Trading with no fee promotions - Comdirect partners are flexible

Trading is available for 3 EUR .90 via the comdirect bank. The bank's no-fee campaigns mean that buying and selling is much cheaper. Traders are offered particularly attractive trading conditions here from well-known partners. With BNP Paribas and the other two partners, the selection is extremely good and impressive. Trading is to be welcomed and implemented easily and inexpensively.

With comdirect, a trader is extremely well positioned when the conditions and promotions are taken into account. The bank not only offers a broad portfolio, butgenerally good conditions. Traders benefit here from a more than broad option and of course from definitely broad profiles and strong conditions. Buying and selling shares and other forms of investment is much easier and faster to do than the competition makes it possible.

The comdirect bank is definitely recommended as a broker for every household. Of course, this means that laymen and amateurs as well as professionals can work with this broker. In theSegment ETF and Funds Trading, the bank naturally offers more modern conditions than are usual with other brokers. This is due to the strong portfolio and the wide-ranging access to the markets. This alone makes the comdirect bank definitely a candidate for interesting investments.

The entire investment sector is not only specialized in ETFs and funds, but also in other products.As part of the No Fee campaign, traders can take part in trading in a variety of ways. Societe Generale, BNP and Bank Morgan Stanley rely heavily on these trading signals and the trading options perceived by customers.

Online trading via app and Smartdesk or via online banking is one of the options that are really fun and that offer a lot of advantages. In general, all trades can be processed via the app, which is worthwhile and has many advantages. The traders can be sure that sooner or later they will benefit from the advantages that can be used as a trader.


Trading for professionals with the comdirect bank depot.(©PIX1861/Pixabay)

The trading market has developed strongly in recent months. Traders are very keen to open a custody account and start trading, i.e. buying and selling securities. Trading (see Trading Topic) is helping to get more people excited about finance and making stocks and stocks in general a topic. Young and older people are interested insecurities in general.

The selection of securities is growing every year and new companies are entering the stock exchanges. Of course, that also means a high risk, because young companies in particular or evenStart Ups definitely have a lot to tell - but also a risk that their value will fall at some point or financing will not get more lifted.

Trading 2021: Which premium partners are interesting for comdirect?

The premium partners play an extremely important role for the customers of comdirect Bank. These partners have particularly attractive conditions thatcan be used from an order volume of 1,000 euros. The fact is that BNP Paribas, Morgan Stanley and Societe Generale have very good offers for their customers. Basically, the order fee is 0 euros and this is generally very low from a volume of 1,000 euros. The NoFee promotions can be used in different months.

In 2021, theseactivities in November can definitely be used throughout the month. In any case, smaller investments of a little more than 1,000 euros can be realized very well with this process. The campaigns are easy to plan and offer enormous advantages in implementation.

Furthermore, there is a flat fee campaign for the three partners mentioned throughout the year. In any case, this action is very easy to perceive and offers the option of realizing an order of EUR 3.90 per trade.

The trading of options allows particularly good conditions in this segment. It is conceivable thatover the short or long term with options trading a great deal can be realized, of course with the right issuers. In addition to the flat-fee issuers such as BNP Paribas (see BNP Paribas), there are other offers that traders can easily follow via the comdirect bank.

The number of issuers for trading is 19. These issuers offer trading in derivatives and options. InLive Trading and also in over-the-counter trading, it is easy to become active here. Over-the-counter trading and trading in derivatives is mostly offered by established brokers. Typical neo-brokers who have not been on the market for very long have other advantages and usually only offer trading via a marketplace. It is quite conceivable to benefit from low conditions here, but usually not from a wide range of trades.

The sensible and quite complementaryalternative to derivatives and optionsare normal stocks and securities. These are acquired and left in depot for long periods of time. Dividend payments and distributions of high profits increase your own return. This puts traders and investors in a good mood when they opt for a comdirect bank depot and want to benefit from it. There is definitely a lot to be gained here over a period of several years if the right securities have been bought.

Opportunities and risks in trading derivatives and over-the-counter products

The profile of individual products needs to be well understood before trading begins. This also includes the opportunity to understand the chances of winning andindividual leverage products to examine exactly before money can be invested here. Depending on the product, it is very likely that a massively higher risk is taken than would be the case with a share. Depending on the product, total loss and strong fluctuations can be the order of the day. This means that traders have particularly high profit opportunities in mind, but the same applies to losses.

Leverage products promise particularly high profit opportunities. The chances of winning are said to be disproportionately high, but they are offset by the disproportionately high chances of loss. Traders must fully understand the rewards and risks before they can and should invest. The risk of total loss applies primarily to knock-out products, which can expire worthless.

In addition, there is the fact that issuers can of course default. The entire risk is borne hereby the investors and investors. They need to understand exactly what money they can lose and what they can gain. Shares are bought from neo-brokers and funds and ETFs are also offered. Here the chances of putting money in the sand are significantly lower when compared to derivatives and leverage products.

Trade in derivatives and leveraged products can be realized within a short period of time. Nevertheless, it is advisable to understand the individual advantages and products before investing money. This is due to the various benefits in general that can be perceived. TheQ&A offers or the FAQ lists as well as tutorials can be used with the help of the bank to build up knowledge. Traditionally, webinars also offer the opportunity to significantly strengthen one's own knowledge. Good money can only be earned with the products if they have really been understood. Alternatively, the losses usually come into the picture faster than investors would like. A loss up to a total loss is possible within a few minutes if you trade unfavorably.

Traders with a long-term orientation not only benefit from the conditions of the well-known and popular comdirectbank, but also from the offer and the service, which clearly stands out and differentiates from this bank. In general, the services provided by comdirect Bank are more than generous. The bank offers high profits and ahigh degree of transparency in their services. However, traders must definitely bring expertise and specialist knowledge with them or acquire it themselves. Traders will definitely need time and patience if they want to understand the options that can be created and exercised here.

Trading via comdirectbank with the depot - is it worth it?

Trading with shares, derivatives, options and also ETFs and funds offer a very good profile at comdirect bank. All trading can be done via the app orvia Live Depot. In general, the bank's online depot offers are of course recommended. They can be easily accessed over the net and also feature appropriate options. The depot is managed and offered free of charge for a long period of time. This period can be significantly extended, e.g. in combination with the current account.

The broker's services can be rated as very good. You benefit from the high availability that the crew of this broker shows. The hotline can be reached 24/7. This is a level of service that is definitely more convenient than what other brokers offer. In general,the broker's offer is definitely worth it if you have any questions. A live chat can also offer advantages when the broker is in demand and when, for example, questions need to be addressed in other languages. The selection of individual questions is easy to make. It is conceivable to achieve any thing by asking questions and seeking answers.

An online broker like comdirectbank offers more than just a custody account, but training and competent employees. These also help if individual products have not been understood and if you want to have questions answered. In practice, this is more than easy and the traders can help themselves as best they can if they want to look for answers. There is also a forum on the bank's website where questions can be asked and answers can be found. In the long term, the service is a convincing feature for all traders - it is definitely worth taking action here and benefiting from the advantages Keywords

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