Switzerland: New online casinos about to start

The players in Switzerland are located in an excellent situation. Online gambling has been completely legal here since 2019. And after some difficulties at the start, the market is also becoming more and more attractive. Not only is the selection of individual providers increasing, but also the general variety on the market. With the casinos in Basel and Montreux, two other providers are now about to start online. In the first instance, they received the go-ahead from the Federal Council for the license extension by the Swiss Federal Gaming Board (ESBK).

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The Swiss online gambling market will probably grow twice again in the near future.(©AidanHowe/Pixabay)

Federal Council grants approval to casinos in Basel and Montreux

There is movement on the Swiss market again. With the Casino Neuchatel, another provider entered the race last month with its online offer. Now the Swiss Federal Gaming Board announced last week that thecasinos in Basel and Montreux have also received approval from the Federal Council for an online license. This fulfills the first important requirement on the way to online business. In the further course, the ball is now in the hands of the Federal Gaming Board. This is responsible for thoroughly checking both providers again and then granting the license for the online business.

When the two casinos start their online offering, more than half of all casino offerings are also available online.A total of eleven of the 21 casinos in Switzerland have approval from the authorities in their pockets and some have been active on the market for many months. But it also means that ten providers are still a long time coming with an online offer. So there is still potential.

Strong figures from online casinos are convincing

It can be assumed that other providers will also soon be launching online offerings. Especially after the Swiss media recently reported on the great success of online casinos. The casinos were closed for months due to the corona pandemic. On average, the industry had to accept a drop in revenue of around 40 percent. However, there are sometimes noticeable differences between the providers. The Swiss Casinos with locations in Zurich, Pfäffikon, St. Gallen or Schaffhausen would have had to accept that 40 percent. The decline at the casino in Interlaken was even greater. According to media reports, around 50 percent of the income had to be foregone here.

On the other hand, the declines in the casinos in Bern, Baden and Lucerne were smaller. Here the minus was between 32 and 39 percent. Thetotal turnover of online casinos in Switzerland in the year of the crisis was at least 187 million CHF. The losses from stationary operation could thus be at least partially cushioned. The Grand Casino Luzern Group did this particularly well. This alone generated sales of around CHF 70 million.

Only Swiss providers allowed since 2019

In Switzerland, too, the trend on the part of the players is shifting noticeably more and more to the online area. In 2019 there was a significant change in the law in the Alpine Republic. A referendum was held that year. Here the Swiss declared that online gambling should be allowed in the future. However, this may only be offered by companies that have their headquarters in Switzerland. To be more precise, these are only the 21 casinos that are also entitled to offer online games.

The Swiss authorities take strict and controlled action against providers from abroad. Again and again providers are provided with a network block. In this way, the Internet pages are blocked from access from Switzerland and the providers without a license are thus driven out of the market.

Swiss market is growing more and more

It was only in July that the Neuchatel casino was the last provider to receive its license extension for online sales. While there were only a few offers available to players immediately after the market opened, the variety has now increased significantly. Customers can play online at the casinos in Davos, Bern, Baden or Interlaken, for example. The casinos in Lucerne, Lugano, Meyrin and Pfäffikon already have their own online offerings.

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