number of customers increased by 200,000. Thus, bet-at-home also expects a turnover of 120 to 132 million euros for this year.

Spain's Gaming Authority records revenue increase

Spain's Gaming Authority published this year's revenue figures in October 2020. These look much better than from bet-at-home: Spain recorded a 97 percent increase in online poker turnover.

But also all other games in the area of ​​Online Casinos experienced an increase in turnover. Sales increased by 22.55 percent in the first quarter of 2020 and by 38.63 percent in the second quarter. So everyone who predicted an increase in gambling during a corona pandemic is right.

The only area that experienced a drop in sales is theSports betting area. Here, sales fell 38.8 percent. The explanation for this is obvious: no more sports games were allowed to take place during the corona pandemic. So there were no games to bet on.

Declining turnover at William Hill

William Hill is an online bookmaker based in Great Britain. This company also did not have to accept a significant drop in sales in the first half of 2020. So the company madeonly 554 million pounds in sales. This corresponds to a decrease of 32 percent. While that sounds dramatic, when it comes to profits, the numbers are even more worrying: Profits fell by 85 percent.

And here, too, the problem is that due to the lack of sports games, hardly any bets could be placed. Interestingly, however, William Hill admits that online sales actually increased by one percent. The loss of sales therefore comes from the local business.

NetEnt posts an increase in sales

There is good news even in the Corona year. These come from Novomatic, for example. This group has published the figures for the first half of the year and was proud to announce sales growth. NetEnt achieved aincrease of 37 percent over the previous year. Hardly anyone can say why that was. It is probably the case that during the corona pandemic, several players resort to gambling.

NetEnt is a Swedish company and during the Corona pandemic, Sweden has noticed that there has been an increase in gambling. For this reason, the rules on player protection there have been revised again.

Evolution Gaming doubles profit

Evolution Gaming also saw revenue growth. However, it is not uncommon for this company as Evolution Gaming mostly always generates higher revenue. What is exciting in this context is the fact that the stakes at Evolution Gaming have increased significantly. In the first quarter of 2019, 5.6 billion wagers were made and in the same periodin 2020 there were over 11 million.

Even though Evolution Gaming is the group with the highest revenue and growth each year, it wants to generate even more revenue by acquiring NetEnt. NetEnt owns licenses for the North American market. Evolution Gaming wants to get on this train.

Statistics anticipate an increase in sales

In June 2020, the Statista institute provided the sales of the past few years and a forecast for the next few years. These are only sales from online casinos. TheStatistics shows that the sales of online casinos have only been increasing for years. Also for the year2020 an increase compared to the previous year was shown.

It should be noted that this is an estimate for the year 2020. We can therefore be curious to see whether the assessment is correct despite the corona pandemic or whether the estimate will even be exceeded. Many players signed up for the first time at an online casino during the lockdown. Thus, sales could increase. One problem, however, is that 40 percent of all stakes are made in sports betting. Ultimately, with no games available to place a bet during a lockdown, there could be a drop in turnover.

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