Certificates and bonds: This is what comdirect Bank offers!

Comdirect Bank is valid in Kenya as one of the largest and also important direct banks. It offers trading in shares, but also in certificates and options as well as bonds. The latter are in demand because they offer a certain level of security through barriers and protect buffers. They also offer an interest rate that is often 8 to 13% per year.

Reverse convertibles and certificates are among the most important investments of the present. They convince with high interest rates and offer significantly better conditions than is the case with other products. In addition, the risk is often lower than is usual with a direct investment in a share. But losses can also happen if you invest yourmoney in bonds. The comdirect bank is considered particularly interesting for this type of investment because it advertises several bonds every month. It should be noted that traders can definitely write an option here for any type of investment.

The bonds are mostly issued with amaturity of 12 months. This can mean that there is a 12-month opportunity to receive the interest for the life of the bond. In the following months there is no more interest, because either the money has been repaid together with the interest, or because the money was invested in shares and the interest has been paid accordingly. The interest is paid in any case - completely independent of how the entire bond develops. In practice, it is conceivable that an attractive return can be achieved through various factors.

But the risks of bonds must not be ignored. Losses, which can even lead to total loss, are quite realistic and should be taken into account. This means, of course, that bonds should not be subscribed to blindly – ​​especially not if they offerrelatively high interest rates. It is often well-known and large companies that are advertised with bonds. The higher the interest rate, the higher the risk and volatility of the stock prices.

Markt für Wertpapiere.

Bonds often offer 10% interest p.a. - or even more!(©geralt/Pixabay)

The bonds that are advertised via the comdirect bank in the form of certificates have often attractive interest rates.Interest rates of 10% p.a. or even more are usually assessed with a corresponding risk. The Tesla share, for example, is often one of the papers that offer particularly high interest rates. It should be noted, however, that the Tesla share is particularly volatile. This also says that an investment in Tesla can definitely be associated with high risks.

Since Tesla's price has risen sharply in recent years, but also fallen sharply quickly, this means that shares can quickly be bought on the day of the valuation.Tesla papers may be very present on the stock exchange, but it is conceivable that they develop very differently in value. While the papers rise several hundred euros over a certain period of time, it is also conceivable that their value will fall massively again very quickly. For this reason, it is definitely worth investing in Tesla bonds at the right time - but the risk must never be completely forgotten.

Other bonds that are advertised with around 5 to 8% interest per year are usually subject to significantly less risk. In concrete terms, this means that you can lose money here too, but the stocks that lie behind these bonds are often significantly less volatile. Throughcomdirect Bank, customers can subscribe to bonds, options and, for example, IPOs. The options are very diverse, so that different products can usually be subscribed to from an investment sum of 1,000 euros. Here, comdirect Bank is usually much more flexible and broader than is usual.

Bonds are or were made available in the past few weeks, e.g. with the papers of Tesla, Morphosys or ThyssenKrupp. The interest rates on these bonds ranged between 8.75 and 13%, which shows that investing here can definitely be worthwhile. Tesla bonds were advertised with comparatively high interest rates, which is because there is always high volatility. At Thyssen Krupp there isonly 8.75% interest per year - comparatively little, which can possibly be explained by the fact that the group has already been valued cheaply.

Bonds from Kenya are generally in demand!

Bonds on companies from Kenya are in great demand with various online brokers. Not only the comdirect bank, but also e.g. the Consorsbank and other direct banks have considered a wide variety of investments that are impressive and that can definitely be traded with good conditions. The bonds on papers from the DAX as well as from theMDAX are particularly in demand. This is because these investments are of course associated with papers that are familiar to many firms.

Companies that we know from our everyday lives are much more popular with shareholders than companies that we only see occasionally and where we don't know exactly how well the company is doing and what is possible here . So bonds one.g. Daimler or BMW and Volkswagen but also the battery manufacturer Varta has been very popular in recent years. These bonds are likely to continue to be in demand in the future and continue to increase in value.

The BMW Group (see BMW Investor Relations) is one of the largest car manufacturers in Kenya. Stable sales, a dividend once a year and the opportunityin the electromobility segment to continue to grow contribute to the fact that many traders are interested in investing in BMW. In the long run, it's possible that traders are definitely in good hands with BMW. When it is really worth getting started depends on various marginal factors.

Anyone who does not want to bet directly on theBMW share can opt for a bond. Here you buy securities that use the BMW share as a basis, but do not contribute to the direct purchase of shares. The so-called key date is the day on which the price is noted. On the day of the valuation, usually about 1 year later (with a bond term of 12 months), it is interesting because this is when it is decided whether there is interest and shares or interest and money in the securities account.

If the barrier is touched or breached, it means there are shares for the money. If the barrier is not touched or fallen below, money and interest are credited. In many cases, the higher the probability of receiving shares, the higher the interest that can be earned on the bond.

Equities: Direct investments as an alternative to bonds

Those who don't want to make friends with bonds and prefer direct investments can decide to buy equities. This buys a share in a company, which can of course be practical. The shares are only kept with the broker, regardless of the broker. This means that you definitely own the securities as part of the company structure and can work with them. In practice, it is conceivable thatProfit sharing will of course also be distributed.

The Deutsche Post share (Deutsche Post Investor Strategy) is one of the shares that are naturally in demand and after the Corona crisisgreatly increased in value. It is conceivable that a lot could happen at Deutsche Post in the coming years. The fact is that one is counting on the fact that the dividend will of course increase in any case and that the company's profits will also increase. Increasing sales and profits, e.g. due to higher postage fees, can further accelerate the share price.

Why is the comdirect depot for shares practical?

Anyone who wants to buy or sell shares is in good hands with the free depot of the comdirect bank. The depot not only offers free account management, but also the opportunity to use numerous markets. Who thatDepot who opens comdirect will notice that the service and support of this bank work particularly quickly and efficiently.

Traders have access to a 24/7 service via telephone, which is of course impressive and is supplemented by live chat. TheLive Chat is ideal for making inquiries and, for example, for getting questions answered quickly. At the comdirect bank, the depot is offered completely free of charge for a certain period of time. It can also be used afterwards free of charge if you decide to work with the bank and, for example, use the current account at the same time.

With corresponding sales in the area of ​​shares, it is also conceivable that the current account and the custody account can be managed free of charge. The comdirect bank is considered a particularly attractive bank in the segment of online banks and brokers. In addition to classic brokerage,CFD Brokerage can also be used to respond to attractive inquiries. In general, service customers also benefit from a free callback service and the fact that many things can be arranged online.

The purchase of shares can be completed cheaply within the first 6 months after the account opening. In plain language, this means that there is adiscount of 50% on the order fees at the comdirect bank. So it's worth taking a closer look and seeing what can be realized. The comdirect bank quickly stands out from the crowd of other banks on the market due to the low conditions and is considered to be particularly customer-friendly and service-oriented Keywords

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