Best Online Casino Bonus with No Wagering Requirements 2022

Ihr sucht etwas, was nicht jedes Online Casino bieten kann? Dann solltet ihr euch unbedingt den Online Casino Bonus ohne Umsatzbedingungen ansehen. Wir haben die Anbieter auf ihre Vor- und Nachteile getestet und summarized the most important information about the offers in our experience report. You shouldn't miss this!

So you don't have to search long, we've looked around for you and made a list of the best online casino bonus offers without wagering requirements. You will surely find the right provider there.

Casino Welcome Bonus Bonus Conditions Validity Rating| ||86 Hier Bonus sichern
100% bonus up to 200CAD/EUR/USD 30x 30 days 4.5 out of 5.0 stars To the test report To the page
100% Bonus bis zu 300KES/EUR/USD 30x 30 days 4.5 out of 5.0 stars Zum Testbericht To the page
100% bonus up to 800CAD/EUR/USD 30x unlimited 3.5 out of 5.0 stars To the test report To the page
100% bonus up to 200CAD/EUR/USD 35x 21 days 4.0 out of 5.0 stars To the test report To the page
100% bonus up to 300CAD/EUR/USD 40x|| |156 5 Tage 4.0 out of 5.0 stars To the test report To the page
* For everyone offers apply en Terms and Conditions, click on “To the page” to get more details about the respective bonus.
Der Casino Experte Steffen Breitner.

Top5 list of the best casino bonus offers

We have looked at and compared every casino bonus. However, the result does not only take into account the amount of the bonus. Of course, we also took a closer look at the sales conditions for you. The best online casino bonus is useless if the bonus conditions are not fair. We tell you below what criteria we use to evaluate online casino bonuses.

Casinos without wagering requirements – a new trend?

TheNumber of casinos without Wagering requirements is still quite low. Above all, new, young game providers have jumped onto the rail of unconditional in the past few months. So if you want to redeem a bonus without wagering requirements, you sometimes have to search for something - especially as a new customer.

You should also know that someCasinos generally have no wagering requirements work, while otherOnline providers only do without further rollover rules for certain actions. The differences are primarily evident in the area of ​​regular player promos.

In the following sections, I want to go into more detail about severalunconditional casino bonus models and bring you closer to the online casino bonus without wagering requirements. Basically, a distinction must be made between the bonus offers for new and existing customers.

Best online casino bonus offers without wagering requirements by category

Best bonus package 4StarsGames
Highest Cashback Megarush
Most Free Spins Locowin
Top Live Cashback Casino Days
Best Slots Casino Samosa
For Table Games Scatters

Bonus without deposit and without wagering requirements for new customers

The ideal form for new casino players is obvious - aCasino bonus without Deposit and no wagering requirements. All you have to do is register in the online casino, you will receive free starting capital and you can do whatever you want with the money. If you think about it at this point, you will immediately see thatsuch offers cannot actually exist. The casino provider would practically have to assume that you only register to dust off the money and immediately request a withdrawal without playing. Such bonus models contradict a) the profitability and b) the general terms and conditions of all reputable online casinos.Conclusion: You will not find a free, unconditional starting credit for new customers. But here you will find details aboutCasinos with a bonus after a deposit of 1 CAD as well as for theCasino bonus with a deposit of 5 euros andCasino bonus with 10 CAD deposit.

Free spins without deposit

Free spins without deposit and without rollover, however, there are. The online casino can control your probability of winning in a certain way. TheFree Spins are only spun with a very small amount, which means that the possible profits are also located in the lower sector. For example, if you get 10 free spins with a spin amount of ten cents, you have received a bonus of one euro that is only used for playing. The valid online slots are specified by the provider, usually with a high volatility, in order to further limit theprobability of winning based on the number of spins. On our extra page we answer the question in more detail whether and how you can securefree spins without deposit.

Top Casino free spins without wagering
Online Casino Locowin
Bonus Bis zu 500 Free Spins*
Bonus Code Not required
Minimum Deposit 20CAD/EUR/USD
Wager Requirements None
Valid Period 7 Days
Contribution of the game
  • 100% Slot
  • 0% Roulette
  • 0% Blackjack
*The free spins are awarded depending on the deposit amount over the first five deposits. Deposits in the range of 20CAD/EUR/USD – 50CAD/EUR/USD give 35 Free Spins, deposits up to 100CAD/EUR/USD get 70 Free Spins and deposits over 100CAD/EUR/USD give 100 Free Spins. The free spins only apply to selected slots.

But there is one exception. Few online casinos offer you a free play to start with, which can be used onjackpot machines. The regular winnings are not unconditional here, the progressive jackpot is. Should you hit the jackpot, you willpayout always and immediately in full, without wagering requirements. It doesn't matter whether you played with real or bonus money. The reason is that the jackpot winnings are not provided by the online casinos, but by the slot machine providers.

Deposit bonus without wagering requirements

As a broader variant, theNo Wagering Deposit Bonus to see. You make an advance payment with your deposit and in return you receive your bonus, which is made available unconditionally. Since you have to play through every deposit amount in the online casinos before withdrawing it - regardless of the bonus conditions - the bonus amount is secondarily from the point of view of the provider also secured. You have to play and cannot request a withdrawal right away. The point is of course not only important because of the economy. Once you've started playing, you won't stopgaming immediately just because you think you've gotten an advantage over the casino operator. There really aren't any players in the community who are ripped off like this.

My tests have shown that theOnline casinos don't offer the deposit bonus without wagering requirements the free starting balance, but who prefer free spins. There are top offers that promise you 100 free spins and more as an unconditional version. The exact number of free spins depends on the amount of the deposit. For example, forone euro in exchange for a free spin. Please note the minimum deposit amount, which is usually around 20 euros. To make the bonus value clear to you again:

100 free spins with a spin amount of 20 cents = 20 euros casino bonus

Casino bonus without wagering requirements for regular players

Ihr wollt euer Potential an bedingungslosen Promotions steigern? Dann solltet ihr dauerhaft in one or two online casinos. The more loyal you are to a game provider, the higher the chance of rewards such as an online casino bonus with no wagering requirements. In the regular customer sector, thefrequency of bonuses without rollover conditions will be significantly increased. Here, too, there are different bonus variants, which we would like to briefly introduce to you.

Free spins without wagering requirements

Free spins without wagering requirements will be the ones you will encounter most often. Very often there areFree Spins, for example when new games are launched. Other online casinos work with calendar modules, which means – there is a bonus offer for you every day.

With free spins, a distinction is made between promos with and without deposits, even for regular customers.

Cash credits

A cash credit to your player account is of course abonus in its purest form. You can use the money freely, i.e. in the slots, in the video poker machines or in classic gaming at the tables. Cash money, some of which is also awarded via sweepstakes or in the course of casino tournaments, is almost always not subject to any turnover conditions.

A little caution is advised In my experience, it's still hip. It may be that there are not the usual bonus rules, but the cash amount still needs to be played throughone to three times before a withdrawal.

Cashback Bonus

TheCashback Bonus in online casinos is completely without rollover specifications. The repayment of the funds is always unconditional withreputable providers. Cashback is calculated differently. There are two models. On the one hand, the repayment can be based on theaccumulated losses or on the basis of the turnover. The higher cashback bonus payments are logically in the loss variant. The turnover variant only involves minimal, percentage values ​​with which thepayout quota of the games is pushed indirectly.

Top Cashback Bonus| ||457
Online Casino Casino Days
Bonus 10% Live Casino Cashback*
Bonus Code Not required
Minimum deposit 20
Wager requirements None
Validity Period Every weekend
Game Contribution
  • 100% Slot
  • 100% Roulette
  • 100% Blackjack
*Live Cashback is available on weekends. Eligible are players from 20 stakes. Min cashback is 10CAD/EUR/USD and maximum cashback is 1,000CAD/EUR/USD. Cashback must be wagered once before a payout is possible.

Whoever spins the medal can of course accept in practice that the cashback bonus is not really has no wagering requirements. Why? Very easily. You have actually already fulfilled the requirements with your real-money game.

VIP rewards

In many cases the bonuses in theVIP programs of the online casinos have no wagering requirements integrated. It often starts with a few free spins. 10 free spins or 20 free spins in the lower loyalty levels are the rule. Anyone who has worked their way up step-by-step in an online casino can, under certain circumstances, take cash bonuses in the four or five-digit euro range with them in thehighest VIP levels . High rollers in particular get their money's worth here, as they can move up faster in the VIP program due to their high stakes and frequent games. You can find out whichthe best online casinos for high rollers are on our special page.

The VIP clubs are usually based on the loyalty point system. On the one hand, the number of points earned determines the level classification. On the other hand, theLoyalty points exchanged for cash money. Some game providers have also integrated a bonus shop on the website. You can then use your loyalty points to go on a shopping spree and decide onindividual bonus offers, tailored to your personal gaming habits.

This is how you find it Bonuses with no wagering requirements

If you want to find an online casino bonus with no wagering requirements, you should visit our website regularly. I'm always looking for unconditional promos. All offers are subject to aextensive self-test by me. If the offers are attractive, you will be included in the top list. The topicality of the actions is guaranteed. You will only findCasino bonuses without wagering requirements that are currently available from the game providers.

As already mentioned, the number of Multiply bonus offers at the game provider when you have reached the status of a regular customer. But before registering, you have to look very carefully. Is itreally a no wagering casino? Logically, there are numerous online providers who always work with the corresponding bonus conditions for the promos in the existing player area.

This is how you activate a casino bonus without turnover conditions

Let's continue in mineExperience report with a small practical part. How do you activate a casino bonus with no wagering requirements? The handling is of course something specifically adapted in every online casino. Basically, however, the following two approaches can be assumed.

Casino bonus without deposit

  1. Log in to your online casino.
  2. From the Players' Lounge, select the Bonuses menu and select "Current Offers".
  3. If a current bonus is available for you, it will be displayed here. Click on the offer and accept the terms and conditions. You usually do not have to enter a casino voucher code.
  4. The unconditional casino bonus will be credited to you, either as playing capital or in the form of free spins.

Casino bonus with a deposit

If you want to grab abonus with a deposit, proceed as follows. The differences between new and existing customers are almost imaginary at this point.

  1. Log in with your existing user data or open a player account. (Registration is completed in the online casinos within a few minutes)
  2. Changes to the checkout area. You will almost always be asked about the bonus. You can activate or reject the offers with one click. Casino Bonus Codes, in the literal sense, very, very rarely need to be entered.
  3. Selects the transfer method. Note that some payment methods may be excluded in the bonus rules.
  4. Enter the deposit amount that must match the bonus offer. (Minimum deposit amount or ideal deposit value)
  5. Completes the deposit. The casino bonus without wagering requirements will be credited to you.

How to properly use the casino bonuses without wagering requirements

Anyone who has received an unconditional bonus logically tends to increase the risk for the player. Since you are not playing with your own money, this is somewhat understandable. You can lose "nothing". But I think it makes more sense that you see the bonus money as "real money". Since there are no wagering requirements, the bonus can actually be regarded as such in practice. So - if you play with real money, you should act cautiously and always follow the basic rules ofdefensive money management. Try to win with smaller bet amounts. If you play "all or nothing", you will not enjoy your bonus much. It will be used up in a few minutes.

Free spins without wagering requirements are slightly different to look at. Logically, you have no direct influence on the game here. The slots, the spin amount and the number of paylines are predetermined. To put it bluntly, you have to take thefree spins as are. Only after the winnings have been paid out can you then defensively integrate them into your gaming strategy.

Restrictions on bonuses without wagering requirements

Anyone who activates a casino bonus without wagering requirements should know that Of course there are still some rules to follow. In practice, unconditional does not meanfree of rules. Basically, all bonus offers are linked to the general terms and conditions of the online casinos. Almost all bonuses, unless they are recurring promos, mayonly be used once per player. In addition, you are not allowed to activate several bonuses at the same time.

Two details are particularly important. An online casino bonus without conditions is often linked to game types. Clearly recognizable is the point of free spins. You must always access thedefault machines. You can't switch online slots or choose them freely.

The second point is the winning limits. This means that only anamount X may be earned from the unconditional bonus. All higher winnings will be deleted. A typical online casino promo offer might look like this:

  • Offer: 200 free spins
  • Valid on Book of Dead by Play'n GO
  • To be redeemed within 24 hours
  • Rollover: unconditional
  • Win limit: 50 euros

Excursion: The normal casino bonuses

At this point I would like to go into the general bonus structure briefly and concisely, regardless of the turnover conditions.

No-Deposit Bonus

In the best case, you start with aCasino no deposit bonus. Most providers work with small starting balances or with a set of free spins, for example 20 free spins. You start playing for real money immediately, without making a deposit in advance or making any personal contribution.

First deposit bonus

The first deposit bonus refers – as the name already says – to your first deposit and is just one facet of thenumerous bonus offers in online casinos. He pushes the deposit. The online casinos work with different versions in summary and percentage terms. With a100% casino bonus your deposit is doubled. It is not uncommon for providers to add one or two free spins on top. A typical new customer bonus can look like this:

The 200 free spins are often unlocked over ten days. You can20 free spins every day.

Welcome Packages

Quite a few online casinos also work with welcome packages that go over extend several deposits, for example:

  1. Deposit: 200% up to 100 euros + 200 free spins
  2. Deposit: 100% up to KES/EUR/USD200 + 50 Free Spins
  3. Deposit: 50% up to KES/EUR/USD200 + 50 Free Spins
  4. Deposit: 25% up to KES/EUR/USD500 + 20 Free Spins

The advantage of the bonus packages is that you can immediately add more after a failed game start and geta second, third or fourth chance.| ||672

Angebote für Stammkunden

The regular customers also receive deposit bonuses, which are referred to as reload bonus offers.Free spins, cashback, sweepstakes and tournaments and a VIP program complete the casino bonus offers. Purely in terms of variety and frequency, theregular customer promotions in the casino test are even more important than the welcome bonus.

Essential: Bonus turnover conditions as a rule| ||682

„Ohne Umsatzbedingungen“ – dies war bisher mein Schlagwort. Doch was sind eigentlich Umsatzbedingungen? Sie sind aus meiner Sicht der decisive quality point for every casino bonus. Only based on the rules do you recognize whether you have a valuable, serious promotional offer on your screen. When checking the bonus conditions, you should always answer the following questions:

  1. How many times does the bonus (or alternatively the entire starting capital) have to be played through in order to reach the payout stage?
  2. With which values ​​are the individual games counted? (Especially important for the table and card games as well as the video poker machines)
  3. What is the betting limit during the free spins phase?
  4. Is there a maximum win limit?
  5. Within what period of time must all wagering requirements be met?

The bonus class can be derived from themix of the individual criteria. It is important that all the details play into each other. The sales target must fit at the time, the betting limit must match the value of the game genre.

By the way: Anyone who has received a free spins bonus that is not unconditional must multiply their profits implement. The framework rules for the rollover of the free spins bonus correspond to the requirements of the deposit bonus. (related to the crediting of the game genres and limits). In a few cases, the free spins bonus has to be rolled over exactly on the slots that were selected in advance for the free spins.

Casino bonus without wagering requirements - advantages and disadvantages

Apparently a best casino bonusno wagering requirements only benefits. But if you look at the entire online gambling market, it becomes clear that there are also disadvantages. I have summarized the followingPros and Cons.

Advantages of the bonus without wagering requirements

  • About winnings and bonus money can be freely disposed of
  • Ideal for increasing real money balance
  • No risk when activating due to own money commitment
  • Several bonus models on the market for regular players

Disadvantages of the bonus without wagering requirements

  • Number of offers in the online casinos are still small
  • Hardly any offers for new customers
  • Summary mostly in the low range

Conclusion: Casino bonuses without wagering requirements could become the new trend

My conclusion is clear: Casino bonuses still exist and will continue to do so. Even withvery good bonus programs, new online casinos have it very difficult to set themselves apart from the competition in the long term. If you want to make real headlines in the industry, you have to come up withsomething special. The casino bonus with no wagering requirements or the free spins with no wagering requirements are real options. There are currently very few such promotional offers. It is best to look for such an offer in aCasino without tax in order to be able to keep all winnings for yourself. However, I assume in the forecast that the number of offers will increase in thecoming months and years, especially with regard to new customers.

In the regular customer gaming sector, there are already a great many specials available in the online casinos. Anyone looking forFree spins without wagering requirements or cashback programs will usually find what they are looking for quite quickly. The cash bonuses are usually linked to the VIP and loyalty programs, even if only through theexchange of earned loyalty points. But regardless of whether you are a newcomer or a loyal regular player: you will only find the best online casino bonus without wagering requirements if youknow the best online casinos in Kenya. You can find out what these are by following the link.

Steffen Breitner
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The 4StarsGames is the best casino with no wagering requirements in the test. There is a top welcome package without conditions.
5.0 / 5.0 rated bySteffen Breitner

FAQs – Häufig gestellte Fragen zum Casino Bonus ohne Umsatzbedingungen

In the FAQ menu I have put together some other relevant points about the casino bonus without wagering requirements.

Can I withdraw the winnings from the Withdraw free spins without deposit directly?

Anyone who receives unconditionalfree spins as a new customer cannot have the winnings paid out immediately afterwards. Every reputable online casino has a clear rule in theGeneral Terms and Conditions. A payout is only possible after a one-time deposit, whereby the deposit amount must be played through at least once.

Which no wagering bonus is particularly recommended?

OnCasino no wagering bonus is off I always recommend it. If you find such an opportunity in your online casino, you should grab it, no ifs or buts. You gono risks at all.

Why are there so few casino bonuses without wagering requirements?

The bonus award is for game providers from theperspective of profitability natürlich immer mit einem Risiko verbunden. Es ist daher verständlich, dass es nur few online casinos that make theirbonuses completely freely available. However, my experience has shown that if there are more users, the funds (or the winnings)not immediately paid out anyway, but simply continue playing.

Should I accept any unconditional casino bonus?

For theregular customers the answer is clearly – yes. New customers should always read the rules very carefully. TheTerms and Conditions may contain minor pitfalls. For example, theCasino with no wagering requirements can tie the offer to a second promo, which then has strict rollover requirements.

Why are bonuses with wagering requirements possibly better?

Who theAdvantages and disadvantages of casino bonuses without wagering requirements can be found under takes a magnifying glass and will quickly spot the catch.In summary, the unconditional offers are very deeply rooted. 10 free spins or 50 free spins are certainly not suitable for subsequently forming a long-term gaming strategy from the winnings. If youwant to really push your gaming balance, you use an online casino with the usual bonus conditions, whereby these logically have to be fair.

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