Swedish Luck Authority punishes two online casinos

Not every online casino keeps up to the rules, which is why black sheep are called dubious. Now two online casinos have been penalized in Sweden, which are reputable and comply with all regulations. The corona pandemic with its special rules was to blame for the fact that one rule was not observed.

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The Swedish gaming regulator has warned two licensed online casinos and threatened a high fine if the betting limit was violated again.(©besteonlinecasinos/Pixabay)

Players use tricks to bypass the deposit limit

For a few months, adeposit limit applies in Sweden, which was only brought into being due to the special situation during the corona pandemic. This new regulation states that all players in Sweden are only allowed to deposit the equivalent of just under 500 euros per week. Interestingly, the limit was only set for online casinos, but not for bookmakers.

So some players had a "brilliant" idea, which was also implemented: They registered with gambling providers who operate both an online casino and a betting shop. Both divisions were offered on one website. Soplayers could increase their deposit limit in the area of ​​sports betting.

The subsequently higher deposit was not used for the betting office, but for the online casinos. And that's exactly why the casinos were penalized. Theaffected gambling providers should have recognized this trick and stopped it. After failing to do so, they were penalized by the Swedish Gaming Authority.

The affected gambling providers were lucky in their misfortune. According to theVerdict of Spelinspektion there is only one cease and desist order. Only if the casinos do not stop such a trick in the future will there actually be a penalty.

ATG and Spooniker Ltd. affected by the verdict

Two online casinos were penalized: AB Trav och Galopp (ATG) and Spooniker Ltd.Both gambling operators were the first to receive a license in Sweden. It is even stranger that these two gambling operators have broken the new rules.

In addition, ATG has been Sweden's official bookmaker since it was founded in 1974. Originally, players could only bet on horse bets, since 2019 also on other sports bets.ATG has also been offering an online casino since 2019.

It looks similar atSpooniker who currently operate four online casinos in Sweden. The sports betting sector is also connected to these.

Although both operators have only been warned at the moment,the next time they commit the same offense they must reckon with a fine of almost 98,000 euros. It can therefore be assumed that they will adhere to the new special rule due to the corona pandemic in the future.

It's just strange that Sweden doesn't take any action against illegal providers. These casinos probably have no deposit limit at all. It is more than questionable why one is so strict and punishes those who have not been guilty of anything for decades. In this regard,The Swedish Gambling Federation has again pointed out that the betting limit would only lead players to switch to the illegal offers.

Swedish Gaming Authority punished online casinos earlier

The fact that the Swedish Gaming Authority is taking such strict action is actually nothing new. Alreadyafter the legalization in 2019, the Spelinspektionen had punished online casinost. However, the reason for this is much more understandable than not complying with the betting limit:

To ensure a high level of player security, all online casinos licensed by Sweden must offer players a gaming break. Who isregisters at Spelkaus.se should no longer have access to his account and online casino. Despite this, players were still able to log in and play again. Two online casinos were fined for this: one casino received a fine of 100,000 kronor and a second even a fine of 4 million Swedish kroner.

The online casinos defended themselves at the time that there were technical problems and that it was by no means intentional. The affectedOnline Casino Genesis then paid back the affected players their losses and closed the player account completely.

On the other hand, it could be determined at that time thatapparently the tool Spelpaus.se was not working properly. Reporters also got away with the fact that they were able to play at numerous online casinos despite being on the blacklist.

Betting limits apply in Sweden until June 2021

If you look at various cases from the past, it is clear thatall online casinos are concerned about compliance with the rules strive. On the other hand, it is questionable whether the operational limit that has persisted during the corona pandemic has a right to exist at all. The limit was decided in April 2020 after allegedly more players turned to online casinos during the pandemic.

Apart from the betting limit, thebonus amounts have also been regulated. These must not exceed 100 SEK. In addition, all players must set an individual time limit. Adhering to all these regulations may not be easy. And here, too, the Gambling Association is of the opinion that there is no reason for the new regulations. It wouldn't be like there was more play during the spring lockdown.

Nevertheless, there was a fear that players could resort to illegal offers if gambling is not better regulated. This fear is understandable, but not,why the gaming regulator is targeting legal casinos instead of targeting illegal providers.

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