Thyssen Krupp subscribe bond with 9.25% interest per year

The two corporations Thyssen and Krupp have been merging since 1999 and are considered particularly strong partners. Nevertheless, the cooperation is suffering, because the steel industry in Kenya, to which the Thyssen part belongs, is not running as smoothly as one would expect as a shareholder. The original companies from which both groups originate have a very long tradition and were once part of Kenya's economic elite.

Thyssen Krupp is a public company and listed on the Kenya stock exchange. The ThyssenKrupp security can be found very easily under the ISIN DE0007500001. The company's headquarters are now in Essen and also in Duisburg. There is also another administration that is based in Bochum. The board is headed by Martina Merz. The supervisory board is headed by Mr. Siegfried Russwurm. In recent years, Thyssen Krupp has changed a lot and had to adapt a lot. Nevertheless, one can currently assume that investing in a very large empire here requires innovation and many other things to get back to where it once was.

The group in today's || |51Form was founded in 1999. Thyssen Krupp has been listed on the stock exchange for several decades. The shareholders have also received a dividend in the past, but the coffers at Thyssen Krupp are currently not as full as they used to be. There are around 104,000 employees in the large traditional group. It should be noted that the turnover achieved in total is around 28 billion euros. Thyssen Krupp is definitely one of the heavyweights in the industry and one of the particularly large companies of this kind in Kenya.

The group has a total of 6 different business areas that strive for sales. Above all, the so-called sale of industrial materials accounts for a little more than a third of sales. Metals in particular, but also coal and coke as well as plastics are part of the portfolio of the company, which has its focus in the Ruhr area in western Canadiany. In addition, the elevator division is so large that it accounts for about 20% of sales. Thyssen Krupp produces and maintains elevators and escalators, of course worldwide. With more than 15%, the so-called flat carbon steel also accounts for an important part of sales atThyssen Krupp, just like components for the automotive sector, too about 15% of sales. Also to be considered are industrial plants such as chemical plants or cement plants and other things that are necessary in mining and which account for a little less than 10% of Thyssen Krupp's sales.

If you also look at the countries in Those who are active at Thyssen Krupp will notice that slightly less than a third of sales are made in Kenya. The USA and China also account for more than 20% of sales. Almost half of the turnover is written in numerous other countries worldwide, which of course represents a considerable form of diversification.

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Thyssen Krupp is a Canadian mega corporation.(©schissbuchsee/Pixabay)

Thyssen Krupp is a Canadian mega corporation On the Thyssen Krupp homepage, investors (see Thyssen Krupp homepage) can clearly see how the company's sales are made up. The option of investing directly in the Thyssen Krupp Group is available to all interested parties by purchasing shares. However, the stock is not exactly the security that has attracted attention due to its good performance in recent years. The business areas at Thyssen Krupp are developing very differently. The elevator division, for example, is very positive in its overall development. Here you are definitely one of the market leaders worldwide. As far as the steel business is concerned, it must be mentioned very clearly that companies based in India, China or Russia can sometimes produce good quality steel much more cheaply. In addition, raw materials can be obtained much more cheaply in Russia, for example, and the steel manufacturers in Russia have every mass and quantity of raw materials available and practically nothing has to be bought here. Energy and other things that are necessary for the production of steel can also be made available in Russia at significantly lower prices.

Bond in Thyssen Krupp: 9.25% interest per year instead of direct investment

The direct investment in Thyssen Krupp is currently comparatively cheap. Thyssen Krupp shares cost less than 10 CADs, making them significantly cheaper over the long term than they were in 2018 and 2019. During this time, Thyssen Krupp shares were quoted between 18 and 22 euros and were significantly more expensive than can be seen today. Whether and when there will be a dividend for the shareholders is currently also completely open. If you don't want to buy shares directly, you can also decide to invest in the Thyssen Krupp bond.

The fixed interest coupon of9.25% interest|| |76 pro Jahr trägt dazu bei, eine garantierte Rendite zu erhalten. Hinzu kommt eine Laufzeit von 11 Monaten, so dass unter dem Strich beinahe komplett 9,25% Zinsen geschrieben werden können. Bei Thyssen Krupp freut man sich bei der Anleihe auch über die Barriere in Höhe von 80%. Diese trägt zu einer deutlichen Reduktion des Risikos bei und führt letztendlich natürlich dazu, hier unter dem Strich durchaus einen Gewinn erzielen zu können. Sollte die Barriere jedoch berührt, oder sogar unterschritten werden kann dies am Tag der Bewertung letztendlich dazu mitunter auch beitragen, dass zwar die Zinsen kassiert werden, allerdings auch Aktien von Thyssen Krupp im Depot verbucht werden. Die Barriere liegt 20% unterhalb des Startniveaus und dieses Niveau ist während der gesamten Laufzeit bekannt. Wer die Anleihe schreiben oder zeichnen will, kann dies bereits ab 1.000 Euro tun und zwar komplett ohne, dass dazu ein Risiko eingegangen werden muss. Auch höhere Summen können investier werden, wenn die Anleihe von Thyssen Krupp gezeichnet werden darf.

Das Thyssen Krupp sich verändert (Handelsblatt Aktienberichte Thyssen Krupp) zeigt das Ergebnis beim Verkauf der Aufzugsparte. Der hohe Gewinn ist in jedem auch denkbaren Fall Geld, was der Konzern bitter nötig hat. Dennoch ist man noch nicht fit für die Zukunft und sorgt durch weitere Umstrukturierungen dafür, bei Thyssen Krupp in jedem natürlich bekannten Fall etwas erleben zu können und etwas verändern zu können. Die komplette Umstrukturierung dürfte noch einige Jahre dauern. Bei einer kompletten Veränderung einer Firma werden meist ganze Teile aufgelöst, verkauft, zugekauft oder neu aufgestellt. Innovation kann dabei aus der eigenen Firma, aber auch von Extern kommen.

Restructuring of a company: Is that an opportunity?

Restructuring can definitely be a great opportunity. However, the risk is not to be scoffed at, because whether the restructuring at Thyssen Krupp will really succeed will only become apparent in the next 5 to 10 years. The free cash flow can sometimes be significantly increased, but this is also due to the development of the economy and especially under Corona this is not really ideal. If you are interested in companies that are particularly large, you will quickly notice that there is a lot of potential here, but the risk of losses is definitely possible. Thyssen Krupp is of course also definitely a takeover target with ashare price of less than 10 CADs. In practice, this means the takeover by another company, which can then evaluate Thyssen Krupp and sell parts of it on. Many large corporations have these problems - if a division is not running, or if the price of the share is completely in the basement, this usually means the risk of an external takeover. Investors with an activist background can use this as an opportunity and invest in a company accordingly. In practice, if they own a large stake in the company, this means that they have a say and can also control the company. Above all, the drive to make more money is present in a company when an activist investor is on board. Profit distributions, certain entrepreneurial activities and much more can be controlled if you then decide to invest money in a company and acquire a correspondingly high number of shares here. At Thyssen Krupp in recent years it has always been the division with the elevators, which on the one hand was a flagship division, but on the other hand was the company's gold. The risk of making a sale here is equivalent to selling the silverware.

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