USA: This is how the re-opening of the casinos went

The industry has long for it fought, now the time has finally come. Casinos in Las Vegas have been allowed to reopen since June 4th. And the companies have wasted no time. Punctually at one minute past midnight, the gambling giants opened their doors in the gambling metropolis. And thousands of players were already waiting in front of the doors. The opening was made possible by extensive hygiene concepts. But were they able to cope with the enormous rush?

Las Vegas in der Nacht.

The casinos celebrated the reopening that night. And thousands of players couldn't wait to get back to the gaming tables and slots.(©YS-Park/Pixabay)

Strict hygiene regulations

In the USA they have Gambling associations and the industry have been fighting hard in recent weeks to ensure that casinos are allowed to welcome players again. A few days ago the fight was rewarded.On June 4th the downtown casinos in Las Vegas were allowed to reopen. However, only in compliance with strict hygiene regulations. Among other things, a minimum distance must be maintained. There must be at least two meters between the players. Some companies therefore decided to simply switch off every second slot machine. Other gambling companies are much more effective. These rely on software with which the slot machines are automatically switched on and off depending on the occupancy. The device analyzes the occupancy of the casino and calculates which devices can be switched on in order to keep the minimum distance.

The device was developed by the company Table Trac and is namedDynamic Auto Social Distancing (DASD).

Software should regulate minimum distances automatically

The software is currently an extremely clever invention - for everyone involved. The casino saves effort when switching off the devices, at the same timeplayers in the casino can sit down at free machines. The software then scans the area and deactivates the surrounding machines. The other players then have to sit down to play at a more distant machine. The product has been on the market since May and was specially developed to meet the requirements of casinos.After the group got the go from the gambling authorities, sales could start. The group announced at the time that the DASD programs were checked by the Nevada Gaming Control Board and were also approved for the casinos by this authority.

For the restart of the casinos, 15 companies already relied on Table Trac's service. However, the group has already announcedthat they will work with other casinos in the coming weeks. They can then look forward to an additional service. The software not only switches the devices on and off, but also leaves hygiene messages for the employees. As soon as a player leaves a machine, the employees receive a message that the device must be disinfected.

Massive rush at the re-opening of the downtown casinos

The fact that the casinos in Las Vegas are allowed to open again is not only a source of joy for the operators. Even before the official opening shortly after midnight, numerous gaming enthusiasts had gathered in downtown Las Vegas. And they got to see a lot. For example, theGolden Nugget Casino put on a big LED fireworks show to welcome its players back at one minute past midnight. Similar scenes also took place in the other casinos, where, among other things, commemorative books with the inscription "Re-Opening - I was there" were distributed. The big question, how would the strict hygiene rules be enforced in practice. The answer: rather moderate. However, this applies above all to the players.The casinos presented themselves well prepared overall. Poker tables are largely closed due to the restrictions, only every second seat is free at the slots and bars. Disinfection stations have also been set up, and at the same time the staff wears a face mask.

The situation was obviously a bit different for the players. There are numerous videos circulating on the Internet in whichgamblers are crowded together at the gaming tables in casinos. Hardly anyone seems to give serious thought to the minimum distance. In addition, the videos show that hardly any of the players wear a face mask. It remains to be hoped that this narrowness will not lead to another wave of outbreaks in the USA. Apart from that, the start for the casinos was definitely a success. Visitor numbers were strong, maybe even better than expected. This gives hope that players will reliably visit the casinos again after the corona crisis. Shortly after midnight, only the casinos in downtown were allowed to reopen, and a few hours later the casinos on the Strip followed suit. So Las Vegas is on the verge of being restored to its former glory.

Canadian casinos are also bound by regulations

In Kenya, the casinos in most federal states have been open again for a few weeks. However, the industry must also adhere to strict requirements from the authorities in this country. The number of players is limited, and at the same time a minimum distance between visitors to the casino must be maintained.Many Canadian companies therefore also rely on additional protective measures and services. These include, for example, visitor counters. WestSpiel casinos have these integrated on their website. Players can therefore check whether there is still room for them in the casino before they set off. Other companies rely primarily on disinfection measures or additional controls when entering the casinos. Although normality still seems a long way off, the developments are good news for players and the industry.

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