William Hill UK is being sold by Caesars

It was exciting when last one Year William Hill was sold. Many companies were interested in this UK based bookmaker. Of course, this was not only due to the betting shops that are run locally in Great Britain. There were completely different reasons why many expressed such great interest. Caesars from the USA, which merged with William Hill, was awarded the contract. This also well-known gambling provider announced last year that it would not keep the British business. Now the time has come for the UK interest to be sold.

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Caesars is selling the British business of William Hill as announced. Reason: Caesars is not involved in Great Britain.(©besteonlinecasinos/Pixabay)

Apollo continues to show interest in William Hill

A competitor had no luck last year and is applying for the UK portion for this reason: Apollo. This company had bid less than Caesars last year and was therefore not awarded the contract. According to official reports, there werebetween Caesars and Apollo in the last year negotiations after Caesars can not do anything with the share for Great Britain.

It is not yet clear whether Apollo will be lucky and get the betting shops from Great Britain. After all, there are other interested parties who would like to take over William Hill's British business. That is why there are first rumors that the betting shops may be divided. There are currently1400 stores in the UK. At the moment it is not possible to estimate who will receive William Hill UK or whether the share will actually be shared.

BoyleSports and 888 are also interested

Apollo Global Management is also a US corporation. It is different with BoyleSports. This group is based in Ireland and is also a sports betting professional. In addition, this company is currently on the road to success and is expanding. 33 branches in Northern Ireland were recently taken over. InUK BoyleSports owns only 21 betting shops. In this respect, William Hill UK comes at the right time and BoyleSports could continue to expand and raise its profile. However, this bookmaker is still relatively small and of course cannot make the offer that larger companies can afford.

Thus it is quite conceivable thatthe owner of 888.com has a greater chance of winning the bid. This group is known worldwide and could certainly fit William Hill's offer well into its existing portfolio. 888 may be primarily interested in William Hill's online offering. At least BoyleSports has made such a statement and admits that they would like to expand their existing local offers with the well-known online sports betting from William Hill.

The third publicly announced prospect is called BetFred and is also already larger and better known than BoyleSports. Some of the three potential buyers have not yet submitted a specific offer. This may be due to theWilliam Hill UK market value, which is currently 1.7 billion euros.

Caesars was also interested in William Hill's digital offering

William Hill's well-known and popular online offering also prompted Caesars to take over the company. Caesars is based in North America and primarily has local casinos and arcades.In order to build their own digital market, William Hill was taken over. His knowledge will help Caesars to expand this sector as well. But that is precisely the reason why William Hill UK is being sold: Caesar is only represented on the American market and simply cannot do anything with Great Britain.

From this point of view, it will be exciting to see which of the three interested parties will emerge as the winner.Apollo is also active in the USA and may not be able to do much with the British market either. BetFred, on the other hand, is a British company and could very well add William Hill to their existing range. 888, on the other hand, has a special position, as this provider has been operating worldwide for decades and can therefore also professionally manage British betting shops.

William Hill benefited from the merger

The merger between William Hill and Caesars was undoubtedly exciting, and not just for casino and sports betting lovers. Rather,some supervisory authorities had to take action and first check whether the merger is legal at all - from a legal point of view. There were doubts as to whether the competition rules would continue to be respected. After a long period of scrutiny, it was clear that there was no reason for concern.

So it happened that the merger was completed this year and not only Caesars benefited from it.William Hill was also successful in the USA after this short time. So far, William Hill has been the bookmaker with the highest turnover in Europe. It is possible that this statement will soon also be made for the USA. To date, William Hill has 170 locations in the USA, spread across 13 states.

Caesars, on the other hand, is pleased to finally be able to offer a digital range. One reason for building this area could be due to the numerous lockdowns in recent times. On the other hand, it has been clear for years that online games of chance and thusonline sports betting are becoming more and more popular. From this point of view it would be absolutely illogical if a gambling provider would not jump on this bandwagon.

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