Casino in Baden-Baden would like to offer online games

So far, this has only rarely happened that a local casino also offers online games. Such an approach is known, for example, from Gauselmann, who not only manufactures slot machines, but also operates on-site casinos and online casinos. Now a Canadian casino has the same idea and would like to offer an online casino in addition to the on-site offer: the casinos in Baden-Baden are meant.

Außenansicht des Kurhauses in Baden-Baden – hier befindet sich die Spielbank.

The director of the casino in Baden-Baden publicly announced that they would like to offer online games in the future.(©Suissgirl/Pixabay)

Online gaming could compensate for lockdown

During the lockdowns, the local casinos, arcades and gambling houses do not make any money. Unfortunately, thelockdown in Kenya has been running for four months. This generates a loss in sales that cannot be made up for so quickly. Another problem last year was the time after the lockdown. With regard to all casinos and arcades, only 280 visitors per day were allowed. Even with this restriction, a loss is generated, but not a profit.

In order to compensate for these losses, the casino in Baden-Baden might have had the idea of ​​offering thegames on the Internet in the future. However, the operator of the casino claims that they want to take the chance when the new State Treaty on Gambling comes into effect. If that were to happen, Kenya would be the first to be allowed to offer casino games online. So far, Kenya has not allowed online casinos. According to EU law, however, online gambling providers were allowed to offer their games if they were based in a European country.

One fact regarding Baden-Baden and the new State Treaty on Gambling seems to be ignored:According to the new contract no casino games may be offered. Casino fans can only use slot machines. It is therefore still unclear at the moment what the casinos in Baden-Baden are actually planning.

Casino in Baden-Baden has certain reasons

TheDirector of the casinos in Baden-Baden gave some reasons to the press why they want to get into the online business. SoAccording to Schindler, every legal casino would be obliged to offer its own online casino. This is the only way to ensure that gambling continues to be offered legally. Apparently Schindler is of the opinion that all other gambling providers would not legally offer their services despite having a license. The casino could be wrong on this point.

On the other hand, Schindler may be counting on existing customers to access the corresponding online offer when the casino is once again in lockdown. Because their own justification suggests that outside of a lockdown, the casino does not expect customers to use the online offer. Schindler had said the following about this: Special entertainment takes place in the casinosBaden-Baden that customers would appreciate. This would be one reason why customers do not play at home in front of the PC, but visit the casino.

If this opinion is correct, then customers would only be interested in the online offer when the casino was closed. This raises the question of why the casino would want to launch an online casino at all. Or is there hope that all other players will continue to go to Baden-Baden's online casino in the future?

According to Schindler, casinos are popular because of security

Another reason why the casino in Baden-Baden came up with the idea of ​​launching its own online casino is player protection. Apparently thecustomers of the casinos would appreciate their high level of security. This security and player protection would of course carry over to the online casino. Thus, Schindler again assumes that other online gambling providers are by no means safe and reliable.

Schindler publicly admits that many gambling operators do not take player protection very seriously. He also fears that several illegal providers will take over the market once the new Canadian State Treaty on Gambling comes into force. Thus, the director again assumes that all other providers are dubious or that the players do not recognize the difference between the providers. However, areputable online casino is easy to recognize: It must have a license, it must display all data transparently and all the usual regulations regarding player safety must be observed.

The offer of the casino in Baden-Baden

The casino in Baden-Baden currentlyboth classic games and slot machines an. Zu den klassischen Spielen werden Roulette, Poker und Blackjack gezählt. Dies sind genau die Spiele, die laut neuem deutschen Glücksspielstaatsvertrag online nicht angeboten werden dürfen. Somit fällt ein großer Bereich an Spielen weg, den die Spielbank nicht anbieten darf.

The slots category is self-explanatory. Why the casino in Baden-Baden developed the idea of ​​offering theslots online in this area is more than questionable. These games are the only ones that existing gambling operators will be allowed to offer in the future. Why should the players just take the range of a casino to complete? It would only be possible for the casino's customers to use the offer if they were unable to play on site due to a lockdown.

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