Saxony-Anhalt: Lotto gets new managing director

Lotto fans are sure to have the news about the lottery scandal in Saxony-Anhalt. Now there is another new message, which is by no means negative. Business graduate Stefan Ebert has now been appointed as the new managing director. The company is to be rehabilitated by filling the position of managing director. Only the future will show whether this will succeed. However, there are other reasons why Lotto-Toto GmbH chose Stefan Ebert.

Ein roter Lottoschein, auf dem bereits drei Zahlen angekreuzt wurden. Ein Kugelschreiber schwebt über dem Lottoschein.

The state-owned Lotto-Toto GmbH has a new managing director from June: Stefan Ebert, a business graduate, replaces Marien Sieb.(©Hermann/Pixabay)

Ebert replaces Maren Sieb

One can say that Roughly in the middle of the investigations against Lotto Sachsen-Anhalt theat that time managing directors were dismissed without notice. These were Maren Sieb and Ralf von Einem. The management was accused of operating a nepotism and having been involved in money laundering. The latter allegation arose because very large sums of money were paid into a branch within a short period of time. Apparently they didn't check where the money came from.

Furthermore, a handful of playersvery high winnings were paid out. This was also recognized long beforehand by other lottery agencies and forwarded to the relevant agencies. However, after nothing happened here and no investigation was initiated, the strange incidents continued. Basically, it all concerned the same lottery agency.

In the year2019 the investigations were started. The allegations mentioned above could not be confirmed. Nevertheless, this led to the dismissal of the managing directors. Since then, Lotto Sachsen-Anhalt has had no official and long-term boss. Now that is about to change. Why it was Stefan Ebert of all people and how this name came about is very interesting.

Lotto-U-Committee demanded change of appointments and more transparency

The Lotto-U-Committee demanded more transparency from Lotto-Sachsen-Anhalt. In addition, thestaff should be restructured and, above all, more care should be taken in the selection of staff. Because in the context of the lottery affair, questions also arose as to why certain people got their jobs. After there was some nepotism in the room and it was not clear whether the people hired had sufficient skills and knowledge, the personnel planning had to be changed.

So it happened that the supervisory board choseStefan Ebert, who definitely has sufficient experience as a managing director. For more than 25 years he worked in various companies in the management area.He also studied business administration. A positive aspect may have been the fact that he worked in the areas of controlling, project management and e-commerce. It can therefore no longer be assumed that the selection was not made carefully.

In the investigations against the former managing directors of Lotto Sachsen-Anhalt, it was also recorded that several district managers were named without a large-scale application process taking place. It also seemed strange that the application documents had now been destroyed for data protection reasons. This fact also led to the demand thatnew staff appointments should be done differently in the future.

Ebert already defines goals

Stefan Ebert has no experience in the field of gambling or lottery. However, itpromises to offer an exciting range of games, which also has a high level of security. He also publicly announced that he was very much looking forward to his new tasks.

The supervisory board, on the other hand, chose different words and assumes that Lotto will be in calm waters in Saxony-Anhalt with immediate effect. It has not been announced whether and which non-profit companies and organizations will be funded in the future via the lottery company's income. In thePast funded more than 10,000 charitable projects. 212 million euros were spent on this. However, the donations and financial contributions also had a certain status during the U-Committee.

It is not possible to say which deals Ebert is already targeting. The employees of more than600 lottery offices in Saxony-Anhalt most likely don't have to worry about their jobs. After all, the players there can not only make a bet on the state lottery games. Lotto Sachsen-Anhalt also offers the possibility of betting.

Ebert in management position from June

Quick decisions and their implementation without loss of time seems to be a special feature of Lotto-Toto GmbH in Saxony-Anhalt. After all, the news about Stefan Ebert's appointment is only a few days old. Nevertheless, he will start hisnew job in June 2021. Thomas Webel, chairman of the Lotto-Toto supervisory board, is certain that there will be no more negative reports from now on.

The committee of inquiry had accused the previous management of becoming independent, willing to take risks and excessively sales-oriented. Such a procedure should no longer exist at Lotto-Toto. Exactly for this reason, the choice fell on the Magdeburg, who brings a lot of experience with him. After all,The Ministry of Finance is also behind the naming of Stefan Ebert. Since Lotto-Toto GmbH is a state-owned company, the opinion of the Ministry of Finance is important.

The future will show whether Lotto Sachsen-Anhalt will recover from its tarnished image and how long this will take.

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