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As a broker, ayondo is now very popular and not only active in Kenya. The traders come from numerous countries. Further markets are to be opened up in the future and further growth is to be achieved at ayondo. In general, the company is well positioned and has significantly expanded the trading portfolio.

One positive thing to note is that you can learn a lot at ayondo. There are numerous training courses and tutorials that can help you get to know ayondo. At the same time, you also learn how trading itself works. This means that you can go through a kind of trader training. Here you learn how Forex trading works and can better assess individual trading options. Especially when it comes to assessing the risk, it is possible that as a top trader at ayondo you understand a lot more than is the case with other brokers. During the Top Trader training you go through 5 levels and can ultimately receive high remuneration and commissions with a large number of followers.

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Basically, forex trading has become more and more popular in recent years. This means that more and more traders are choosing to gain experience in this type of trading. It should be taken into account that forex trading is of course associated with an increased risk. This means that in any case you run an increased risk of loss that is not so easy to overlook. In the areaForex Trading you should make sure that you really understand something about the subject before you become active as a trader. Free demo accounts and training can help to acquire knowledge in the field of forex trading. It should be taken into account that it usually takes more than a week to understand how Forex trading works and what can be achieved and tried out with it.

What can I trade with ayondo and how secure is the broker?

Regulation at ayondo is due to the company's headquarters in Great Britain by theFCA| ||65 vollzogen. Das bedeutet, dass man in jedem Fall davon ausgehen kann, dass hier alles mit rechten Dingen zugeht. Der Broker ayondo differenziert sich damit deutlich von allen Brokern, die zum Beispiel Offshore ihren Sitz haben und die nicht innerhalb der EU arbeiten und aktiv werden. Aus diesem Grund ist es wichtig, sich im Vorfeld anzuschauen, wo der Broker seinen Sitz hat und wie er reguliert wird.

The commercial offer at ayondo is already very extensive and is likely to be further expanded in the coming months. This means that it can be assumed that new trading instruments and also new underlying assets will be included. If you are interested in ayondo, you should know that you can use over 1,200 different base values ​​with the broker without any problems. Stocks in particular are often used for Forex trading as well as forCFD trading. In addition, it is possible that one can use commodities and also currency pairs when looking for underlying assets in trading. ETF trading and the less well-known ETC trading have also been offered via ayondo for a long time. All trading can be carried out via software, or with a smartphone via Android or via the iPhone app.

Compared to many other brokers, ayondo is in any case very well positioned. This means that you can exercise significantly more options with this broker than is the case with many competitors. Anyone who is interested in trading at ayondo will find that you can quickly become active in trading and quickly get an overview of which underlying assets can be used for which options.

The ayondo trading account – how can I use it?

Anyone who has opened a trading account with ayondo must first deposit money so that they can also participate in trading. This means that one has to make a referral in order to be able to trade. With ayondo, transfers can be made via many classic, but also via modern and digital service providers. This means that you can deposit money into the ayondo account with a Visa credit card or a MasterCard credit card, for example. You can also deposit money via Maestro or a classic bank transfer. In addition, it is possible that you can of course also have money deposited via digital payment service providers.

There is no minimum deposit information. If you decide to deposit the money by credit card, you should expect to pay a 2% fee. The account can be managed with ayondo in thecurrencies Euro as well as British Pounds or US Dollars. Of course, it is also possible to have an account in Swiss francs or Swedish kronor. Anyone who has opened the account can initiate a withdrawal via the same methods as was the case with the deposit without any problems. The provider ayondo offers similar options for account management and payment methods as is the case with most brokers of this type.

What risk do I take in forex trading?

Basically, it should be mentioned that one should not underestimate the risk as a trader in forex trading. It is not for nothing that there are statistics that assume that more than 70% of all traders in Forex trading experience losses. This is mainly due to the fact that newcomers to the stock market like to invest money without knowing what risk they are taking. The fact is that you can quickly suffer a total loss, especially with Forex products. If so-calledleverage products are subscribed, it is possible that the profit can be multiplied, but the loss can also be significantly increased just as quickly. This means that with a lever that develops unfavorably, you can quickly make a multiple of the loss.

In order to get to know Forex trading, it is recommended that you deal with it in any case, for example how everything works and what opportunities and risks there are. In concrete terms, this means that you read through numerous areas, tutorials and FAQ lists on the ayondo homepage. However, the best way to learn how to trade is through your own experience. However, these do not necessarily have to be done in such a way that you risk a lot of money. With a free demo account, for example, it is possible to get to know and try something out in any case. The big advantage of a demo account is that you don't take any risks here, since you are trading with a virtual balance. So you can try trading with leverage with virtual money, for example. If you want to know how a 1:10 leverage works, you can easily gain experience with a demo account.

Traders need good limits for trading?

Another tip for trading securities is also useful: Traders should set themselves limits. Especially withForex trading you can always get into the situation that you want to add money or deposit new credit. Anyone who is active in trading here should set a specific limit for each month that they want to invest. This means being careful not to invest too much money in stocks and forex products. There should always be a certain buffer to live on when investing in securities. Alternatively, it can quickly happen that when you experience losses, you are quickly inclined to invest even more money in shares or in Forex products and end up losing even more money. In the long term, traders need a lot of experience so that there are no problems and so that you can achieve really good results in trading.

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