Thyssenkrupp bond with 10% interest pa

Bonds are part of the fixed portfolio of comdirect Bank . Traders can buy and sell numerous reverse convertibles. Approximately 3 to 4 bonds are available through promotions each month. There is even 10% interest per year on the current Thyssenkrupp bond with a term of exactly 12 months, which is very attractive.

The Thyssenkrupp company has been in crisis for several years. The then powerful and large steel company Thyssenkrupp is no longer what it used to be. The company is hardly as big as it was 50 to 100 years ago.Today the company is divided into several parts. The elevator division in particular is currently very large and in demand. In the steel sector, there was still the possibility of starting a merger with Tata Steel from India, but this was denied and could not be realized.

The price of theThyssenkrupp share has come under massive pressure in recent years. This means that the price per share is much lower than it was in 2005 or 2010, for example. In 2020, the price per share even slipped to a level of just 3 to 5 euros, which is much lower than it is today in June 2021 at 9 to 10 CADs. In general, the Thyssenkrupp share is in demand, but of course offers a lot of risks. The steel sector is having a hard time at the moment because competition from Russia as well as from China and India is pushing down prices.

The fact is that Thyssenkrupp will probably continue to have problems in the future. If you don't dare to invest directly in the company, but want to invest in bonds, for example, you may be in a safer position. Abond with 10% interest per year is currently being offered to customers at the comdirect bank. This bond could definitely be interesting if you decide not to invest directly in Thyssenkrupp, but are still looking for an attractive yield and believe in a positive development of the company.

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Thyssenkrupp is having trouble with the change in the steel industry.(©️PIX1861/Pixabay)

Basically, the share price is on the mend. This is probably also due to the fact that the global economy will grow strongly everywhere. Anyone interested in Thyssenkrupp will find that sentiment towards the company remains poor and many shareholders are not exactly enthusiastic about investing here.

From a sum of 1,000 euros, the bond can be subscribed to Thyssenkrupp. The term is 12 months and it is conceivable that one profits from the barrierin the amount of 80%. In general, you have the great advantage that you can only have Thyssenkrupp shares in your portfolio on the day of the valuation. This means that if the share price touches the 80% barrier on the day of the valuation, or falls below it, Thyssenkrupp shares are placed in the deposit instead of money. The 10% interest per year will definitely be credited.

The date of determination is June 21, 2021. On this day the barrier will be determined. The day of the decision is June 21, 2022. On this day, a decision will be made as to whether shares will be booked into the securities account or whether the money and interest will be credited.

Shares from the steel sector – can investments be worthwhile?

The steel sector, to which Thyssenkrupp still belongs, has been hit hard. Although the global demand for steel is still there, there are numerous companies from Eastern Europe and Asia that are trumping with low prices. Anyone who looks at the information about Thyssenkrupp (see Thyssenkrupp Investor Relations) will notice that a lot is happening in the company right now. Especiallythe topic of green steel plays an important role. The steel companies are now trying to produce steel in a very environmentally friendly way. In practice, the focus is on environmental protection. To what extent this can be implemented in the energy-intensive steel industry is not so easy to say.

At Thyssenkrupp you always have to manage the balancing act betweenquality and price pressure. Although the company is able to produce particularly high-quality steel according to the relevant standards, it also has to charge certain prices to do so. It is quite possible that steel from other countries, also with good quality, will put pressure on prices and thus ensure that prices can fall sharply. Prices play a particularly important role in the steel industry.

In Eastern Europe, it is mainly companies from Russia such as NLKM, Evraz or Severstal that can offer correspondingly good prices and where the quality is right. The fact is thatSteel from Russia is in demand all over the world and definitely creates a good atmosphere among investors. In addition, the steel companies from Russia would like to pay their shareholders a correspondingly high and attractive dividend.

Nippon Steel, Hebei, Shagang Group or the China Baowu Steel Group represent the largest steel companies in the world based in China. These companies account for a large part of the world steel production and are able to special to produce at low prices.

Dividend perspective in the steel sector – what is paid?

The steel sector is sometimes considered to be happy to pay dividends. This is especially true when investments are made in the right countries. Thyssenkrupp stopped paying dividends some time ago for financial reasons. This means that the shareholders no longer participate in the company's profits. The Evraz steel group definitely gives its investors a large share in the company's profits. The dividend can be viewed on the company website (Evraz investors are happy about the dividend policy). Evraz is one of the particularly large and well-positioned steel groups in Russia, but also in other countries. The fact is that the shareholders could definitely count on10% return per year from the dividend in the past few years.

The return from the dividend should definitely be very attractive in the coming years. This means that 6 to 10% per year can definitely be expected. Things look similarly attractive for the other Russian steel companies. The companies NLKM and Severstal are known for making three to four distributions a year. During the 2020 crisis, shares in the companies could be bought more than cheaply. These are so-called ADRs, which means thatthe securities are held in the USA. In terms of taxes, the same duties are paid as would be the case for other stocks in the USA.

Steel production in Russia has grown significantly in recent years. Since Russia is running through a major infrastructure program, it is conceivable that the steel sector will continue to be in high demand in the years to come. In addition, some well-known steel producers in Russia have cooperations, e.g. with theautomotive sector in Kenya. Steel in various categories and classes is used not only in the automotive industry, but also in numerous other manufacturing industries. For this reason, the demand for steel is high worldwide.

Steel is in demand not only in Russia but also in China and will become even more so in the coming years. Both countries have extensive deposits of raw materials, so that steel can also be produced cheaply in the future.

Trading steel shares via comdirect bank – does that work?

Customers who choose comdirect bank can buy steel shares with little effort. Titles from Kenya, ADRs from Russia and shares from China can be traded without any problems. Theonline depot of comdirect Bank is much broader than is often the case with other brokers and banks. This is because comdirect Bank offers both on-exchange and over-the-counter trading.

Furthermore, comdirect Bank offers the option of buying and selling via a wide variety of trading venues. Stock selection is likely to continue to grow in the coming years. Savings plans can be drawn on a wide variety of products. stocks, but alsoETFs and funds can be used for savings plans. The selection of products is more than large and is also growing strongly here. In the funds segment, there are more than 10,000 different funds that can be purchased. Savings plans can be subscribed from as little as 25 euros per version.

Savings products are now being used by a particularly large number of comdirect Bank customers. This means that amounts are paid into a specific product on a regular basis. The selection ofsavings products should definitely be increased in the coming years. This is also because savings products will continue to evolve and demand will change.

With comdirect Bank, customers can also benefit from the fact that savings products can also be used in addition to classic share accounts. Call money accounts as well as current accounts and credit offers are also part of the range of services offered by comdirect Bank customers. The choice will definitely increase in the future. It must also be mentioned that comdirect Bank is one of the rapidly growing banks in various sectors. The bank is particularly versatile and offersa lot of advantages. In the long term, the bank is perfect to work with and, above all, the service is impressive.

The bank offers a24/7 service via live chat or by phone. A callback service can also be used, also free of charge. Contact by e-mail is also possible with comdirect Bank and customers and interested persons usually receive answers particularly quickly |135

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