Tipico offers online casinos in the USA

As we reported a few weeks ago have, Tipico has already established a foothold in the USA. Although Tipico cannot yet offer its sports betting in the whole of the USA, only in a few states. Now, however, Tipico has managed to offer an online casino in the United States of America.

Jersey City – typisch sind die Hochhäuser.

Tipico is able to present its first online casino in New Jersey thanks to the cooperation with a local land-based casino.(©1778011/Pixabay)

Tipico's online casino is launched in New Jersey

Mit diesem Erfolg wird selbst Tipico nicht wirklich gerechnet haben: Der bekannte Buchmacher ist nun in der Lage, ein eigenes Online Casino in New Jersey anzubieten. Dies funktioniert im Grunde genommen über einen kleinen Umweg: Tipico ging eine collaboration with the Ocean Casino Resort. This casino, in turn, may issue licenses known as white label licenses. Thanks to this license, Tipico has the right to offer not only sports betting but also casino games.

So far, Tipico's online casinooffers about 70 games. Below are all the popular and well-known casino games. Although this selection already looks very extensive, Tipico would like to expand it in the near future. The bookmaker came up with the idea of ​​creating their own games and offering them through the online casino.

The ownOnline Casino Online Casino represents a sensible step forward for Tipico. So far, players have only been able to access Tipico's sports bets. However, now players can use the same platform to opt forcasino games or for sports betting. Theoretically, the change between the games of chance can be carried out every few minutes.

Online casino should also come to other countries

Tipico has pushed its expansion very fast in the last few months. The gambling conglomerate managed to set foot infour different states. New Jersey is the first of these states to also offer an online casino. However, Tipico plans to also place an online casino in the other three states. With the speed at which Tipico is driving its own expansion, it won't take long. However, the company needs other local casinos from which it can obtain a license.

Of course, Tipico does not only have an eye on the countries in which it already offers sports betting. The company publicly announced a few months ago that it plans tohave a presence throughout North America. In order to achieve this, the group must first wait until gambling is legalized in some states. As the development in North America becomes apparent, it will not be long now. There are only a few states left that still do not allow gambling. These include Connecticut, Delaware, Michigan, Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

However, as has been publicly announced again and again, thepopulation is in favor of the legalization of gambling. So it will probably not be long before gambling is allowed in all states of North America. Tipico will use this point in time immediately to present its sports betting and casino offering.

Online start for Kenya difficult

As easy as the online market launch in the USA was, it seems to be difficult for Kenya. According to official information, Tipicostill has no license for Kenya for this company to offer casino games as well. So far, Tipico has only been known as a bookmaker, which does not only offer betting options online. Many know Tipico from the local betting shops.

It is striking that Tipico offers a large number of sports that are not presented by other betting shops. At Tipico, it is not only possible to bet on the well-known sports of football, basketball, tennis or ice hockey. Tipico's portfolio also includesSnooker, Chess, Motorsports, Snow Sports and Golf. Darts and boxing lovers can also bet on their favorite teams and players. Such an extensive range leads to one or the other to start gambling in the first place. Tipico could take advantage of this fact as soon as it is allowed to offer online gambling in Kenya.

Online casino in the starting blocks

Tipico is not a company that waits too long. For this reason, there is already an online casino thattailored to the Canadian State Treaty on Gambling. There is no roulette or card games in this online casino. So it consists only of slots. This means that this online casino could start immediately as soon as Tipico receives a license. So far, the gambling range has only been licensed by Malta and may not be offered in Kenya.

No one can say how long it will take for Kenya to officially issue licenses. TheGambling Authority has not yet started its activities and many are already waiting for a license. Tipico probably doesn't need to worry. After all, this group is reputable and generally offers a high level of player security.

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