Spanish Lottery El Gordo: Can you really win that much money?

Since a few months, lotto lovers can purchase a ticket for theSpanish Christmas Lottery, also known as El Gordo. This lottery is very popular for a number of reasons, which is why many players choose to play. But one thing everyone should ask themselves: How big can the prize be and is it really possible to win as much money as the advertising promises? We would like to take a close look at the winning opportunities and explain them in detail.

Eine Frau freut sich über einen Gewinn und wirft zahlreiche Dollarscheine in die Luft.

Many people hope to win big in the Spanish Christmas Lottery. However, if you only buy a share of the ticket, your chances are reduced.(©Tumisu/Pixabay)

What is the maximum win?

The enormously high one Winning amount is the reason why the Spanish lottery is so popular. Thefirst prize is four million euros. After all, the second ticket number drawn means that the winner is happy about 1.25 million euros. And the third winner? He takes at least 500,000 euros with him. These winning amounts are not always achieved in theCanadian Lotto 6 out of 49. In addition, lower prize classes are also happy about high sums at El Gordo: The place is rewarded with 200,000 euros and fifth place with 60,000 euros. Only from sixth place onwards do the winnings decrease.

Another feature that makes the lottery so popular is that the drawing takes place at Christmas. There couldn't be a better time to present the lucky winners. It is also claimed that the odds of winning El Gordo are significantly higher than the Canadian Lotto. After all, awin chance of 1:100,000 is given. The chance of winning the Lotto 6 out of 49 is 1:13,983,816.

But a lot of people ask themselves one question: Is it even possible to win such a large sum and what has to be done for it? Of course, the lucky winner has to acceptsome costs beforehand if he hopes to win the main prize.

The principle of the Christmas lottery in detail

In the Spanish Christmas lottery ticket numbers are sold. Usually there are100,000 lots, but they are printed in series. In order to receive the main prize of four million euros, you have to draw your own ticket number exactly. If one digit does not match, it is the next prize level. If two winning digits are missing from your ticket, the third prize level is created. Overall, El Gordo offers 17 prize levels, the last one is usually rewarded with 20 euros.

This principle also applies to other lots, for example the Glücksspirale. The difference to the Christmas lottery, however, is that with El Gordothe closest ticket numbers also receive a prize. However, it can also happen that your ticket number wins and the owner of the ticket still does not receive the main prize. How does that happen? Quite simply: the owner then only holds a certain part of the ticket in his hand. If you only buy a tenth of a ticket, you only have to pay the tenth price for it. To compensate for this, he only receives atenth of the main prize: Instead of four million, only 400,000 euros remain.

If you want to save even more when you buy the ticket, you can opt for a hundredth ticket. But then only one hundredth of the profit remains. This principle also applies to all prize categories.

How much is a ticket for El Gordo?

If you claim acomplete ticket for yourself, you have to pay 200 euros. For this reason there is the possibility to acquire only a part of it. Anyone who decides on a tenth ticket only has to pay 20 euros. But as I said: Then he only receives a tenth of the main prize even if he is the main winner. However, behind it hides the chance for everyone to participate in the lottery. If you want to bet less money, simply choose a lower percentage. However, the chance of winning the entire main prize is generally reduced with the ticket share. If the lottery ticket drawn was sold in several parts, the prize money is automatically divided among several winners.

Of course it is also possible to purchase several lots. For example, if you buy ten lots – but onlyone tenth each – you also pay 200 euros. In this case, however, the chances of winning also increase tenfold. However, if not a single digit of the ten tickets matches the draw, there is no prize left. In this case, a chance of winning of 1:100,000 is no longer of any use.

Where to buy tickets?

Spaniards can buy tickets in a local lottery. Of course, nobody in Kenya has to travel to Spain to get a lottery ticket. If you want to play El Gordo in Kenya, you can contact aonline provider. They sell both whole lots and parts of lots. Sometimes it is even possible for new customers to pay a lower price for a ticket. That's why it's always worthwhile to compare various providers with each other:

Lotto provider Rating Special feature El Gordo bet
To the test report 50% discount on El Gordo ticket To the page
Zum Testbericht El Gordo ticket for 1.00CAD/EUR/USD To the page
To the test report| ||139 10% Rabatt auf 2 Tippscheine für El Gordo To the page

It is important that nobody has to make a hasty decision. Anyone wishing to have a ticket canuntil the day of the drawing. However, the time until when the purchase is possible must be observed. Afterwards there is the possibility to watch the live drawing of the lots. It should just be noted that the 1:100,000 chance doesn't work as perfectly as most players would like.

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