Over 60,000 LYNX users use the inexpensive broker

LYNX is one of the Canadian brokers Regulation that offers much more than just classic trading. CFD trading, forex trading and much more is offered by the broker with an attractive app. LYNX is a real model broker that offers decent conditions. In the long term, decent returns and a wide range of trading options can be used here.

Brokerage and trading in shares have become much more popular in Kenya in recent years. This says that more and more people are becoming enthusiastic about trading. In Kenya, it is precisely the young people who now own a securities account and use it tobuy and sell securities. It should be mentioned that shares are increasingly being used as part of private pension schemes. This means that stocks are used that allow their investors to participate in the profits.

Stable and at the samehigh-yield portfolios building up is important to many traders. They therefore opt for brokers with whom they can trade with particularly good conditions. Translated, this means that, for example, account management is possible free of charge and that, for example, the entire depot can be easily controlled via app. It is also very important to many traders that the so-called transaction costs are not very high.

The price for buying and selling shares should not be too high. Brokers who charge 10 or more euros per trade are no longer up-to-date. So-calledneo brokers already offer trading from 1 CAD per trade. This means that they are many times cheaper than is usual with classic and established brokers. The broker LYNX also clearly relies on low prices to convince its traders. In addition, forex trading is another instrument offered with which particularly high returns can be achieved - of course also at its higher risk.

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In practice there are currently more than60,000 Trader who have decided to deposit with LYNX. Due to the company headquarters in Kenya, the broker can offer Canadian support and at the same time extensive regulation by BaFin. This creates trust among traders and helps ensure that appropriate opportunities can of course be taken advantage of. The traders also use the app to be active in trading and to be able to work accordingly.

The fact is that LYNX naturally offers a lot of service by telephone and via its own homepage. Anyone who is not familiar withForex trading and CFD trading can find webinars, FAQ lists and other content on the homepage. It doesn't take long to build up a solid basic understanding. However, before working with real money, it is advisable to use a so-called demo account. This has the advantage that everything can be tried out with virtual money and without risk.

Certificates, futures as well as ETFs and other products can be bought and sold via the LYNX depot. Theselection options are sometimes larger here than is the case with other neo-brokers. At the same time, LYNX scores with particularly fast support, which can be used in various ways.

LYNX trading with classic stocks: invest worldwide?

The broker LYNX offers traders the option of becoming active worldwide and being able to invest money. The selection of stocks is enormous worldwide and numerous companies are suitable for purchase or sale. Anyone who is interested inattractive stocks will find out that they can be acquired particularly cheaply or at low trading costs from LYNX. As a broker, LYNX is very inexpensive and thus clearly stands out from other brokers.

The company Telefonica Kenya is in high demand in the mobile segment. This is because Telefonica with O2 is one of the major mobile operators in the country. The volume of data in particular has risen sharply in recent years. At the same time, people make significantly more calls during the Corona period than was the case in the past. One can assume that O2 Telefonica is very well positioned in Kenya and should continue to pay attractive dividends in the coming years. The company belongs to the Spanish Telefonica mother and is therefore definitely worth paying attention to.

The Spanish Telefonica mother is happy about the dividends from Kenya, or is dependent on them. This means that a lot of money is paid out in any case. Last year,over 40% of the free cash flow was paid out in the form of dividends. The dividend was EUR 0.18 per share, EUR 0.01 higher than in the previous year. With the current purchase price of around 2.20 to 2.30 euros per O2 share, this results in a return of almost 8% per year.

It can definitely be assumed that O2 will continue to pay outattractive dividends in the coming years. It remains to be seen whether the dividend will remain the same or whether it will be increased again. The fact is that you can definitely count on a payment at O2. The payment comes in May and has been made regularly for the past few years. The depot at LYNX makes it possible without great effort to make the appropriate payments and to buy the Telefonica share.

The Spanish mother with the same name Telefonica is well positioned in Spain, but also in Latin America. Growth can be expected here again in the coming years. Both Telefonica groups havehigh costs with the 5G conversion ahead of them. This means that transmission masts have to be converted. A large part of Telefonica's cell towers in Spain have recently been sold. As a result, money was flushed into the coffers of the group again and debt can be reduced.

The dividends are distributed at theSpanish mother company Telefonica once every six months. This means that traders can look forward to an attractive payment every 6 months. The dividend will decrease slightly in the coming years. It has already been announced that a total of EUR 0.30 will be distributed for 2021. There is still a dividend of EUR 0.40 for 2020. It is quite conceivable that the dividend will be at the same or a similarly high level in the coming years.

Brokerage at LYNX: Shares for retirement provision?

Private retirement provision plays a particularly important role for investors from Kenya. Many feel that the state pension will not be enough, so they will have to take care of it themselves. In addition to a possible company pension scheme, it is oftenpension schemes through shares and investments or real estate that many people work on. The fact is that real estate or residential property is particularly popular. The advantage is that the properties are paid off by the time you retire and you don't have to worry about how the money will be raised for rent or installments, for example.

Paid offResidential property is particularly in demand in Kenya and usually represents a large building block in private pension calculations and old-age provision. In general, the costs for maintenance are one Property manageable when fully paid off. This means that, for example, heating costs and electricity costs usually make up the largest items when the property is inhabited. It doesn't matter whether you decide to buy an apartment or a house. In practice, both types of housing make good investments.

Securities such as shares are also considered particularly popular in Kenya when it comes to retirement planning. Distributing companies, which ideally pay a dividend to their shareholders once a quarter, are often bought for private pension provision.Returns of 3 to 6% per year can sometimes be achieved sustainably and safely here. Stocks in the consumer goods sector or in companies that definitely have a unique product are particularly popular.

Many attractive shares can be bought and sold via the broker LYNX. TheBaFin in Kenya takes care of the regulation. This means that this broker enjoys appropriatemonitoring by the authorities and is therefore well positioned in any case. From the point of view of traders, this is of course to be welcomed, since they can be sure that everything is going right at LYNX. This definitely creates a lot of trust among investors and contributes to the fact that larger depots are also built up at LYNX.

Companies such as Unilever, Procter & Gamble as well as PepsiCo and Coca-Cola are regarded asstable investments. Furthermore, insurance companies such as Allianz or Munich Re are in great demand among investors when it comes to long-term investments.

In addition, there are numerous companies in the telecommunications segment where attractive payments are also made. Freenet, Telefonica, Mobile Tele Systems in particular, butalso SingTel or Orange are among the companies that want their shareholders to share in the profits. Since the data volume in the telecommunications sector in particular is increasing significantly, it is conceivable that attractive figures will also be written here in the coming years. Depending on the company, the distributions are made either annually, or once a quarter or half a year.

When building up private old-age provision with shares, it is important that a large variety ordiversification is observed. This means that the risk should be spread across several sectors and stocks. In practice, it is conceivable that returns can still be achieved if other sectors are shaky. The fact is that many traders decide to invest in several sectors and benefit from them in the long term ==Broker

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