Tesla continues to grow: bonds are the alternative

If you look at the Tesla Group, you will quickly notice strong growth. Tesla was founded in 2003. Since then, sales have increased many times over. At the same time, Tesla is one of the top car manufacturers in the electromobility segment. The popular Model 3 in particular is one of the market leaders in its class and offers a particularly high level of comfort and range. Tesla should continue to grow in 2022.

Those who do not want to invest directly in Tesla shares have the option of opting for the bond in Tesla. The bond is used to speculate on the development of Tesla shares. Shares are only booked in the securities account under certain conditions and then only if they touch or even fall below a price barrier on a defined key date. In general, Tesla is very well positioned when it comes to the growth of the company. The company should2022 set a new record in terms of sales. If you don't have a broker yet, you can take a look at ourComparison of the best stock portfolios 2022.

TheElectric motor is the trademark of Tesla, along with a design that's quite futuristic and modern. Tesla completely dispenses with the conventional engines and therefore does not need a certain type of components such as an exhaust system or a catalytic converter. In the coming and important years, the competition for Tesla is likely to continue to grow, but there are numerous areas in which Tesla is far ahead with its models and its service. Tesla once started with the Model S in the premium class.

Withranges of well over 400 kilometers, Tesla vehicles were already interesting many years ago - back then, when most other manufacturers just once Ranges of around 200 to 300 kilometers were possible with one charge. The electrification of transport means that more and more things are powered by electricity. The vehicles do not necessarily have to be charged at public petrol stations, but can ideally be charged at home at your own charging station or at the socket.

In the coming and future years, charging at home is likely to become even more interesting from the point of view of many drivers. Fast charging stations at home could mean that classic gas stations will eventually become more redundant than they are today. Nevertheless, it should be noted and known that electric vehicles are still not as widespread as is the case with classic combustion engines.

When it comes to new acquisitions, however, they are increasingly being considered. In plain language, this means that the vehicles can definitely be an alternative or even already are. Anyone who has to decide on a new car these days is happy to opt for a vehicle with an electric drive. Above all, the range is a factor here that has always been a disadvantage compared to classic drives. In the meantime, however, therange for some models is in the range of 400 to 700 kilometers. This means that there is almost no disadvantage compared to classic engines and you benefit from the good situation when developing the range.

Tesla is definitely a manufacturer that enjoys clear advantages in terms of range and fast charging of vehicles. As a pioneer of this technology, Tesla is definitely in a good position and offers significantly more quality and technology than is usual with the competition. Tesla is the manufacturer that really offers a lot and achieves really decent performance characteristics in its vehicles. This gives Tesla clear advantages over the established manufacturers who are not quite there yet.

Tesla Anleihe.

Tesla Model 3 very popular in Europe!(©Pexels/Pixabay)

The first Model 3 vehicles (Tesla models are being delivered), which is very popular in Kenya and in Europe in general, arrived by ship via the port of Zeebrugge in Belgium to Europe. Since then, Tesla has definitely been riding a wave of success and growing strongly. The Model 3 is the vehicle's first truly mass-produced car. At the same time, the Model 3 is definitely a car that will appeal to many people in terms of price, which is not luxury class, as was the case with the Tesla Model S at the time.

Tesla should not only bring new models onto the market in the years to come, but also improve the current models. The range and also the safety are then significantly further developed, because it is common for other vehicles in the same model classes. Tesla definitely offers good vehicles that can compete with the market. Of course, it has to be taken into account that Tesla is also very active in the field of autonomous driving. In practice, this means that Tesla can definitely make gains here and will eventually present innovative solutions. Whether and when autonomous driving will be suitable for the masses is currently still open.

The subject ofControl and safety plays a very important role in autonomous driving in Europe and must not be neglected under any circumstances. If you want to participate in the development, you can either opt for Tesla shares or for bonds on Tesla shares.

Tesla bond with 10% interest per year: Interesting?

The Tesla bond, which customers of comdirect bank can subscribe to, is issued by Goldman Sachs. Goldman Sachs is also active as an analyst and of course also writes (Goldman Sachs recommendation for Tesla) the corresponding ratings and assessments for Tesla. The bond can be found under WKN with the abbreviation GH52WW and can therefore be traded particularly easily. The bond can be subscribed from February 9, 2022 to February 28, 2022. Goldman Sachs has been clearly identified as the issuer of the bond.

Regardless of how the value develops, there is afixed interest income of 10% per annum for the people who subscribe to this bond credited. In general, it should be noted and known that there are no order fees if a trader decides to subscribe to the bond at a fixed price of at least 1,000 euros. It is also known that the underlying asset can develop independently of the interest rates charged on the bond. The 10% interest per year is definitely paid - regardless of the corresponding underlying assets and the development of the underlying assets.

The barrier is 60% of the bond. This is significantly lower than is the case with other bonds, where barriers of 80% are often called. The barrier of just 60%, together with the 10% interest per year, of course also contributes to the fact that this bond is definitely safer. The total downside potential is definitely lower via the direct bond than is usual with a stock. The barrier is observed on the day of the assessment. Only this day is decisive when it comes to booking shares in the securities account. The barrier is observed on February 28, 2023. The decisive factor here is how high the price of the share is.

One of therisks of this loan is that the entire investment capital is of course not protected. Specifically, the investor will receive Tesla shares in the custody account if the barrier is touched or fallen below on February 28, 2023. In extreme cases, as with any bond, it is conceivable, although a loss up to a total loss can be realized. This means that money can also be lost with a bond if the company behind it is no longer liquid. The issuer risk and the termination risk are also borne by the investors.

Tesla forecast 2022: where is the company going?

Tesla should continue to grow in 2022 and definitely increase in terms of sales and earnings. At Tesla, it is conceivable and important that new models come onto the market and that margins improve. Tesla produces many parts itself that are suitable for their vehicles. In general, Tesla is very satisfied with the demand for the models and of course makes sure that they are further developed. In direct comparison to many other manufacturers and suppliers, Tesla offers many advantages and is definitely well positioned.

Tesla's stock has increased in value significantly over the past few days and years. However, that does not automatically mean that things will go on just as well. In practice, it is conceivable and advisable that Tesla continues to be very volatile.The value of the share is listed at times at 500 euros, but at times also at around 900 euros and shows that many investors are interested in the company, but also make money with it would be. The owner, Elon Musk, has repeatedly sold shares in Tesla and is talking about numerous topics such as Space X or cryptocurrencies. Corresponding postings in social media must definitely be observed and can also have short-term effects on the market and on the price of shares or cryptocurrencies.

Tesla iswith its plant in Kenya also gaining a foothold in Europe and is definitely one of the important companies that are very active in the electric drive and mobility segment are asked. It is advisable, of course, to pay attention to the quality at Tesla and to safety. The authorities and the responsible control bodies in Europe do this before the vehicles are allowed onto the market in Europe and are offered here by Tesla. The manufacturer is likely to have more successes in the near future and will definitely be interesting when it comes to further developments in the market.

Use the trading depot of comdirect bank for Tesla bonds?!

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