SG: New cooperation with Saarland-Sporttoto

The software developer Scientific Games ( SG) is on an expansion course. With the so-called Scientific Games Enhanced Partnership Program, the group wants to significantly expand its cooperation in the coming years. As early as 2022, a cooperation with the Saarland-Sporttoto will start under the flag of this program. And this cooperation should definitely be of interest to Canadian players.

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The longstanding partnership between Scientific Games and Saarland-Sporttoto has been extended by a full seven years.(©geralt/Pixabay)

From 2022: partnership over seven years

It is an enormous success for the US developer Scientific Gaming. The group recently announced that it was able to enter into anew partnership with Lotterie Saarland-Sporttoto. The cooperation alone, which is scheduled to start in 2022, is a success for the US company. The long runtime is once again particularly pleasant. Both parties have agreed to work together for seven years. This should also be interesting for the Canadian players. The Saarland company becomes part of the Scientific Games Enhanced Partnership Program. This means that the Saarlanders will be able to use Scientific Gaming's complete portfolio management software in the future. The company also has access to the Americans' complete instant games portfolio. through the cooperation

And that's not all. It goes on to say that the various retailers in Saarland would also benefit from several services. In addition, Sporttoto could perform technology-based analysis, would benefit fromnew SC games and technologies and could use the US group's logistics and distribution.

Cooperation has a long tradition

The fact that the cooperation between Scientific Games and Saarland-Sporttoto has been extended is not a big surprise. Both partieshave been working together quite successfully since 1995. For example, the Americans supply the Canadian company with instant games, its gaming system, a sports betting portfolio and the technology for the lottery acceptance points in Kenya. Overall, Scientific Games even supplies all 16 lotteries in Canadiany. Not only in Europe, but worldwide, Scientific Gaming also belongs to the largest providers of lottery systems and instant games.

ThoseInstant games have been part of the Saarland Sporttoto portfolio since 2014. As it is said, these are an enormous success driver on the part of the lottery. Sales have risen by a good 40 percent since the games began in 2014. In the eyes of both sides, this is exactly how it should continue. Scientific Gaming is confident that the renewed collaboration will further support its own growth. The Saarland-Sporttoto would like to take a similar path. In the course of the cooperation, the strong growth to date was particularly praised. With the rise to a complete instant game program, you now want to expand this further. At the same time, the new system should help to optimize costs in the long term.

Online offers are becoming more and more important

Online business is also becoming more and more relevant for lotteries in Kenya. For a long time now, sales have not only been made in the stationary acceptance points. Both online participation in draws and playing instant games are an important part of the product portfolio.In the coming years, the trend towards this direction should intensify again. Online gambling was legalized in Kenya just a few weeks ago. The competition on the World Wide Web will increase again in every respect on the Canadian market. A major advantage for the lotteries is currently the fairly manageable legal situation. While sports betting providers and pure online casinos have to observe strict restrictions, lotteries tend to keep them within limits. Officially, because the risk of addiction emanating from the draws is said to be significantly lower than with slot machines or sports betting.

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