UKGC plans restructuring in the authority

There is enough to do at the British Gaming Authority almost always. The country's industry is enormous. At the same time, the UKGC meticulously ensures that all companies abide by the rules of the game. All the more surprising are now reports of a restructuring on the part of the authorities. Apparently, jobs are also to be saved. Problems with the financing budget are being talked about behind closed doors, but the employees are apparently not yet aware of how many employees and jobs could be affected.

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Restructuring is planned at the British gaming authority UKGC. It is not yet known how many employees could lose their jobs.(©stux/Pixabay)

Over 300 employees employed by the UKGC

About lack Experience has shown that the British gaming authority cannot complain about employment. Nevertheless, theUK Gambling Commission is apparently going to be heavily restructured. As reported by the British newspaper "The Guardian", the group informed its employees that arestructuring was planned. What this could look like in concrete terms is apparently still open. The employees were apparently not told how many jobs could be affected by the new measures. They only found out that the authority would like to act more "agile" in the future. Exactly what that means is unclear at first.

It is also not yet known exactly why the authority is resorting to restructuring at all. Many experts do not see agility alone as the main cause. Instead, a source close to the agency told the British newspaper that there appeared to be financial problems. This is how theannual budget was analyzed by the National Audit Office. It was found that this would be significantly too low at around 19 million pounds. The demands on the authority have increased in recent years, and the work has become more complex, especially due to the online offer. However, the authoritycurrently lacks the financial resources to close possible qualification gaps. Seen in this way, job cuts would be a logical consequence of the whole thing. However, player protectors were surprised by the decision. So it is a fallacy to be able to protect the players adequately with reduced capacities.

Call for government strengthening

The decision by the British authorities has also caused mixed reactions in politics. The Labor Party's Carolyn Harris said thatthe planned downsizing was tantamount to a capitulation by the Authority for her. After the report by the Court of Auditors, she would actually have expected that the Gambling Commission would continue to improve her work, also to justify her own existence. Mark Gaskell, who acts as Clinical Director for the National Health System's Gambling Clinics, stated:

“This decision further underscores the need for the Government to go one step further and take definitive legislative action to address the to strengthen and not weaken the regulatory framework.”

Other ways of securing funding have apparently not yet been explored. So the ball is in the hands of the government, which may initiate appropriatelegislative measures. In this way, gambling in Great Britain could once again be significantly restricted. In turn, it is considered unlikely that the financial means will be lifted from the coffers of the gambling providers. Already, most of the agency's budget comes from license fees that gambling companies have to pay.

The agency's work has changed

The agency has a lot to be accused of in connection with the planned staff cuts. It wasforeseeable that the work of the authority would change, critics complain. After all, digitization has already established itself in numerous different industries. It was therefore always only a matter of time before the gaming industry would also act digitally. This time has now come and it seems as if the formerly most powerful gambling authority in Central Europe is now overwhelmed with the situation. In fact, it has to be said that the challenges posed by digitization for the authority are enormous. Especially in the UK.

It will be interesting to see how the Gambling Commission will want to reorganize itself in the coming months. In recent years, the measures against the industry have been tightened intensively.Whether compliance can still be guaranteed, however, is completely open.

Business plan for 2020/21 presented

The authority only published an approach on how to proceed a few days ago. In the future, the UKGCfive points. The aim is to protect the interests of players, reduce the harm caused by gambling, raise standards for the industry, optimize lottery proceeds for charity and improve the regulation of the industry by the authority. What sounded like a motivated and good plan a few days ago now seems to be an almost impossible task. The measures are to be implemented, for example, through more education, prevention, support and treatment. The plans are to be implemented with evaluation measures. will primarily focus on

Unveiling the plan, UKGC Chief Executive Neil McArthur said:

“The harm caused by gambling must be significantly reduced. When operators are unable to protect their customers from harm, we stand ready and willing to act and, if necessary, will use our powers to suspend or revoke the licenses of operators or individuals.”

Means So: If the companies do not comply with the new UKGC requirements, in the worst casethe license could be revoked. However, it remains to be seen how capable of acting the authority will really be in the coming months during the restructuring. In any case, the tasks and challenges remain enormous.

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