cpaws-ov.org gets support from Martin Semmelrogge in the fight against online fraud

With Martin Semmelrogge, a particularly well-known personality has joined our fight against online fraud. Even Semmelrogge, whom most people in this country know from countless films and television programs, does not want to accept that people are repeatedly victims of deception and rip-off. We couldn't be happier about this cooperation!

Together against online fraud

For many years we have made it our mission to expose the black sheep of the online world. TheDanger of fraud is unfortunately everywhere, so it is unwise to blindly rely on advertising promises and supposedly lucrative offers. We want to make it as difficult as possible for fraudsters and take a close look at a wide variety of online providers and service providers. These include

and many more. We set high standards in our online tests andhave defined strict test criteria. In this way, we recognize any intention to defraud and put a stop to rip-offs. Our prominent supporter is also convinced of the inestimable value of this project - and would like to help us to bring online fraud into the public eye.

The more people are more careful in their choice of providers, the harder it is for those who have nothing else in mind than deception. We hope that this cooperation will raise awareness of possible fraud even further. At the same timewe present our readers with reputable and serious offers, where dishonest intentions are excluded. Step by step, we are making the online world more and more secure.

Somebody who should know

Why did we team up with Martin Semmelrogge of all people? Like knowing what it's like to be on the wrong side of the law. The life of this illustrious personality can safely be described as turbulent. The life of the actor, voice actor and bon vivant is full of ups and downs - andprovides material for some exciting anecdotes.

Der Schauspieler und Synchronsprecher Martin Semmelrogge.
Name Martin Semmelrogge
Born on 08. December 1955
Birthplace Boll-Eckwälden
Profession Actor & Voice Actor

By Monika Spiess – recording during theater rehearsals in Bonn-Bad Godesberg,CC BY-SA 3.0,Link

Besides his most famous roles in “Das Boot” and “Schindlers Liste” was Semmelroggepart of countless larger and smaller film and television productions. In addition, our supporter was and is active as a voice actor and has contributed to numerous audio books. But Martin Semmelrogge is also known for his appearances on “Celebrity Big Brother” and “Das Sommerhaus der Stars”.

And the moral of the story'…

…Online scams don't pay!We at Fraudtest.com will continue to fight to make the online universe a safer place and will continue to bring more supporters on board in the future. And who knows which personality will be next to speak out against cheating?

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