SBC Digital Summit: What is important?

The gambling industry is united with the Corona worldwide -pandemic currently a major crisis. It is all the more important during this time that the exchange between the companies does not falter. To prevent this, the SBC Digital Summit, one of the most well-known gaming fairs of all, was held last week. More than 140 prominent faces from the gaming industry were invited to discuss various aspects of the industry. Unsurprisingly, the focus was primarily on the Covid-19 pandemic and the possible consequences for the industry.

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With the SBC Digital Summit, one of the most important gaming fairs was held in the past few days. Over 140 leading figures in the gaming industry were invited.(©niekverlaan/Pixabay)

To match the name: SBC Digital Summit took place digitally

Gerade in Krisenzeiten wie aktuell ist es wichtig, dass sich die Akteure der weltweiten Glücksspielbranche stetig miteinander austauschen. Aktuell ist das nicht ganz einfach, da aufgrund der Corona-Beschränkungen keine Großveranstaltungen oder auch nur Reisen möglich sind. Dennoch hat die Branche einen Weg gefunden, um miteinander zu kommunizieren und sich auszutauschen. Erst in der vergangenen Woche fand die bekannte Glücksspielmesse SBC Digital Summit took place. Unlike usual, however, this could not be organized on site. Instead, invitations for an online conferencearound 140 prominent heads of the gaming industry. Among others, Videoslots boss Alexander Stevendahl, Sportradar founder Carsten Koerl or Parimatch boss Sergey Portnov. A top-class cast, which is probably also necessary at the moment. went out to

The focus of the fair was, as expected, the Covid-19 pandemic. This has mercilessly spread to all gambling markets in the world and has thus become the central topic of the conference. For example, thedirect effects on all business areas as a whole were examined. But also the individual areas. The big losers are currently the sports betting providers. Due to countless cancellations in the sports world, these can only provide an incomplete offer.

Staying cool despite shaky prospects

On the first day of the online conference, the main focus was on the options available to sports betting providers to make up for these losses .The number one solution in this context is betting on eSports. Pinnacle and Parimatch therefore confirmed that the increase in eSports has been enormous in recent weeks. Parimatch explained that you currently have to manage around ten times the number of visitors compared to the time before Corona. The offer of free-to-play products is also promising in the eyes of Cillian Barry from Sportcaller. With these you can bind the customers to the sports betting products, so Barry. At the same time, it is important tomaintain close contact with the customer base. However, at least in the USA, eSports betting cannot be the solution for all companies. These bets are only allowed in the states of New Jersey and Nevada. In the remaining states, however, permits are also expected in the coming months and years. Only some time ago, the generally applicable ban on betting in the USA was overridden. Since then, all states have been able to determine for themselves whether sports betting can be legally offered within their borders. More and more states are going this route. Therefore, it should only be a matter of time before eSports bets are also among the approved betting options.

Andre Ashenden from Stats Perform explained that the most important thing to do at the moment is to tackle match-fixing. Many companies have had to increase their offer in lesser known leagues and competitions in order to be able to offer attractive bets at all. In these lower leagues, however, the risk of match-fixing is inevitably higher. On the panel“Covid-19: Implications for the integrity of sports betting”, Ashenden stated:

“We strongly believe that data providers have an important role to play in the ecosystem of the play sporting integrity. We have a collective responsibility and duty to uphold the higher standards of data quality and integrity.”

Other items were also debated. In the eyes of the industry, the media that cooperate with gambling providers should currently advertisehigh-quality products and offer high-quality services. However, the near future will have to show what the concrete steps will look like in the near future.

The long wait for the go

In connection with the corona pandemic, the gaming industry worldwide has been facing enormous challenges for some time. While theonline industry can compensate for many losses in the betting area with other products, it looks much more complex in stationary operations. From Atlantic City to Las Vegas and from Australia to Kenya, all major casinos have closed. The arcades are also affected, of which there are several thousand in Kenya alone. In all cases, companies are fighting in their markets to ensure that normality can return as quickly as possible.The Las Vegas casinos published an action plan a few days ago to ensure the safety of customers and employees when they reopen. Just days later, such a plan followed from the Atlantic City gaming industry. The situation is similar in Australia, where the casinos are expected to reopen in mid-May. This also seems to be the most likely date for Las Vegas and the USA at the moment. However, it is quite possible that this plan will be pushed back again.

In Kenya, the industry has also been putting increased pressure on politicians in recent days. In a way, that's understandable. Commercial gaming in Kenya is regulated by law in such a way that only a certain number of gaming devices may be operated in a given area.On 150 square meters there are exactly twelve pieces of play equipment. The minimum distance between players could therefore be maintained. For this reason, the industry recently expressed a lack of understanding that hairdressers, for example, are allowed to open again with direct contact, but the venues are not yet. The industry is now hoping that in the coming days it will be possible to be part of a further relaxation of the corona measures. The decision on this will also be made in politics in the coming days.

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