WSOP enters its final round

This year was not a normal year for anyone. This also applies to the local casinos. These had to close again and again and open again after a short opening. What else could players do but turn to an online casino? It was similar with the popular poker tournaments, for example the WSOP. The coveted golden bracelets were played online. Now came the good news: Part of the WSOP will take place live this year.

Royal Flush mit bunten Chips.

The famous WSOP Main Event will take place live despite Corona. So there is also a poker world champion this year.(©david-k/Pixabay)

Online WSOP did not determine a world champion

The WSOP should have taken place from the end of May to mid-July this year. The corona pandemic thwarted this plan. However, poker fans rejoiced as this year saw theWSOP, albeit online only. However, this offer was actively used:

  • over 44,000 participants
  • 31 events
  • Prizes totaling nearly $27 million were paid out
  • Online bracelets have been awarded

The idea of ​​taking the WSOP online did not resonate with everyone. Many feared that the true identities of the participants could not be determined. Otherswere afraid that the bracelets would decrease in value. These are gold bracelets given to the winner of a tournament. Of course, online bracelets can never replace a real bracelet. This will not reduce the value of the real band. At least not when these are handed over live again in the future.

But why is there another WSOP now? It's not the WSOP, it's theWSOP Main Event. This will determine the world champion – and this event is scheduled to take place later this year.

WSOP Main Event to be held on December 30th

So far, the plan is for the World Poker Champion toon December 30th, 2020 at the Rio All-Suite Las Vegas Hotel & Casino expires. This resort is still closed at the moment, but should open in time. There is no backup plan in case the resort opens.

Before the World Champion is determined in the context of the WSOP Main Event, however, the participants will be determined online. For this purpose,the tournaments were divided into two seasons, as thetournament schedule of the WSOP shows.

Players from Nevada and New Jersey compete online in tournaments heldvia wsop.com. On the other hand, international playersparticipate via GGPoker. The participants for the final tables are determined via these tournaments. The wsop.com final table will be played live on December 28th at the Rio Resort.

The participants determined for the final table via GGPoker also play live. However, not in Las Vegas, but in the King's Resort Rozvadov in the Czech Republic.

The two remaining players will be playinglive at the Rio Resort in Las Vegas on December 30th, 2020. At least that is the plan if the corona pandemic does not require any changes.

World Champion Determination via TV Heads Up

The taking place of the WSOP Main Event keeps hope alive that life will soon be back to normal. Nevertheless, poker fans still have to be patient, as no or hardly any spectators are allowed due to the corona measures. For this reasona TV Heads Up is planned for this year.

Reporter is ESPN as usual. So it remains exciting for all viewers. This is the opinion of both WSOP Director Ty Stewart and Steve Preiss of GGPoker. Experiencing it on TV is even more exciting than sitting in the same room with the pros:A TV broadcast can provide detailed images.

There is still one downside at the moment: If one of the two finalists has not yet reached the age of 21, the tournament for the world champion cannot take place - or it will be moved to another location. The reason:In Las Vegas every player must be at least 21 years old. Unfortunately, this also applies to a potential poker world champion.

This is how the prize money is paid out

A tournament runs in several stages. This is used to determine a winner again and again. This and the other players receive prize money. Previously, the prize money was paid out immediately when a tournament was over. And this will be the case again this year: theFinal Table will take place live and the players will receive the prize money on the spot.

It's similar with the WSOP Main Event, which is basically the $10,000 No Limit Hold'Em World Championship: The WSOP set up a prize pool of one million dollars for thisprize year off. This will also be handed over live together with the coveted bracelet.

WSOP and its future prospects

Of course, the WSOP will do everything possible to be able to take place in the future. After all, this event has existed since 1970. And with a few exceptions, the event always took place as planned. Hopefully this will continue to be the case in the future, although there may be fewer players participating. In the course of the corona pandemic, some casinos in Las Vegas have decided to close thepoker rooms permanently. As compensation, there are numerous online casinos available. Despite all this, the poker pros could decrease - online games are in no way comparable to live games.

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