Sweden: Casino is being built in Trabrennbahn

In the end, sports betting and gambling like roulette , poker and slots are seen as competition to each other. On the other hand, there are many gambling fans who like to play all kinds of gambling games. Seen in this light, it seems logical that a casino should be built as a supplement to a trotting track in Sweden.

Eine leere Trabrennbahn.

The trotting trackSharebolaget Trav och Galopp is building its own casino in its location. This should be in two previous restaurants and serve as a supplement to the bets.(©A_Different_Perspective/Pixabay)

Abytravet trotting track plans Casino

The Abytravet trotting track is nearby von Göteborg has come up with an idea, thanks to which their own sales can be increased: they want to create their ownCasino right on thelocation the trotting track. The rooms of the Pegasus and Lyon restaurants are to be used for this purpose. Of course, these rooms must first be redesigned to make them really suitable as a casino.

The idea of ​​the trotting track can undoubtedly lead to success. After all, this racetrack has existed since 1936 and has been available to millions of players ever since. However, all sports betting fans are reassured by the operator of the racetrack: it will not happen in such a way that the racetrack is pushed into the background. Rather, thebetting will continue to be the main attraction and the casino will only be given a position as a sideshow.

The trotting track will continue to be the main attraction for financial reasons. After all, sales have been increasing continuously for years - the most important reason for keeping the trotting track as it is at the moment.

Cherry AB is allowed to offer casino games

Of course, the sports betting provider Aktiebolaget Trav och Galopp will not become the provider of the games of chance. Rather, the trotting track works with another provider who will be responsible for the range of games of chance in the future. Cherry AB was selected assupplier. This is a group that is not only active in the online sector. This company has been working with restaurants and other local locations for some time to also offer a land-based offer.

Cherry AB also works as a game developer and also offers its customers a lot of gaming fun in this area. The gaming group was very positive about the cooperation with the trotting track. After all, this company is also aware that thesales of the racetrack are rising steeply. In 2020, the racecourse enjoyed net sales of 536 million euros, compared to 416 million euros in 2018.

Of course, Cherry AB hopes to increase its own reputation bycollaborating with the Trabrennbahn. After all, there are already some countries where racetracks and casinos work together. If both are offered in Gothenburg without the gambling fans having to leave the location, both companies can benefit from it.

Gambling market in Sweden keeps growing

How does a provider of horse betting come up with the idea of ​​expanding their range to include classic casino games such as roulette and slot machines? This is primarily due to theconstantly growing gambling market in Sweden. Thanks to the popularity of online casinos, companies licensed for Sweden were able to achieve the same result in 2020 as in the previous year. This result is definitely remarkable, as Sweden was also affected by the corona pandemic and the restrictions associated with it. In other words, if there were no restrictions, the profit could even have increased.

The numbers published for online casinos can also be used to calculate theEvaluate the success of a casino on site. Whether fans of horse sports betting will actually be interested in the casino remains to be seen in the near future. It is quite possible that other customers will turn up at the land-based casino who in turn have no interest in sports betting.

Casino is being built at the right time

Many people may ask why the casino in the trotting track should be built at this point in time. There are definitely reasons for this, which include the corona pandemic. To be more precise, thisEnd of the restrictions is possibly the reason why a casino is being built now of all times: The restrictions imposed as part of the Corona Pandemic:

During the corona pandemic, adeposit limit of 490 euros per month was set. This restriction will also be removed from November 15th. In addition, the government had set an upper limit for bonuses, namely 10 CADs per month. With this restriction, the desire to play should be reduced. Had these conditions still been in place, a new on-site casino probably wouldn't have been worth it. Now, however, gambling fans can do as they please and all casinos can give out whatever promotions they want.

However, it could be that theInspectorate for Sweden will create new restrictions. However, that will depend on how gambling providers and players react to the lifting of restrictions. After all, restrictions are not set for no reason, rather they are there to keep players safe. Players should appreciate that too.

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