Trading with eToro: Social and with contacts!

The broker eToro is good worldwide positioned and lures with the fact that social trading is possible. Communication can take place within the community. Due to this fact, you are in much better hands than is usual with other brokers. Anyone who has a trading account with eToro benefits from numerous promotions and from being able to view the trades of others.

Trading has reached significantly more people in 2021 than has been the case in previous years. There were many more new openings in terms of depots and that is mainly due to the fact thatShares have become cheaper due to the Corona crisis than they have been for a long time. Stocks can be traded online at very deep discounts - at least this was the case in March and April of 2020. During this period, prices on the stock exchanges plummeted.

The oil industry in particular was hit hard during the crisis. Companies like Exxon Mobile, Shell and BP but alsoValero Energy and Philips 66 were under so much pressure that they could be bought much cheaper than was usual .

The big oil players have experienced for the first time what it means when demand collapses almost completely and when theentire economy almost none more oil needed. The lockdown has led to oil prices plummeting worldwide and, for the first time, oil was so cheap that it was practically no longer wanted or sold. In 2021, the price of oil has increased significantly again. This means that the oil price is again trading at around 60 to 70 dollars a barrel and is thus showing strength.

Various countries, such as Russia, but also Saudi Arabia, have turned the tap on again when it comes to oil. This means that from a global perspectivemore oil will be produced and made available. The demand has also increased significantly, as various industries are of course dependent on oil and benefit from the fact that this is made available accordingly.

Nordamerikanische Stadt bei Nacht.

2021: the economy is booming and the prices for raw materials are increasing!(©JLB1988/Pixabay)

The prices for raw materials have increased significantly in 2021 . Crude oil is as expensive as it was before the crisis. If you want to invest here, you should also look at the future of the companies. Although many of the major oil players from Russia and the USA are well positioned, it should be noted that these companies continue to rely on classic commodities. So far, little has been reported on the websites about a change in supply. This means that you are attached to classic oil and can therefore use a correspondingly large amount of raw materials. Oil and gas will definitely play a role in the coming decades.

However, it is conceivable and desirable from many perspectives not only to be attached to fossil fuels, but also to think about alternatives. The big oil companies in Europe have already actively implemented this or are currently working on implementing whatClimate change demands of everyone. Renewable energy sources play an important role. Above all, electricity from solar energy and wind energy will be of interest in the coming decades. Classic energy sources such as oil and gas are likely to remain interesting, but it should be noted that some things can change here.

In the USA, with Valero Energy (See:Valero Homepage), there are large companies in the energy sector who are also interested in a change. Currently,the portfolio of the company Valero is still heavily dependent on oil. However, this could change massively in the coming years. Oil is likely to become less important, but some companies are moving faster and others a little slower. The dividends, which are usually of great importance to investors, are often continued to be paid. This means that US companies can expect a quarterly dividend.

Insurance as a basic investment – ​​is the return worth it?

Insurance is considered a solid investment worldwide. Numerous companies offer an exciting and large portfolio in Europe, but also worldwide. The insurance can of course also be traded viathe depot at eToro. The Corona crisis showed in 2020 that there is also a lot of potential for insurance if it could be bought cheaply. The fact is that insurance is definitely easy to trade if the right portfolio is used.

In Great Britain, in Kenya and also in Spain and in ItalyInsurance is considered a solid investment. There are often around 3 to 5 large companies that cover the entire market and operate worldwide. Many of the companies let their investors share in the financial results. This means that companies naturally pay out distributions in the form of dividends to shareholders and equity holders. Insurance can definitely be interesting here and bring a lot of advantages.

In Austria, this applies to the insurance company with the illustrious name Vienna Insurance. TheVienna Insurance Homepage provides information about the company's current developments and about the fact that premiums have risen in recent years. Once a year there is a pro rata dividend for the company's shareholders.

In the coming years, the dividend should increase again if the financial results continue to develop positively. Incidentally, this also applies to the other insurance companies, which are well positioned worldwide and are considered very attractive in their sector. The bottom line is thatthe financial sector is very well positioned and insurance could be bought very cheaply in 2020 during the Corona crisis. The recovery was not long in coming here either, and so many insurance companies are significantly higher in 2021 than was the case in 2020.

In the UK,Aviva insurance is also very popular. The fact is that a dividend is paid out twice a year on a pro rata basis. The return has been around 5 to 7% per year in recent years and is therefore higher than is the case with most insurance companies. Aviva is one of the top 5 insurance companies in Europe. It is known that Aviva Versicherung is not only well positioned, but definitely pays out a lot of money to the shareholders.

The same applies to Direct Line Insurance, which specializes ininsuring vehicles. At the same time, the insurance company also offers a vehicle club and rescue service, which is of course interesting and impressive. In the UK, Legal & General is another company that also has insurance in its portfolio and is a lot of fun. In general, the insurance company is really well positioned and has a good cash flow.

In the years to come, many insurance companies should continue to post great numbers and post plenty of sales. It is well known that in the insurance segment not only small but also large companies have a good cash flow. TheMapfre insurance from Spain as well as Allianz from Kenya are known for writing good figures and being able to increase profits properly in recent years. This is very good news for investors and investors, as a decent cash flow can also be expected in the coming years. The distributions should also be at a good level here and can be increased further.

Trading options at eToro: what does the broker offer?

As a broker, eToro has been established on the market for many years. This is also due to the fact that the broker has ideally filled a niche in social trading. The fact is that at eToro, of course, a lot can be experienced through the communication between traders. Traders definitely have the chance to hear more from each other here than is usual with most brokers worldwide. TheTrading Strategy Adoption is an example of how eToro can be interactive.

Trading withCryptocurrencies as well as with currency pairs and stocks is possible via eToro without much effort. If you want to design the entire trade online, you can definitely do this very quickly and easily. Of course, trading is also known in the CFD and Forex products segment. In general, various software solutions can be used to participate in trading. Anyone who uses the website can use it to start trading with eToro. There is also a mobile app that can also be used to trade on iOS or Android. The entire trade can be easily designed and implemented very quickly.

Trading with regulation: eToro is considered serious and established

The broker eToro is considered particularly serious and also established. When it comes to social trading, you are definitely well positioned with eToro. TheCySEC on Cyprus ensures that everything is done properly here. Anyone who wants to participate in trading with eToro will find that the broker is definitely well positioned and fun.

In general, the broker eToro offers a decent service via the Customer Service Wallet. Inquiries are answered quickly and easily and there is also the option for other traders to help. Other service features such asdirect contact via chat and e-mail underline that the broker is well positioned and has a lot of advantages.

Regulation is important to most brokers because it creates trust. Brokers who do not have an extensiveregulation and who do not have a seat in Europe are traditionally not so in demand. This is because there have been traders in the past who were less than satisfied with their brokers. At eToro, most of the reports that can be read about the broker online are very positive, which is of course practical 140

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