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Without a regulated framework, safe gambling on the Internet is not possible. Every player should only play with a provider if they can show an official license from a regulatory authority. This is the only way to ensure that everything really goes right when playing and that the players can actually rely on possible winnings. One of the best known and most respected regulatory bodies isthe Malta Gaming Authority, also known as the MGA for short. In the following, we have dealt with the authority and its work in detail and describe the way in which the players are helped.

Authority Malta Gaming Authority
Address Building SCM 02-03, Level 4, SmartCity Malta, Ricasoli SCM1001
Telephone (+)356 2546 9000
E-mail [email protected]

In general, players can rely heavily on the licenses issued by the Maltese authorities. The authority regularly checks the providers and ensures that they comply with all legal requirements. This is not the case with an unregulated provider, which is why you should only play in casinos with an official license. Find out more aboutUnlicensed Casinos from Kenya.

What is the Malta Gaming Authority exactly?

So gibt es die Lizenz

In order to obtain the MGA license, the providers must prove their activities in player protection and work completely seriously.

Important criteria|| |116

  • Vertrauenswürdige Besitzer
  • Serious handling of customer data
  • Protection against access by criminals
  • Fair play
  • No connection en on Crime

The Malta Gaming Authority is the competent gaming authority of the country of Malta. This authority is responsible for scrutinizing all providers in the field of casinos, sports betting, lotteries and other games of chance, so that only reputable providers are allowed to provide their services in Malta. To be precise, the Maltese authorities are looking at different areas. The casinos not only have to have a financially sound background, but also a serious background. The MGA licenses are only granted if the providers comply with the requirements for player protection. Of course, the authority's work does not end with the granting of the license. Instead, the providers are also regularly checked during operation, so that possible "black sheep" can be sorted out quickly by revoking a license. Another major area of ​​responsibility of the authority is the fight against crime, for which gambling is an extremely interesting topic.

How the authority works

If a provider would like to offer their games of chance in Malta , he must first obtain permission from the MGA. Without this, it is not permitted to offer gambling in the country. For this purpose, contact is made with the authority, which then examines the applicant in various ways. On the one hand, it is examined whether the company adheres to all the requirements of the Maltese laws in the area of ​​gambling. If this is not the case, of course no license will be granted. The background of the company is also checked. No criminal activities may be discovered here, at the same time the owners of the gambling provider must be reputable and equipped with a "clean slate". The third important point is financial. Of course, every gambling provider must be able to show a certain financial backing so that, for example, the winnings are paid out to the players. Of course, the authorities take a very close look here, because the MGA would not be interested in a quick bankruptcy of the provider.

Advantages of MGA Licensed Online Casinos

Of course it is clear that playing in licensed casinos brings some advantages to the players. Every player can place their bets with complete peace of mind and rest assured that gambling in this casino is really fair. But what does that mean in detail? We'll show you!

Protection of the players

In the casinos there is a lot of money at stake for the players. This in turn makes things interesting for criminals, who are primarily after the sensitive data of the players. This is exactly why all online casinos have to meet certain standards if they want to get a license from the Maltese authorities. The standards include encryption of the data, which is implemented with SSL protection. To be precise, this protection encrypts all sensitive data of the players and only transmits it protected. For example, if customers in the casino make a payment or enter their name in a form, criminals never have access to this data. At the same time, however, the providers still have to comply with other data security requirements, which relate, for example, to the "storage" of the data. In other words: If a gaming provider has a license from the Malta Gaming Authority, it promises the highest level of security and maximum protection against cyber attacks.

Fair gaming

Of course it should Gambling should always be fair and every player should be able to start with a fair chance of winning. But to ensure that this can really be guaranteed, all games in the casinos are checked. No matter whetherRoulette,Blackjack orSlots : Every game is checked for fairness. The Random Number Generator, RNG for short, is interesting for this. This is a random number generator that allows the games in the casino to run randomly. In the past there have certainly been providers who have manipulated this random number generator in their favor. To ensure that this cannot happen, the random number generators and thus the payout percentages of the games are checked regularly. If no more correct values ​​appear here, this would be equivalent to fraud on the part of the provider and the provider would lose his license. Every player can therefore be sure in an online casino with a license from the Malta Gaming Authority that there is a real chance of winning and that the conditions are equally fair for all players.

Player funds are kept separately

One of the financial requirements for obtaining the Maltese license is that player funds are kept separate from the casino's assets. The funds that the provider uses on a daily basis are therefore stored differently than the deposited amounts of the players. This promises all customers enormous protection, because in the event of a cyber attack on the provider, it is very likely that only the funds from the operative business would be affected. This separate storage also has another advantage. If the casino finds itself in financial difficulties, the players' funds are not affected in the event of a possible insolvency and can be repaid to them. Accordingly, this is an extremely important requirement, without which a provider will not receive a license from the Maltese authorities.

Monitoring of casinos

Without controlled monitoring of online casinos, it would go haywire in the market. After all, providers could do whatever they want. For the players, this situation would be almost unbearable. After all, if there were any conflicts with the provider, there would be no place that players could turn to. However, should problems arise, each player can contact the Maltese authorities and present their case. This also makes a lot of sense from a financial point of view. After all, lawsuits against a provider in Malta would entail enormous costs for players from Kenya. At the same time, however, the chances of success in court are very slim. Without the help of the Malta Lotteries and Gaming Authority, players would be in a much worse situation and would have to accept the operators' decisions without resistance.

How do I recognize whether a casino has an MGA license?

Since every player should only play in licensed casinos, the question naturally arises as to how these providers can be identified. First of all, you can look it up on our website. Any casinos that are listed with us can be described as trustworthy and reputable. These providers work under fair conditions at all times and all of them require the necessary licenses. In addition to this, the website of the Malta Gaming Authority can be accessed, where a list of all licensed casinos can be found. In addition, more detailed information about the respective providers can be found here.

Homepage der Malta Gaming Authority

The MGA logo must also be found on the website of a casino. But be careful: The logo can of course also be placed on their website by providers who do not have a license from the Maltese authorities. Accordingly, players should always check whether the license number of the authority and the license number on the casino's homepage match. If not, it indicates a scam or a bug.

These issues can be reported to the MGA

There are a number of reasons that players are reporting to the authorities Malta can contact. In general, contact can always be sought if the players feel they have been treated unfairly. If, for example, the amount paid out is not correct, this is a case for the authorities. In addition, Malta Gaming Auhority is also contacted because players feel unfairly treated by a provider's bonus conditions. In addition, the MGA is responsible for complaints in the areas of IT security, data protection, verification or the general terms and conditions. In short: Players can contact the Maltese authorities with any problems or concerns they may have.

How can I complain?

In general, it is made very easy for any player to contact the Complain to the Malta Gaming Authority about a provider or the way it operates. A contact form can be found directly on the website of the authority, which can be filled out within a few moments. Here the players can describe their case and, if possible, provide screenshots or the like. The more precisely the case is described, the easier it is for the authority to respond correctly. At the same time, the MGA also points out on its homepage that players should always seek direct contact with the provider as a first step in order to discuss the problem with them. If this does not lead to a solution, the authorities can seek help. There is of course more information about this topic, which is why we recommend a direct visit to theMGA complaints page.

The history of the Malta Gaming Authority| ||184

Die Gründung der Malta Gaming Authority geht auf das Jahre 2001 zurück. Damals verabschiedete Malta ein Gesetz, dass die Lotterien und Glücksspiele regeln sollte. Die MGA wurde als offizielle Kontrollstelle aufgebaut, die auch für die Lizenzierung der Anbieter zuständig ist. Über die Jahre hat sich die Behörde einen erstklassigen Ruf erarbeiten können und gilt als eine der kompetentesten Anlaufstellen. Das ist auch der Grund, weshalb Spieler die Lizenz dieser Behörde als enorm vertrauensvoll einschätzen. Der Zuständigkeitsbereich umfasst mittlerweile neben den Casinos, Lotterien und Sportwetten auch Fantasy Sports, Poker oder andere Glücksspiele.

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The importance of a License for an online casino is enormous, because every player can rely on a reputable provider due to this license. Malta's authorities have been doing a first class job of ensuring that players are treated safely for many years. Anyone who plays in casinos licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority definitely has nothing to fear. In addition, we recommend our alternative guides on how theUK Gambling Commission andGibraltar Gambling Commissioner work.

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