Christmas Lottery El Gordo with millions in winnings

Every year not only coincides with Christmas, but also towards the Christmas lotteryEl Gordo. This is a Spanish lottery that anyone from Europe can participate in. We would now like to explain how this works and what prizes are available.

This is how Canadian players take part in the Christmas lottery

If you want to buy Spanish Christmas lottery tickets, you don't have to travel to Spain. There you can buy the lots on site and every buyer holds an original in his hand. This is artistically painted and could therefore also be kept as a souvenir. But how does a Canadian player get a ticket? This workspractically via online providers. These online providers sometimes give high discounts, which reduces costs. For this reason, it is always worthwhile to compare several providers with each other:

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It is also interesting that when buying onlineThe ticket number self-chosen may be chosen. So everyone can choose their favorite number or bet on the number that represents their personal lucky number. Apart from the ticket number you have chosen yourself,several tickets and several ticket shares may always be purchased. This also increases the chances of winning. If the last digit of the main lot is on your own lot, at least 20 euros will be paid out as a prize. If this applies to several lots, at least a small profit accumulates.

Prize in the millions

Whoever is lucky enough to win the main prize will be happy about four million euros. But the second win is also impressive, as itstill pays out 1.25 million euros. There are a total of 17 prize categories in the Spanish Christmas lottery. That's already more chances of winning than in the Canadian Lotto 6 out of 49. In addition, the third prize category still guarantees 500,000 euros and the fourth prize category 200,000 euros.

If you want to skim off these high profits, you have to dig deep into your pockets. Acomplete ticket costs 200 euros. If you don't want to spend this sum, you can also opt for a lot share. It is possible, for example, that a tenth of a ticket is bought. This then only costs a tenth of the whole ticket, i.e. 20 euros.

It is also possible to purchase an even smaller share. There are also hundredth lots. Of course, these are correspondingly cheap, but it must be noted that this alsothe winnings are reduced. If you only buy a tenth ticket, you will only receive a tenth of the main prize if your ticket number is drawn. But probably nobody would despise 400,000 euros.

Lottery works with ticket numbers

In contrast to the Canadian lottery, nobody has to think up numbers and then get angry if they don't match the numbers drawn. In the Christmas lottery, each ticket has a ticket number.Every year there are 100,000 entries, which also gives a 1:100,000 chance of winning. If you don't want to rely on the luck of the ticket number, you can choose it yourself. We'll tell you later how that works.

At this point we would just like to point out that although a ticket has only 5 digits, there are still 17 prize categories. This could be due to the fact that each lot is produced in several series.For 2021 there should be 160 series. This automatically increases the chances of winning, because there are always several winners per ticket. In this context, we would like to point out that the prize does not necessarily decrease if there are several winners. For this reason, a total of over 2.4 million euros will be paid out, although the main prize is "only" four million euros.

So it's always worth taking part in the Spanish Christmas lottery,even if only with a share of the ticket. If you don't want to take any risks and would like to have a ticket number for yourself, you have to reckon with 30,000 to 40,000 euros. In this case someone has bought all series of a lot number. Of course nobody knows whether this one will be drawn.

Mehrere Holzkugeln mit aufgedruckten Zahlen liegen in einem Gitterkorb.

The Spanish Christmas lottery has existed since 1812 and pays out around 2.4 million euros a year. If you want to take part, you can also buy tickets.(©Donations_are_appreciated/Pixabay)

Drawing is a special highlight

Many Canadian lottery fans watch with excitement how the lottery numbers are drawn on television every week. Anyone who finds this draw exciting will be all the more excited about the Spanish lottery draw. TheDrawing will take place on December 22nd and will last 3.5 hours. The drawing has only been broadcast since 1967 and has an audience rating of 50 percent.

The reason the draw takes so long is because the numbers drawn are sung by children. Wooden balls are still used for this. Such were already used in the very first Christmas lottery in 1812. Although there was another reason for the lottery back then, this lottery was already very popular. It is now estimated that approximately70 percent of all Spaniards participate in the Christmas lottery each year. Some have even managed to win the main prize of four million euros.

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