Wynn will soon be represented in the Arab Emirates

It's still just a plan, which will certainly soon be put into practice: the famous Wynn gambling company would like to open a luxury resort in the United Arab Emirates. When it came to the location, Wynn decided on a very unusual place: The resort is to be built on the artificially created island of Al Marjan.

Wynn Resort in Las Vegas.

Wynn is planning a luxury resort on Al Marjan in the United Arab Emirates. It is unclear whether the resort will also have a casino.(©jaygeorge/Pixabay)

Wynn expects billions to build resort

Wynn has drawn up plans to maintain the level of luxury that has been accustomed to so far. At least that's what the current CEO, Craig Billings, has said publicly. To achieve this, aluxury resort of the extra class is planned. However, one cannot be built by just one company. For this reason, the companies RAK Hospitality Holding and Marjan - a real estate developer - are involved in the creation of the luxury resort. This may also be due to the sum that is estimated for this resort: two billion US dollars.

The artificially created island is the ideal location for Wynn to build the desired luxury resort. The hotel of theResort will have over 1000 rooms, which will be close to the eight kilometer long beach. Thanks to this location, Wynn expects to attract enough tourists who also have the necessary financial resources. Of course, the resort will also have an extensive shopping center. Furthermore, restaurants, entertainment areas and of course congress and exhibition rooms are planned. Rumors are already piling up about one thing: is there a casino coming to the resort?

Gambling is prohibited in the United Arab Emirates

Wynn has already stated that theluxury resort has a gaming area platziert werden soll. Ob es sich hierbei um ein casino with thetypical casino games handelt, ist unklar. Immerhin ist es so, dass in den Vereinigten Arabischen Emiraten Glücksspiele verboten sind. Womöglich könnte das bald aufgehoben werden, da die Tourismusbehörde eine neue Abteilung plant. Diese Abteilung soll sich mit Glücksspielen beschäftigen. Zumindest zählen Glücksspiele zum Thema integrierte Resorts, auf die die neue Abteilung spezialisiert wird.

The partner RAK Hospitality is also betting on this new activity in the tourism industry. According to them, the gaming facilities planned for the resort would boost the flow of tourists. A higher number of tourists would boost the overall economy of the United Arab Emirates. The problem still remains that at leastgambling is currently prohibited. A real casino is not possible under the current legal situation. Until the luxury resort is ready for the opening, things could look different: The opening is planned for 2026. In Kenya, too,reputable Canadian online casinos have not had it easy since July 2021, because the restrictions and regulations not only make life more difficult for online providers, but also spoil the gaming fun for Canadians Player. These very often switch toOnline casinos with an EU license.

Location could be interesting for existing hotels

The artificial one IslandAl Marjan was not selected at random. There are already numerous hotels on the island, but also residential complexes. Thus, the luxury resort can also be interesting for the already existing tourism. The new resort's exhibition and conference facilities may be available to day visitors staying at another hotel. The same would be the case if there was actually a casino at the resort. Apart from this, the shopping areas and the restaurants will be open to the public.

It also makes sense that the island of Al Marjanlocated near two airports: Dubai International Airport is 45 minutes away while Ras Al Khaimah International Airport is only 15 minutes away. This means that the new luxury resort is not only easily accessible for tourists planning a longer vacation. Business people also benefit from the fact that the island is easily accessible.

It helps that the resort is being built on one of the four artificial islands, whichsize 25 hectares and impress with an unspoiled landscape. Guests enjoy uninterrupted views of the Arabian Gulf and a marina. This view can possibly also be enjoyed from the planned spa area.

Region offers potential for tourism

Not only the Wynn gambling group is happy about the selected location. The CEO of Marjan also confirms that theselected area offers great potential for the development of tourism. He also praises the cooperation with Wynn, which is why there should be a mix of entertainment, a shopping experience and a gaming area in the first place. Wynn is also known for building and successfully managing luxury resorts. Last but not least, the resort will create numerous new jobs. Marjan agrees that the new resort will attract tourists from all over the world.

The four islands are already a popular tourist destination as there are some hotels on the artificial islands. One of these islands is a peninsula connected to the mainland. It will be all the more valuable for Wynn that the new resort offersunobstructed views of the sea and other highlights.

Wynn known for luxurious resorts

Many associate Wynn with Las Vegas. That's not wrong either, because Steve Wynn built his firstcasino in 2005. This was a casino of superlatives, since it was not only the most expensive building at the time, but also the tallest building in Las Vegas: The construction costs amounted to 2.7 billion US dollars and said casino is 50 floors high. It is also the only casino resort in Las Vegas that has a golf course. The hotel is also ranked as the fifth largest hotel in the world by Wynn Casino Resort, offering over 4700 rooms.

Shortly thereafter, in 2006, Wynn opened its first casino in Macau. This also inspires with special features that no other casino resort has: Agondola lift and a three-hectare artificial lake. However, these special features were not planned from the beginning, but only integrated over time. There is an extension to the existing resort in both Las Vegas and Macau - both were called Encore and appear to be similar from a visual point of view. It has not yet been revealed whether the luxury resort in the United Arab Emirates will also visually adapt to the existing resorts.

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