Sweden wants to reduce betting limit

Sweden's players were allowed a smaller amount during the Corona pandemic deposit at online casinos than they were used to before. As a reason, the government mentioned player safety, which should be given special attention during the corona pandemic. According to a new report, the current betting limit is to be reduced again.

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Sweden is planning to reduce the weekly betting limit again. This is intended to increase player safety during the corona pandemic.(©Engin_Akyurt/Pixabay)

Ongoing corona pandemic again rationale for stake limit

Ardalan Shekabari is the current Minister of Social Security in Sweden. Due to the ongoing corona pandemic, he is calling for the current betting limit for online casinos to be reduced again. Therefore the current betting limitis to be reduced from 5000 SEK to 4000 SEK. However, this is a weekly betting limit. The minister believes that gaming behavior is changing during the corona pandemic. In order to continue to offer a high level of protection, the weekly limit is to be reduced. Sweden's players can still be happy at the moment, as it is still an idea. This must first be discussed by the government and set as a resolution. Gambling fans can remember one date: February 7th. Should the Social Security Secretary's idea go ahead, the new betting limit would apply from that day. Whether it will come to that isfrom January 18 for sure. Because by this date all the necessary coordination should have been made.

Casinos on site also affected

If the new betting limit is reached, not only fans of online casinos will have to adjust to it. When the new betting limit comes into effect, it will also apply to local casinos. In this context, there is also positive news: the limit shouldfor the time being only apply until the end of June. If it becomes apparent that player behavior will not change negatively during the corona pandemic, it can also be ended earlier. At the same time, every player must be aware that the betting limit may be extended. Additionally, theminister wants to change theconditions for bonuses. It should no longer be possible for the gambling companies to award a higher bonus than 100 SEK. This corresponds to the equivalent of 9.70 euros. The reason why the bonus should be set so low was not explained in detail. The minister only pointed out that Sweden is a prosperous country and for this reason players must be given special protection.

Gambling Association BOS dissatisfied with new idea

The Swedish gambling association BOS has now spoken out and expressed serious concerns about the new betting limit. So there would have been aincrease in new player registrations at the last betting limit. In detail, it means that the players have registered at other online casinos in order to be able to use a higher stake again. This is where a problem comes into play in Sweden:There is no central registry where players and their deposits are stored. If this were the case, players would not be able to deposit a total of more than the legal betting limit. However, it is possible to open an account with several online casinos and use the legal limit with each of these providers. The director of the BOS, Gustaf Hoffstedt, points out that the mandate of the Gambling Act cannot be complied with in this way. Instead, the Swedish Gambling Association fears that the individual online casinos will no longer be able to do their job. The reason given for this is the increased number of player accounts with different providers. So couldno provider to recognize potential addictive behavior if the players are registered at several online casinos. With these justifications, the BOS has been trying to take action against the betting limit since it was introduced.

Gambling regulator Spelinspektionen also has doubts

According to a statement by the Swedish gaming regulator, the betting limit seems to be ineffective. At least the gambling regulator could not determine that the stakes of the players have in fact decreased. The supervisory authority has also established that theplayers register at several online casinos and thus bypass the legal limit. Reference is again made to the missing central register in Sweden. Things are different in Kenya. Here, too, there is a legal betting limit that has been set even lower. The monthly limit is 1,000 euros. There is a central register in Kenya so that compliance with the limit can be checked. ViaOASIS, both online casinos in the future and on-site casinos must check whether the limit has already been reached. In this case, further play must be prevented.

Kenya is not limited to bonuses. Instead, player safety is increased by havinga maximum bet per spin and the player can hit the panic button at any time. Furthermore, a game round must last a certain amount of time and each new game must be explicitly confirmed by the player. Only time will tell to what extent these security measures will prove to be effective. On the positive side, around 20,000 players have banned themselves through OASIS. This happened in the last six months since the new Canadian State Treaty on Gambling came into effect.

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