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Big jackpots, good chances of winning and the joy even if it's just a small win, have that Made famous by playing the lottery. The providerMultilotto has become popular with many customers and players in recent years. Not only the best lottery games are offered, but also a casino can be found on offer. Numerous tests and comparisons have shown that the provider acts seriously and that a safe game can be made possible. Players do not have to fear fraud or rip-off at Multilotto. The following test shows what customers can expect in detail.

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Our experiences at a glance

Our experiences with Multilotto are already positive the first time we look at the provider's website. There are numerous lotteries. The number of ways to win a jackpot is in the double-digit range. Well over 20 lotteries can be found. Among them are the well-known European game variants and some foreign ones, such as those from the USA or Spain. Players can easily use the lotteries and already see the current jackpot in the breakdown of the game options. Of course, the popular Eurojackpot game can be found in the breakdown. For Canadian players, the provider offers the popular Lotto 6 out of 49. In addition, Multilotto is very customer-friendly and customer-oriented as a provider. Depending on the selected lottery variant, the lottery slips can be filled out online immediately in order to then submit the tip after payment. Multilotto then plays the respective lottery ticket according to the customer's order. This gives the player the opportunity to also participate in foreign lotteries. The Multilotto portal has been around since 2011.

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Check: Fraud or serious?

Our Multilotto test has shown that it is a serious provider. The topic of seriousness is particularly emphasized at Multilotto. No player has to suspect fraud or rip-off here, not even in the casino. If you are looking for a gambling license, you have to take a closer look under the FAQ section. Every player can read there that the gambling license is available from the Malta Gaming Authority. In addition, every player can be sure about the safe use of his data. Because here too, according to our test report, the company has indicated that neither credit card data is stored nor personal data falls into third parties. Based on this information, a reputable environment can be identified.

The website of Multilotto
Vorschaubild Startsseite MultilottoVorschaubild Support Multilotto

The Multilotto offer

The offers of the Multilotto portal make lottery fans look up, because next to the well-known European lotteries also include numerous foreign games. Lotteries from the USA and Spain are represented – such as theChristmas lottery in Spain. In comparison with other providers, we of course took a closer look at the individual well-known lotteries.


The well-known game, which fascinates players every year, is natural also available at Multilotto. The fact that Multilotto brought the Eurojackpot on board is not only due to its popularity, but also to the high jackpots that can be cashed in there. The smallest jackpot is always ten million euros. If this jackpot is not cracked over several games, then it continues to rise. The player has the task of choosing five bets from a collection of 50 numbers. Added to this is the tip for the 2 euro numbers. As a player, you only get the jackpot if all 7 tips are correct. The drawing always takes place on Friday. Multilotto also has syndicates and a system game for higher odds of winning.


Closely followed in popularity is the Euromillions. It is very similar to the Eurojackpot in terms of gameplay. Here, too, the player must choose five numbers from 50 numbers on his ticket. In addition, the bet on two special numbers must be made. In order to crack the jackpot, the player naturally needs seven correct picks. It should be emphasized that the Euromillions has a special draw every few months. In this draw, the jackpot increases to a three-digit million amount. This huge jackpot can only be cracked if the corresponding seven numbers are present. Here, too, the provider offers system games and syndicates.


Powerball is not a European lottery variant, as this lottery game comes from North America. In Kenya and other European countries, however, Powerball has established itself and is used very often online. The reason for this euphoria is the massively high jackpots, which can easily reach a three-digit million amount. The player must select five numbers as 69 numbers on his virtual ticket. In addition, a correct Powerball number must be drawn from 26 numbers. The game is slightly reminiscent of 6 out of 49.

Mega Millions

The Mega Millions lottery also comes from the USA and we noticed it with the provider. In order to fill out the lottery ticket correctly, a total of five numbers out of 75 must be selected. Another tip goes towards the special number. This is selected to 5 digits. The drawing takes place twice a week. In Kenya, the game is gradually beginning to assert itself.

Other lotteries

The lottery games presented here do not by any means represent the entire range that was shown in the Multilotto test. Because under the item "Lotteries" customers have the chance to use other games from other countries or to use the Canadian classics. You can find 6 out of 49, SuperLotto Plus, Canada Lotto 6/49, Superstar, MegaLot and ElGordo, among others. The selection relates to more than 20 games.

Bonus for new customers

Multilotto offers its customers a customer bonus and its new customers a welcome bonus. This clearly sets the company apart from the crowd of other providers. Because only a few lottery providers have included the bonus area in their system. On closer inspection, Multilotto showed us that existing customers and new customers alike can benefit from the bonus known as a deposit bonus. You can get the bonus from a certain deposit amount, which in turn is then multiplied by a certain predetermined percentage. In addition to this bonus, players now and then have the chance to receive a free lottery ticket. This bonus is defined by a free lottery ticket with which winnings and jackpots can be earned. Additionally, Multilotto occasionally offers discounts to its players. These are fixed to certain lottery games and enable a cheaper game.

Promotion: 100% up to 50CAD/EUR/USD
Bonus conditions: Einzahlung
More bonuses: Discounts on lottery tickets

Deposits and withdrawals

The deposits and withdrawals are points that are special should get a lot of attention, because possible fraudulent measures can be detected here at the latest.

Experience has shown that the provider offers numerous known and unknown payment options. The well-known ones, which are very popular and widely used, include Paysafecard, Skrill and Neteller. These three payment services allow you to use and send money quickly. In addition to these deposit methods, which are free of charge, users can use the Visa card or Mastercard to make the appropriate deposits. Fast transfers are also the order of the day here. Apart from these usual deposits, other services can also be identified on the provider's side. Mention should be made of Entropay, a virtual deposit service and the bank Wirecard. Wirecard gives up the possibility of online accounts, which are provided with different credit cards.

The available payment options at Multilotto
Die Zahlungsoptionen bei Multilotto
Payment options: Paysafecard, Neteller, Skrill, Visa, Mastercard, Wirecard
Minimum deposit: depending on payment type
Account management possible in: EUR/ US/ Währung des Landes
Withdrawal Options: Neteller, Skrill, Visa, Mastercard, Wirecard

The company's payouts are identical, where to note is that paying out via Paysafecard is not possible. With all other service providers, the payment can also be made. Overall, the company offers a good overview of the deposit and withdrawal options.

Security and regulation

Security is particularly important when gambling online. Of course it is also an issue at Multilotto. The seller is serious! Many online providers show numerous game licenses and usually present them on the start page. In most cases this is the MGA, the Malta Gaming Authority. Especially in the field of online casinos and bookmakers you can find this license very often. The license can also be viewed from the provider, but only under the Questions and Answers section. The company doesn't brag about its licensing, because it doesn't have to. Multilotto does not organize the lotteries itself, but acts as an intermediary. The lottery tickets can be filled out by the customer at Multilotto. With the purchase of the ticket, the customer receives a scan of the completed and played ticket. Multilotto therefore acts on behalf of the player. Thus, the company falls into the role of intermediary.

Apart from this clear indication that it is a serious provider, there are other indications of it. In this case, a look at the payment options is enough. Well-known providers such as Paysafecard, Skrill and Neteller can be found here. They all testify to a trustworthy gaming environment. There is also another point that ensures a safe environment. The company attaches great importance to enabling SSL encryption during data transmission. So the data and information that customers send is fully protected.

Support and Customer Service

An online lottery cannot survive solely on a good offer . The test with Multilotto shows us this clearly. The comprehensive customer service that Multilotto also has to offer seems just as important. The areas of customer service and support can already be found on the start page. Accordingly, quick questions are quite possible. The company describes in detail what there is to say about the provider in the "About us" section. If you have further questions, you can get the relevant information in the support area. Concerns or problems can be raised using the contact form, among other things. In addition, there are various e-mail addresses that refer comprehensively to support.

Unfortunately, personal contact is not possible and the use of a customer chat is not desired. Multilotto can convince with numerous FAQs. This area is versatile and offers a quick answer to many questions. As a result, players can also get their questions answered without personal contact.

User friendliness of the website

What can you say about the provider's website? The navigation is very simple and customers can quickly find the "red thread". The most popular lottery games and the current jackpots can be found directly on the start page. In addition, some information about the current lottery winners is available. The lottery numbers are further down the page.

Although the home page looks a little dated, it provides the basic information and allows for easy navigation. The various lottery classics are listed at the top of the website. A quick click takes you straight to the lottery ticket. Cumbersome rummaging through the page navigation is not necessary. Players can also access the casino via the top tab. Above this are the login and registration. Experience shows that the site is made for customers. It has few frills and quickly provides the most important information. The provider clearly scores points over the competition. At the bottom of the page you can also find all the important information. Deposits, withdrawals, bonus programs and various other information are shown with just a few clicks.

Mobile App

The provider also keeps up with the times, because an app can be found that allows playing on the go. Anyone hoping as a player to find the app directly via the provider's website will be disappointed. No information can be found in the question-and-answer area either. On closer inspection, we noticed that this is not a classic app, just a web app. This is defined by mobile use on the smartphone. To do this, the provider's website must be accessed via the browser. The advantage of this use is that anyone can use the "app" because the operating system is irrelevant. The functions of the web app are comprehensive because the web app is based on the actual website. This was only adapted to mobile devices. This gives users the opportunity to enjoy the numerous functions of the website on their smartphone. However, the login or password is required for this. The pages can then be used extensively and even support can be reached.

Conclusion: Good provider, good concept

Lotto fans will find at Multilotto what they are definitely missing at other companies. A sufficient and comprehensive selection of lottery games. In addition to the classic European lottery games, users also have the opportunity to take a close look at other classics from other countries. Registration can be done in very simple steps. The test was able to show in various aspects that this provider is a reputable one. Because in addition to the license, which the provider usually does not need, various payment methods are obvious, which also speak for security. Multilotto acts as an intermediary and therefore does not need a license.

The company was founded many years ago, but the company has been able to stay in the market thanks to its many offers. The payment systems are transparent, so customers always get a good feeling when using them. Apart from that, the company can convince with a reasonably good support. Contacts are made via email or the contact form. Overall, Multilotto is recommended to anyone who needs a change of game and likes to work in the casino from time to time. Even beginners can get a quick overview.

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MultiLotto is a reputable provider with many lotto variants
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