Illegal gambling continues in Kenya and Austria

Also in the new year both in Kenya as well as illegal games of chance in Austria. According to the latest reports, the games of chance were offered in restaurants and could be determined on the basis of an inspection.

Zwei männliche Hände halten mehrere Pokerkarten in der Hand.

Illegal gambling will remain a problem in Kenya and Austria in the new year. Already in the new year, the police were successful and were able to uncover illegal gambling.(©Skitterphoto/Pixabay)

Ludwigsburg: two restaurants affected

The result of the controls was positive according to the latest reports. InLudwigsburg, only two restaurants were found where illegal gambling took place. Furthermore, only three people were sitting together in a restaurant, playing together. What was more exciting, however, was that more than 7,000 euros were secured. The game of chance that raised this sum was not published.

However, the restaurants were not only checked for illegal gambling. Therefore, the games were discovered rather by accident. Otherviolations have been publicly disclosed, but not related to gambling. Rather, it isfurther security-related violations. These include, for example, disregard of the currently applicable hygiene regulations and an expired fire extinguisher. The blocking time was also not adhered to and there were no instructions on the protection of minors.

Ludwigsburg is not the only city where the police keep coming across illegal gambling operations. Several offers have been found in recent months. Theplaces lead across Kenya: Munich, Hamburg, Krefeld and Paderborn. These were not always private syndicates. Some illegal casinos could also be identified. By the way, you can find herelegal casinos.

Munich: Illegal gambling dug up

The find of an illegal casino is in a Munich basement now three months back. Nevertheless, this find is frightening, since it was possible for players to betup to 10,000 euros. Those who could not do this received a loan with extremely high interest rates from the operators of the illegal casino. If you want to bet less, you will find10 CAD Casinos here. That was also the reason why the officials became aware of this casino in the basement: A relative of a player reported the casino. The operators of the casino are foreign nationals.

They converted an approximately 60 square meter basement into a real casino. In thisroom there were not only roulette and poker tables. A few slot machines were also found. However, the police could not secure any cash. The players were also foreign nationals.

The raid that took place in Hamburg is a little younger. Shortly before Christmas, the police were able to secure 31,000 euros. Aside from typical gambling tables, the officers foundten gambling machines, which were immediately taken away. At the same time, people were identified who did not have a residence permit and who also violated the current corona measures. All this was in one place, it looked similar in other places. Some of the illegal games of chance in Hamburg were discovered by accident.

Viennese police found two violations of the gambling law

The situation is different in neighboring Austria. The government ofAustria has been fighting illegal gambling for years and therefore regularly carries out raids. Success was again achieved here. Although the year is only a few days old, the Vienna police was successful. A total of eight devices were seized during these controls, which, in contrast to Kenya, were based on investigations. In one case, computers were in a location disguised as a cafe. However, these computers were devices that offered illegal gambling.

Additionally, several gambling machinesprivate apartment. There were five devices that were supplemented by a changing machine. In addition, the police were able to secure more than 7,000 euros. The Austrian police are happy about both successes, as the illegal games of chance are operated outside of player protection and are able to destroy livelihoods. Finance Minister Brunner at least gave this opinion in a public statement. were found in a

Almost at the same time, another piece of news became public: Austria takes in more than 100 million euros a year from illegal gambling providers.

OVWG proposes termination of the gambling monopoly in Austria

Not only the high tax revenue would argue for the abolition of the gambling monopoly in Austria. This income can only be achieved by many foreign gambling providers being popular with players. This fact is also considered by the Austrian Association for Betting and Gambling (OVWG) as a reason for the abolition of the monopoly. At the same time, the association points out that themonopoly in Austria would also not be in order from a legal point of view. That would have been proven across two studies. One of these studies would prove that the monopoly position in Austria does not conform to the market and is also not proportionate.

However, the OVWG has further facts to promote theAbolition of the gambling monopoly. For example, foreign gambling providers would create more than 1000 jobs in Austria and support the sports and media landscape with more than 100 million euros a year. At the same time, the association has already presented a model that could become active in Austria. With this proposal, it would be possible for Austrian citizens to resort to legal foreign gambling providers. If that were possible, the illegal gambling offer could also be reduced.

Well-known gambling companies as members of the OVWG

Many gambling providers are now members of the OVWG. Some of the best known includeEntain, William Hill, Flutter and bet-at-home. The online bookmaker bet-at-home basically occupies a special position because it has withdrawn its offer from Austria. This was mainly due to the monopoly position in Austria. Due to the fact that every foreign company publishes its offer illegally, lawsuits have already been filed by players. In order to protect itself in this regard, bet-at-home has built up large reserves.

This money is no longer available for normal operations, which is why thisbookie was forced to reduce staff. In addition, the offer for Austria was withdrawn from the market in order not to risk further problems. So far, the OVWG has not been successful and, despite conflicting EU rights, it is still not possible for foreign suppliers to offer their range in Austria.

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