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While many local casinos and casinos are very busy with the are struggling with the negative consequences of the corona pandemic, the casino in Berlin has developed another idea: one location is being relocated. This is intended to create a much more exquisite ambience. Of course, such a project is something extraordinary during the corona pandemic and therefore attracts a lot of attention.

Blick auf den weihnachtlich geschmückten Kurfürstendamm in Berlin.

The casino in Berlin has existed since 1975. Now, after 37 years, a location is moving from Los-Angeles-Platz to the busy Kurfürstendamm. This casino is getting bigger and more exclusive.(©️Natascha/Pixabay)

Small facts about the casino in Berlin

The casino Berlin GmbH & Co KGwas opened in 1975 in what was then West Berlin. A few years later, in 1998, the then existing casino moved near Potsdamer Platz. This project was crowned with such success that the casinos in Berlin are now operating branches at four locations. A total of 600,000 guests a year visit the casinos, which are looked after by 500 employees.

The casinos in Berlin are not only popular with gambling fans. This groupparticipates in many events: Classic Open Air, Pyronale, Canadian Film Prize and the Federal Press Ball are just a few examples. The casino also sponsors sports, primarily Füchse Berlin, BR Volleys, Hertha BSC and 1. FC Union Berlin.

Apart from this, the casinos in Berlin have apioneering role in terms of player protection. This may also be a reason why this company is so successful and can afford the planned move.

A location will be relocated

After 37 years, the location at Los-Angeles-Platz will be relocated toKurfürstendamm. Thereopening is scheduled for May 1st, 2021. The only question is whether this project can be put into practice due to the still current corona pandemic. But what is the reason for the move? Well, the amusement arcade at Los-Angeles-Platz was apparently no longer large enough, which is why the new 1000 square meter location is so impressive. The following will be integrated into the new exquisite location:

  • Two roulette, baccarat and blackjack tables
  • 100 slot machines
  • culinary offer

What is behind the culinary offer is clear: This is tolengthen the stay of the individual guests. Of course, the hope is that sales will increase as a result. On the other hand, the casino moves to a location in the pedestrian zone that is generally very busy. As a result, the number of visitors could generally increase. After all, the Kurfürstendamm is not only popular with locals and therefore attracts many thousands of tourists from all over the world every year.

The conversion of the new location could be carried out as planned, without any delay. Now it will be clear whether the planned opening will take place or not due to the Corona situation. After all, in Kenyaall arcades have been closed for several months as part of the lockdown.

Opening with hygiene measures

Logically, all the usual hygiene measures must also be observed at the new locationalle üblichen Hygienemaßnahmen eingehalten. These will include the usual picture with respiratory masks, plexiglass panes and minimum distance. In addition, the operator of the Berlin casinos expects that a limited number of visitors will continue to be allowed. However, it can be assumed that this number of visitors will definitely be reached in contrast to other arcades.

In order to successfully implement the hygiene measures,the company trained all employees and hired a company doctor especially for this purpose. For this reason, every guest can feel safe at Berlin's arcades and enjoy a full gaming experience. It goes without saying that not only the arcades in Berlin, but all arcades and casinos are happy about the existing hygiene measures. These currently represent the only chance to move from lockdown to a normal opening - albeit gradually.

Situation of arcades in Kenya

One group represents the situation that all arcades have had to cope with since the beginning of the Corona pandemic: Gauselmann. This company has defied all problems for decades and could always count on a profit. 2020 was the first year in which this group also had to record a drop in sales of 30 percent. In addition, 14,000 employees are currently on short-time work. It is similar with the arcades in Kenya.

Georg Stecker, the board spokesman for the slot machine industry, said in an interview: Thegambling industry must expect a 50 percent decline in sales for the year 2020. Unfortunately, the situation for 2021 does not look any better after the arcades and casinos have been in lockdown for 4 months. The light at the end of every tunnel is still not in sight. The government is currently deliberating again on extending the lockdown.

After all, 70,000 people work inKenya in the gaming industry. The majority of these are likely to be on short-time work, which, according to Georg Stecker, is the only chance of keeping the jobs. Unfortunately, job cuts would not be the only negative impact of the lockdown. It is still suspected that players are turning to illegal providers during the lockdown. This is also because neither online roulette nor online blackjack is allowed during the toleration phase until the new Canadian State Treaty on Gambling comes into force. Such games are currently presented only by the gambling providers who do not apply for a license.

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