Sweden limits deposit amounts

Sweden had the brilliant idea of ​​reducing deposit amounts at online casinos to limit. This should increase player protection. Now the Swedish gambling regulator Spelinspektionen has announced that this plan has failed. The new regulation states that each player may only deposit the equivalent of 480 euros per week. However, players are very creative with this rule, which circumvents the rule.


To reduce losses, Sweden set a deposit limit - a good alternative to a total ban.(©stevepb/Pixabay)

How players circumvent the rule

Basically the regulation itself is to blame for the fact that it can be circumvented by numerous players. Said rule came into effect on July 2nd, 2020 and mandated a deposit limit per week. The online casinos should check that this deposit amount is not exceeded. And this is exactly where the problem lies:There is no central register in which a payment made is saved. Thus, the players could register in several online casinos and also make several deposits.

To avoid this in the future, the Equal Opportunities Commission is calling for the introduction of a central register. Every deposit should be saved in this. However, online casinos would then always have to look at this register before a player makes a deposit. This is the only way to prevent a player from exceeding the deposit limit.Similarly, the Equality Commission would be happy if gambling advertising were changed. So far, there has been no warning in any advertising for games of chance that gambling can lead to losses or even cause gambling addiction.

At the same time, however, the Equal Opportunities Commission warns against the introduction of a central register. Because storing the deposits could contradict data protection. Other countries - for example the Netherlands - will save not only the deposit amount in the future, but also the winning amounts and the duration of the gaming sessions. In view of this regulation, the storage of deposits appears to be less of a concern. It is therefore quite possible that a central register will be set up despite all misgivings. Finally, the Equal Opportunities Commission is of the general opinion that Swedish gambling regulation is not sufficient.So this commission would have the idea to block the player after a certain playing time at every online casino. But there should also be a central register for this.

A deposit limit is also coming in Kenya

Not only Sweden had the idea of ​​the deposit limit.There will also be a new state gambling treaty in Kenya from 2021. A regulation in this contract states that players may deposit a maximum of 1000 euros per month in the future. In comparison to Sweden, it is about half - in Sweden, after all, about 2000 euros per month are possible. However, Kenya will also suffer the same problem as Sweden: In order to check that the deposit limit is not exceeded, all deposits would have to be stored in a central register. Whether this can be done or not is not yet certain. Because even in Kenya it is clear that the storage of this data could be a violation of data protection.

Until now, each player set their own deposit limit. In addition, every player can be completely blocked if he plays too risky. However, all this is done voluntarily and has not yet been regulated by the state.

Deposit limit or ban?

As long as compliance with the deposit limit cannot be checked,Players can either define a deposit limit themselves or even block yourself completely. The deposit limit would have to be applied for at the online casino where the customer is playing. In order to protect yourself from a financial loss, a deposit limit would have to be applied for at every online casino. The same applies to a block, which can also be requested directly from the online casino. In this case, the customer can no longer make a deposit. It is not necessary to delete the account in this case.

Apart from this, anyone can register in the Swedish blocking file. This file is called Spelpaus and is used extensively by the players. More than 54,000 people have currently registered. After all, 1,000 people registered this summer. Apparently, the players do not trust their own gaming behavior and fear that they will not be able to meet the deposit limit that has been set.

Deposit Limits are the Least Restriction

While it's totally understandable if players aren't particularly happy about the deposit limit. After all, this represents arestriction of one's own freedom. On the other hand, this serves to protect every player. Furthermore, the Swedish government had already considered in April 2020 how to deal with the increased use of online casinos. At that time, the use of online gambling increased by 33 percent. For this reasonthere was a discussion about whether online gambling should be banned in general. The government did not take this strict measure and followed the measures of other countries: Belgium has set a deposit limit of 500 euros per week and Spain has regulated the advertising measures. With all these changes, governments hope not only to maintain player protection, but to strengthen it. Furthermore, a complete ban on online gambling could have led to unlicensed gambling providers being resorted to.

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