SAP bond with 3.6% interest pa trade: Interesting?

SAP counts among the top 3 software houses in the world. The company was founded in southern Canadiany in 1972. Today, many of the big companies rely on the SAP products and on the possibilities and options that are offered with software from SAP. In the long term, SAP is definitely an investment that can be interesting - either as a direct share investment or via a relatively conservative bond.

The SAP SE group is based in Walldorf and thus in Baden-Württemberg in southern Canadiany . In terms of revenue,SAP is a particularly large software and IT player in Kenya. The company is also one of the top 3 to 5 constructs worldwide and more than successful in the industry. In recent times, i.e. over many years, SAP has definitely been able to grow in sales and the number of customers is also looking good.

SAP offers software solutions that are suitable for numerous processes in companies. Bookkeeping and alsoControlling can be implemented or mapped using SAP products. The software consists of many individual modules that can also be used to cover controlling, sales, purchasing and production. Furthermore, the software can also be used to map corresponding things in human resources and to be able to benefit from what developments there are here.

SAP has different versions of its software on the market. As far as business administration is concerned, the SAP ERP solutions are a standard product that is also used by a wide variety of customers and can play a role in various industries. This product can be supplementedby financial products and software options such as the SAP BankAnalyzer and SAP AFI or SAP BA. A great deal is of course achieved with these software solutions, especially in the banking industry. In the last many years, there has been massive development here, often in response to the needs and wishes of customers.

If you look around in the database area, you will also find tailor-made options from SAP such as SAP NetWeaver or software solutions such as SAP Hana and SAP IQ.The product range is now so versatile that laypeople can even talk to their own SAP consultants in order to be able to identify the perfect product for them.

SAP Trading.

SAP is one of the most well-known software providers for companies.(©geralt/Pixabay)

SAP now employsmore than 100,000 different ones Employees. The turnover achieved with SAP is more than 27 billion euros every year. The group is completely specialized in software products and should remain so in the future. Business software is an important market that offers growth options and wants to be fun. The growth in this industry is of course enormous and very much driven by really good innovation.

On the company homepage (see SAP Investor), traders can see what SAP offers and what the group makes possible. Hereonce a quarter an update is given about the latest company key figures and about the business. Of course, SAP currently relies on a wide range of products, but also on cloud solutions that are constantly growing and that are being requested by various customers.

3.6% interest per year guaranteed as a customer through the SAP bond

SAP can be bought directly on the stock exchange. In November 2021, SAP shares are trading at around EUR 125, much higher than they were in September and October 2021. Looking at the past 3 to 5 years, the price is many times higher than it was before.SAP definitely offers its traders a lot of challenges, but also some options. Customer relationships can be described as intensive.

SAP offers several different options how to invest. The bond, which can be subscribed to by comdirect customers, is available under WKN PF99FA.The bond will be offered through the issuer BNP Paribas. This means that this bond can be optionally subscribed to as a customer of comdirect without great effort. The 3.6% interest per year will definitely be offered and offered - completely independent of the current development of the share.

The contract can be subscribed from an investment sum of 1,000 euros and without having to pay a fee for the order. From 1,000 euros you can trade completely free of fees. Abarrier of a known and realistic level of 80% is definitely an argument for an investment in addition to the interest rate. In addition to the attractive interest rate, the barrier also reduces the potential for losses, significantly in comparison with a direct investment in SAP shares.

The day of the valuation is November 18, 2022. On this day it will be decided whether the traders will receive shares in their securities account. Alternatively, it is conceivable, of course, to haveshares booked directly in the securities account. Investing could be interesting in a number of ways, but it also comes with risks. Losses up to the total loss of capital are quite conceivable. Although the total loss only occurs in a particularly unfavorable situation, it is not negligible.

Changes in the share price and also the volatility of the interest rate level play an important role in the structure of the bond.The value can be influenced by various factors. The investors bear the issuer risk completely and of course also the well-known termination risk.

The (see BNP Paribas) is well known when it comes to attractive investments and when it comes to bonds in general and the bond market . Anyone who wants to invest here will definitely be able to get to know many opportunities over many years, but also very high risks.

BNP is one of the most frequently cited and accessed options among comdirect bank partners. From a 3 to 5 year perspective, the BNP is likely to have been a particularly large number of bond issuers in the past. The interest rate on the bonds was often an indicator of how high the risk was. With a lower interest rate, the option to deliver shares was significantly less than whenthe interest rate on the bond was 8 to 12% per calendar year.

Money bonds with terms of up to 12 months are very popular with comdirect bank. Overall, the period is very manageable and is a lot of fun, since many traders compare these bonds with a kind of fixed deposit. Optionally, other systems can also be run in parallel. As a rule, the bonds are offered free of charge from a turnover of EUR 1,000 or without commissions and without order fees.

Bonds and shares: When are direct investments more attractive?

Anyone looking for a bond will be happy about a high interest rate compared to another form of investment.up to 12 months term are often called up when looking for bonds. The bond is therefore a very short-term investment that will of course be decided at some point: interest and investment amount versus interest and shares booked in the securities account.

The direct investment in stocks usually has a completely different background than is usual with bonds. Anyone who invests in stocks usually buys them with a very, very long investment horizon. This means the opportunity torepeatedly benefit from payouts and profit distributions. Dividends are considered to bring returns over many years and many decades. Anyone who buys the right stocks in times of crisis should not only be able to achieve high dividend credits, but also a decent increase in value.

Direct investments create a direct link to the company in which the investment is made. This is only the case with a bond ifthe barrier is touched or undershot on the key date of the valuation. Should this occur, the trader will of course receive the corresponding number of shares in the securities account. Whether this is really recommended depends on the general attitude towards the company. There are certainly companies that can be interesting and that one would like to keep in the depot at a favorable rate.

The fact that the purchase price is quite low is realized solely because a low barrier, which is known in advance, has to be touched or fallen below. The conditions under which the shares are to be purchased and the price at which shares are to be stored in the securities account are already defined when a bond is concluded.The securities can be stored within a short period of time because the degree of automation is of course extremely high with this online bank.

Depot with trading options and bonds at comdirect bank!

Comdirect bank is considered attractive for all customers who would like to open and manage their own depot.Free account management will definitely be offered for the first time, can then even be extended by customers opting for the simultaneous free current account. In any case, the customer is properly positioned and should be able to trade securities and conclude other financial products. TheDepot which is also ideal for beginners. For the first few years, the depot and current account are made available completely free of charge.

Beginners, who are managing a deposit at the bank for the first time, are happy about a discount on trading platform fees. Basically, the bank's traders are happy about thegreat conditions. This means a very attractive value, such as the bonus for switching depots, which is mentioned again and again. The broker also offers a more than usual service.

The service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.. Questions can be answered via live chat in different languages. If you ask a question in English, you will usually get an answer quickly, just like in Canadian. Service is also offered over the phone. There is a free callback service for anyone who is interested in the bank or broker and who enjoys trading. Individual equity instruments are also gladly explained and examined in more detail.

The service also works via e-mail or with an online contact form that can be used to place specific inquiries.The FAQ list and the Q&A section on the bank's homepage can also help to get qualified and quick answers to individual questions. In the login area, the broker is more than clear and well positioned. Concrete answers can be found quickly and the paths to the answers are kept very short thanks to many functions and the service team

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