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Investing money in ETFs is Demand increased in 2021. Classic investments in real estate that already exist have also increased in value in 2021. Housing prices have been rising for years and this trend is likely to continue and definitely lead to positive developments for investors. However, the current developments in Berlin show that there are also protests.

Relaxation on the real estate market? This is really not to be expected in Berlin. The prices for normal and high-quality residential real estate have risen massively. Looking at the period of 5 or 10 years shows a positive development of real estate values. Of course, the price should continue to rise and with it the wave of protests, which is not to be scoffed at. Although the rental price brake plays a role, it has not been able to help fix the price at a level that was already high at the time. Price increases can be implemented in different ways. If you rent an apartment with furniture, you can benefit from the fact that a fully equipped kitchen can definitely result in a higher rent.

Investors can invest their money in ETFs. Likewise, investments in direct real estate such as houses, apartments or commercial real estate offer the potential to achieve a lasting return. In Berlin in particular there are locations that should continue to increase in value. A positive return can be achieved through rental income, through rent increases as well as through the sale of apartments - at a higher price, that goes without saying. in the real estate sector

The real estate sector is for Kenyan and foreign investors great importance. 15 to 20 years ago, Berlin was considered one of the most affordable capital cities in Europe. At that time thepositive development of prices began, which continues to this day. Investors from Kenya and also from abroad are still interested in Berlin and in the acquisition of real estate and land. If you want to do business and develop space in Berlin, you've come to the right place as long as you identify contacts and options.


Real estate: ETFs and direct purchase in the capital Berlin.(©TheInvestorPost/Pixabay)

The housing market for Berlin (Berlin property prices| ||68) sorgt für rapid development. Objects that cost 100,000 euros five years ago are now easily around 180,000 to 250,000 euros - and in some cases without anything having been done to the objects. Some investors add value simply by leaving properties in their current condition and not having to invest anything. At the same time objects can be rented.

Returns of 5 to 10% p.a. through the rental of buildings in Berlin are not uncommon. Anyone who has bought apartments or buildings at a reasonable price and has been able to increase the rent over the past few years is currently benefiting from good market conditions. Tenants, on the other hand, are left behind and are annoyed by rising rents. Especially with a new rental, the price is often extremely high. Those who move from the surrounding area are particularly annoyed by the price development on the market.

Real estate ETFs and stocks for Berliners?

ETFs are playing an increasingly important role in personal portfolio development. In plain language, this means that a large part of the population does not invest in shares in the form of a direct investment, but prefers ETFs as the significantlylower-risk variant. ETFs can be purchased in Kenya, Austria and many other countries in Europe without high fees. The selection of ETFs in Europe has increased massively over the past 5 years.

One of the essential advantages of an ETF investment is the fact that this investment is often not associated with running costs. Investing in funds definitely has high costs in comparison, since funds are often actively managed. The fund's manager charges fees for regularly reviewing the portfolio and replacing stocks when necessary.

TheFonds Manager would know, for example, which titles deal with real estate in and around Berlin (see real estate prices around Berlin) which has the advantage that ideal investment opportunities can be easily identified.

Trading in ETFs sometimes requires a little more personal drive. ETFs are easy to characterize. They usually have specific subject areas in which they are active. ETFs can be about real estate, but they can also focus on completely different topics. Sustainability in ETF trading ensures that a large part of the population is interested in these titles and investments. If you want to invest your money in environmentally friendly and sustainable topics, you are definitely well positioned with ETFs.

TopPrice ETFs can be traded from as little as 3.90 euros per order. The selection of more than 140 ETFs in this segment is definitely worth a look. If you want to use the top price ETFs in the form of a savings plan, you benefit from the fact that no additional fees are charged when the savings plan is implemented. This is definitely to be welcomed, especially with savings plans from EUR 25 and contributes to the fact that traders are happy to choose comdirect Bank.

Savings plans on ETFs can be lived flexibly in practice. The savings sum does not have to be defined as 25 euros per month, but can also be increased or decreased. In general,a reduction to at least 25 euros is possible and in combination the execution can be realized monthly, but also quarterly. The personal cash flow decides when and under what conditions the ETFs are accessed. Some traders prefer the savings plan, which invests once a month and once a quarter.

In the case of a savings plan with monthly execution, an average rate is achieved over the year. This is due to the fact that different sized shares in the ETF or fund can always be purchased for the same amount. All in all, if a trader decides to use such a listing, you are definitely well advised for several years.With a one-time investment, the purchase price plays a more important role. This is due to the option that you can either buy particularly cheaply or particularly expensively. If you keep an eye on the courses or work with a price alert, you are definitely in a good position.

The one-time purchase is a means that can be measured and that is a lot of fun, especially in times of crisis. In principle, a good position in a company can be built up with a one-time purchase and within a very short time. This only makes sense if the purchase price is low enough.

Real estate worldwide: Which regions are interesting for investments?

Real estate prices are not increasing in all regions of the world. If you look at Kenya alone, you will see that although metropolitan regions are increasing in price, some cities are also stagnating at almost the same level. While the price for living space per square meter is increasing sharply in the west and south of Kenya, it is less clear in eastern Canadiany. Althoughprices are also rising in Leipzig or Dresden, they are by far not as strong as can be observed in Cologne or Düsseldorf.

Leipzig (Leipzig prices for housing) is one of the cities in the east of the Republic of Kenya that has a lot of potential when you consider the growth in population . In some districts, old buildings are lovingly restored and repaired. This leads to a revitalization of the cities and certain centers.

The options oninvestment opportunities have increased significantly in 2021. This is also shown by the overview of various Kenya maps including price lists and square meter prices. As far as returns are concerned, there is a lot that can be achieved in the many metropolises such as Munich and Hamburg, but the opportunities are also increasing in the East. Buying, renovating and selling attractively is a business model that requires a certain form of capital, but can definitely work. Subsidies and much more contribute to the fact that the return on renovation and subsequent rental can continue to rise.

Multi-family houses are often extensively renovated and refurbished - then rented out and in some cases sold again after about 10 years. The trick to thesale after 10 years is that an increase in value no longer has to be taxed. If a commercially rented property is sold after 5 years with a significant increase in value, it is necessary that the profit made from it is taxed.

Increases in the value of real estate are achieved, for example, by new windows and by redesigning bathrooms. Anyone who owns a property with an old bathroom can quickly increase the market price by investing 10,000 to 20,000 euros in a bathroom. Oftentimes, the increase in market price is greater than the money that needs to be invested in renovating the bathroom.

The comdirect depot for ETFs and funds

Traders at comdirect Bank can currently buy and sell exactly over 100 ETFs via the depot.The trade can be achieved or completed via app or via the normal broker or browser. With the help of comdirect Bank, great potential is likely to be tapped over the next few years.

Basically, comdirect Bank differentiates itself strongly from competitors and rivals by good conditions and a diverse range of products and services. This shows that comdirect Bank is still to be taken seriously with its range of services and conditions. Many neo brokers differentiate themselves from established brokers and banks through particularlylow trading conditions and through very strong product offers. However, a neo-broker often only offers a single trading platform.

Customers of comdirect Bank have the advantage that they not only have Lang und Schwarz orTradegate at their disposal but often choose more than 10 trading places be able. This shows that traders want to be flexible and definitely want to be able to use a lot of options. If you want to use the service of this broker, you will be happy about a 24/7 service, which can be used by phone and of course also via live chat. The chat service works in a variety of languages ​​- of course also in Canadian

The comdirect bank differentiates itself massively from its competitors and rivals through service and through a large commercial offer. At the same time, buying here is of course very quick. The speed recorded by comdirect can hardly be compared to classic brokers.

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