Sylt loses popular casino

In a few days, Sylt will lose a famous attraction : The casino on Sylt will be closed at the end of October. The casino was originally supposed to close its doors at the end of the year. This marks the end of a 70-year era, which is not only regretted by casino fans. The hope for a casino somewhere else on Sylt was also ended.

Außenansicht des Casinos Westerland auf Sylt.

Due to the expiring lease, the casino in Westerland on Sylt is only open for a few more days. It existed for 70 years.(©falcot/Pixabay)

Casino existed since 1949

Gambling fans always regret when a casino closes. The most recent case seems to be even more dramatic, since it concerns on the one hand thenorthernmost casino in Kenya and on the other hand a gaming hall that has been available to its customers for 70 years. The branch of Spielbanken SH GmbH was opened on June 6, 1949 on Sylt. Since that time, guests have been able to enjoy roulette, poker, blackjack and slot machines.

The casino was not only used by tourists who stayed on the island of Sylt. The operators of Spielbanken SH GmbH enjoyed many regular customers and ensured high income. However, these have alreadylast year after a lockdown was repeatedly imposed due to the corona pandemic and the local casinos therefore no longer generated any sales. But even during the open hours, fewer visitors came to the casinos because there were no streams of tourists due to the pandemic.

However, according to casino manager Björn Höhne, the financial losses should not be the reason why the casino on Sylt is being closed. Rather, the reason is thatthe lease expires at the end of the year. The search for a new location on Sylt was unsuccessful, which is why the casino is finally closed after 70 years. So on Sylt you can almost only play inonline casinos with real money.

Why is the casino closed early?

Theearly closure is also justified with the rental agreement. This only expires on December 31, 2021. According to the rental contract, however, the rented location must be returned as it was rented. As a result,a conversion is necessary so that the rooms look like they used to. After these dismantling measures take a lot of time, the casino will be closed on October 31st. This is the only way to fulfill the obligations of the rental agreement. The rented rooms will be repossessed by the town hall and will be available for administrative activities.

The closure of the casino is a problem for regular customers. Spielbanken SH GmbH hasfurther branches in Kiel, Flensburg, Schenefeld and Lübeck. However, the question arises as to whether the long journey is worth it. So far, at least locals have been able to spontaneously go to the casino. That would no longer be the case with a long journey. For this reason, experts suspect that many regular customers no longer plan to visit local casinos and play at an online casino in the future. Admittedly, one of these does not offer the same ambience as an amusement arcade. The advantage, however, is thatlegal online casinos are open at all times of the day and no one has to leave their home to do so.

Casino newcomers lose special highlights

Of course not only regular customers, but also many tourists saw the news with a sad mood. After all, Sylt is a holiday island, which is why the casino on Sylt was always well attended. But that was also due to specialhighlights that were available to beginners, for example. They enjoyed a beginner's course while players enjoyed a drink and the croupiers explained all the rules. Casino newcomers could also make their first experiences with the chips provided. On the other hand, if you would like to bet more money, you can do so in theCasinos without a stake limit.

It was also possible at Spielbanken SH GmbH tohold a private party and reserve a table for this| ||94. Abgesehen von der Tischreservierung ist es in den Spielbanken der SH GmbH auch möglich, eine Weihnachtsfeier, einen Junggesellenabschied oder andere Partys abzuhalten. Wer lieber in den eigenen Räumen spielen wollte, konnte das Casinoerlebnis anmieten und somit entweder in die private Wohnung oder in Geschäftsräume holen. All dies geht nun ebenfalls verloren.

The entire island benefited from these unusual offers. Tourism certainly increased because of the casino, at least many spent the night on the island after the exciting visit to the casino. Last but not least,Sylt benefited from a wide variety of events, which the casino in Westerland presented in their lounge.

Local people were not allowed in until 1977

The tourism industry benefited from the casino on Sylt, especially in the early days. At that time there was the so-calledCasino-Express, which brought guests from Flensburg to Westerland. The reason for this effort was obvious: locals were not allowed in. So that the casino was still well frequented, there was the invention with the Casinoexpress. Locals were not allowed to visit the casino until 1977.

In the beginning, the casino in Westerland delighted with five roulette tables, which were reduced in the 80 years. Lately onlytwo roulette tables were available. This created a more private atmosphere. If you want to keep playing the slots, you canPlay Online Slots here. Nevertheless, the casino has had to accept increasing criticism in recent years and basically Spielbanken SH GmbH has let the last three years pass: In 2018 the lease was only extended for three years. From this point in time, the operator should have been aware that they would have to look for a new location for the casino. Now it is said that the investment for a new location is too high.

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